X360\ps3 changes list

I think this will be beneficial for EVERYONE. With an influx of new players thnx to next gen release, the older mvc2 heads are forced to know basically an unintentional remix.

Basically, what I want to do here is list differences with the engine mechanics against the DC. That way, the new things can be identified and we call can learn how to work the changes into our game.

I will be asking some players for differences but for starters, lets list the new things but with the platform attached to it. This is to see if x360\ps3 have the same glitches.

- x360, BH gets a free reset after RH demons now if you time your attack as the demons go away.

- the hit stun is fucked up as psylock along with other characters can link jabs in the air. Not present on DC. This is where mag jump dwn.lk in the air fits.

- cyclops has hit stun problems making several variations of his infinite impossible to do. Either more recovery on normals or shorter hit stun.
  • You can skip most of the match end animation sequence by holding down any kick button once the match ends.

What’s actually wrong with the game is pretty simple. It’s universal to all characters, but every air light attack recovers from the phase where the game will still consider you doing a medium attack if you press the button again faster than before and every medium attack takes longer to recover.

So this allows for stuff like psylocke to link air jabs over and over. In the DC version, the jabs would come out as mediums instead if pressed at the same time.

If you try to do a simple combo like Magneto doing a launch, lp, lk, mp, lp, lk, mp, mk xx hypergrav tempest or something. It will be harder on the 360/ps3 version because the time it takes for the game to let you do a light attack again after the first mp is a few frames longer. I haven’t tried it, but I assume doing the magneto rainbow infinite is probably WAY harder on ps3/360 if not impossible.

It really fucks over cyke cause the added recovery to mediums makes doing the double jump variation of his infinite impossible as you can’t go from d.mp to double jump jab anymore and his other infinites get way harder to both link and position properly. Shouldn’t really affect a national tournament that much though cause really, who plays cyke besides Justin Wong?

I don’t know if the added recovery on the mediums is actual recovery frames on the normal or if it’s just the game saying you can’t use a light attack again though. Would require testing with the precision of a program pad or something to know for sure.

Unfortunately I think this is an issue that has been gone over and it’s not something that can be fixed… but that being said I think it will ultimately add more than it has taken away… just takes time for people to find everything.

Many characters in the game can link their own light or med punches into themselves now and I’m betting there are infinites, combos, ect that will still be discovered at this point using it.

Mags already had plenty of other options superior to rainbow infinite… and cyke’s infinite was almost never done in competitive play anyways… so no big losses there really.

From someone who plays Marvel at a high level. Is it still useful to play DC/Arcade Marvel or just get used to Next Gen Marvel? Excluding Evo and maybe even bigger tournaments will people use PS3/360 for MvC2 in the very near future or now?

not true, it all depends who you play with. Jake is fucking disgusting with cyclops. Cyclops losing an easy infinite drastically knocks him down the ladder since he also got no power ups yet. IMO, its a BIG loss.

play them both. Both being dc\arcade and ps3.

I doubt you will see a tourney on x360 since its the worst of the 2 next gen ports.

A big tournament outside of EVO, a MM or a set with great players will be on the systems many of us prefer, dc\arcade.

I gotta question. With Dhalsim on the Xbox 360, is it still possible to link a lk or a lp from his mp? If not, then that would be a change from the DC version to the PS3/360 version. I was able to play marvel on the arcade version, and I had no problem linking his mp to the lp. It really wouldn’t matter because I’m probably the only person that tries to play with Dhalsim, but I feel like that is a change.

Also I find Dhalsim’s infinite almost impossible to do, maybe because I play on a 360 pad, but I want to see if someone can try it on the 360/PS3 to see if I’m a scrub, or the game changed his infinite.

I find that Cyclops’ d+HK gives you ridiculous frame advantage on hit. I have enough time to dash in twice and still do his BnB. I see that in Rouge’s dive kick too. I got hit by that and I literally saw Rouge walk towards me and do a combo. Was that the same as on DC/Arcade?

You may be right… but I know I’ve watched the likes of jwong miss the cyke infinite like multiple times in just one match (b/c it’s freaking hard and character dependent) in situations where cyke could just attempt some of his 50 - 60% dmg combo’s instead… …and last I checked wong is basically cyclops in disguise. I never even see him go for it in serious matches either… b/c even the like’s of wong… seem to consider it much safer to just hit with a big super combo…

Clops might be ever so slightly worse… but it’s his AAA, broken priority normals, ect… that have made him good all these years…

To call it an easy infinite would not exactly be right for sure tho… it was broken by a change that is literally only effecting like a 2 frame startup… obviously the margin for error on it was highly slim to begin with…

yes…cyc messed up infinite is a big loss for players who have put the time into him (jake and wong being the notable ones). jake pulls that shit off cleanly and it can make cycs game very strong. wong pulled off several reps of it cleanly at SB4 in GFinals against sanford.

xbox: super freeze not lagging and not allowing DHC when you want is pretty messed up. especially with mag to IM dhcs. you pretty much risk throwing away a win from the game glitching up…or you have to do alternate/worse setups to hope that you don’t get screwed : /

I think I’ve heard every good combofiend player complain about that DHC.

Ok… I’m not sure cyke infinite IS broke…

Sj. links I was using a min ago…

sj.lp to sj.lp
sj.mp to sj.lp
sj.lk to sj.lp

ergo these worked… launch… sj.lp, sj.mp, sj.lp, sj.mp, sj.lp, sj.mp…
… launch… sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.lp, sj.mp…
– launch… sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp…

I’ve never been good at cyke infinite… but add in a double jump rep with it and you’d be pretty darn low it seems… maybe low enough to think about rejump…

Nvrmnd… even though he has an impressive series of sj.links… can’t get the double jump in there…

was messing around on ken… pretty sure he couldn’t do this before…

on juggs (maybe other bigs? didnt try yet) sj. lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, link sj.lp, sj.mp, hold fwd, link, sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.up+mk, land, shin-ryuken (strait up super)…

fun use of links…

some variation of this MAY work on normal sized characters… but if it does… it’s a bitch…

its not just air shorts and jabs, but some strongs and forwards have faster recoveries also. mmds did a combo video showing a lot of these links a lil bit ago and I’ve also found some extremely evo winning tactics as well. I’m gonna be a stingy grimy nigga and keep these til after I win. Then we can go back to dc and people will stop letting capcom get away with bad ports of 10 year old popular games.


mmds’s vid.

minor things that should only affect weird people like me (Both 360):

for sure:

  1. megaman’s shots get cancelled by hailstorm unlike DC version
  2. the game gets choppy sometimes in the first moments of magnetic tempest and other supers making tempest -> proton cannon frame shit harder than it normally is
  3. blackheart’s inferno slows the dc version down a bunch not on xbox


  1. ? does ruby heart have instant startup on the orange ball super on dc? because i think magnetro’s ruby heart tut says she does and a lot of people told me she does but then the other day i saw someone here (offline ofc) had ruby heart and she made the sound for doing the super but there was no screen flash and she got hit by some attack so i guess there’s a frame of startup before the flash? i dont know if this is a change but people told me its instant
  2. jugg headcrush is unblockable in more instances than on DC, especially with bb/jugg thc of death. we were trying this shit and it appears to sometimes be just unblockable some of the time up close even if the person IS ACTUALLY BLOCKING BEFORE THE FLASH? wtf? i dont know whats up with this but we tried it on training mode and it still seemed true but maybe just my friend is dumb but he swears hes blocking

you should probably test that stuff more and have something physical before speculating in here. like the MM, RH, and Jugg points you made.

for example…MM’s shot. that shit still goes through hail. so either it’s a specific situation or you’re mistaken. either way, figure that out before saying such.

and yeah…a lot of things slow down the DC version that has obviously been taken out (one of the main plusses to next gen marvel)

This Strider combo on Sentinel doesn’t work:
(corner w/ satelite activated)
lp, mp, hp, pause, hk, launch satelliteXXragnarok

On PS3, what will happen is that the canceling into super will cause sentinel to fall out of hitstun faster. I’m not sure if it works on xbox either.

They also fucked up the hitboxes with Cyclops’ MOB. Sandwiching Magneto between Cyke and Doom AA followed by Cyclone Kick (1 hit) XX MOB will totally whiff, giving Magneto a free opportunity to launchy Cyke.

I’m 100% positive guiles TK flash kick has a shorter input window

on DC, I’m 10\10 on this.

on x360, i’m like 6\10.

Its not even that hard to do TK flash kick but for some reason, the x360 doesn’t want to register it properly.

the megaman shit is for sure
it doesnt always get cancelled but it happens a lot (wanna say like 70-80% of the time) and i’ve never seen it happen on dc, and theres no assists or anything on the screen just megaman and storm

edit: granted i didnt start playing megaman until the next gen versions… but i read others posting the same thing (i think preppy?)

so is xbox marvel the same as ps3? how will i convert my mas with a dc port to ps3?

x360, ps3 and DC marvel all seem to have different amounts of lag going on in the game. Like, the game won’t slow down @ the pace or @ the right time.

x360 marvel is by far the worse of the 3. Every stage has noticeable stage lag. Since this system has the worst time processing the game, it tends to slow down in spots where it wouldn’t on DC.

PS3 seems to do a better job running the game @ the right frame rate which is why I believe it was choose for EVO, also being that pretty much every other fighter will be on ps3 as well.

There is no DC to x360\ps3 converter. You’ll need to dual mod your stick if you wish to keep playing on DC or buy a separate stick to use for next gen consoles.