X-Mania VII?

Is this going down this weekend?

Yes, X-MANIA VII is going down right now!

I’ll post up the results as they come in.

videos as well?

When they are released, but that probably won’t be for a while…

UPDATE: This was the biggest X-MANIA ever with around 120 people.

Is X-Mania an annual tournament? Is it the biggest event for ST in Japan?

Yeah, X-MANIA is like the Japanese Evolution, but the only game is ST (and AE for kicks). Aside from SBO, it’s probably the biggest annual tourney in Japan.

Any results?

Not yet. I’ll post the results as soon as I have them.

Did you ever get those results NKI?

I promise, I will translate and post the results here when they’re up.

These are the two pages I’m watching.

Still waiting, NKI.

i think most people thought you were going talk to your buds over the internet, not wait for results to be posted.

Have you been reading this thread at all?

Looking at my posts above, I don’t know where anyone would get that idea from.

This thread will be re-opened once the results are posted.

All right, the results are finally up:

I don’t have time to translate the whole report yet, so here are the winners for AE…

1st place team:
Yankee (CE Dic)
Gian (ST Sim)
Ikehata (ST Boxer)

2nd place team:
The Super Star (ST Boxer)
Oto Chun (ST Chun)
ARG (ST Claw)

3rd place team:
Grandpa (ST Ryu)
Mao (WW Guile)
Hopping Maniac (HF Ryu)

And the results for ST…

1st place team:
The Super Star (Boxer)
Oto Chun (Chun)
ARG (Claw)

2nd place team:
Daigo (Ryu)
Yaya (Sagat) <-- That’s right, NEW SAGAT, baby!!
Ani Ken (Ken)

3rd place team:
Toutanki (O.Hawk) :confused:!!!
K (O.Hawk) :confused:!!!

4th place team:
Gian (Sim)
Tuujii (Boxer)
Yuu Vega (Dic)

5th place team:
Kusumondo (Honda)
Komoda Blanka (Blanka)
Pony Zangief (Gief)

The craziest thing about these results is a TWO-MAN DOUBLE O.HAWK TEAM taking 3rd place. (Keep in mind this was a 3-on-3.) They beat Gian’s team and Kusumondo’s team. CRAAAAAAAAZY…

Also, most people know Toutanki as one of the best Hawks in the world, but probably most people don’t know that his name means The East Horseman. In this tournament, there were three other fellows: The West Horseman, The North Horseman, and The South Horseman. (But none of them played Hawk…)

More detailed report to come when I have time.

Now get off my J.

thanks so much for those NKI. Only one CE bison in the top3! O. Hawk team!! new sagat in the second place team!? Is that because of a softban or have they discovered how awesome his super is? Also, the double hawk team, are you normally allowed to have more than one of the same character in your team?

Quick question, when the DVD’s are released, where would I go about getting them? I know you can pick up SBO stuff fairly easily but I’ve never seen X mania dvd’s anywhere except ebay.

look forward to the report :slight_smile:

NKI, I second desk’s request. If you could please point us in the direction to purchase these dvd’s. (SBO, X-mainia) I would be very greatfull. :pray:

Gotta see those O.Hawk matches to believe it, those 2 must be crazy going 2 on 3 in a 3 on 3 tourney :rofl:

Can’t wait for the actual footage.

Why N. Sagat instead of O. Sagat?

And what are the advantages of using O. Hawk? That’s particularly interesting to me, cos I wanna learn Hawk just for shits and giggles.

Well besides having more invicibility on his DP move, O. Hawk has better normals. s.Roundhouse and s.Strong hits crouching characters (most of them unlike N.Hawk). O.Hawk can easily crossup with jump short/down.strong/down.fierce than his new counterpart.

In general most of his normals have better hit boxes and more reach than N.Hawk. Most regular Hawk players pick O.Hawk (well at least the ones I know)…N.Hawk is just cool for landing his super.

why the lack of Dic, claw, and DJ in tourney play

I was just curious if any one could help explain why i never see too many too many claw, dic, and DJ players in tourney’s anymore? In my opinion all three are top tier characters (along with boxer, ryu, and sim) but outside of boss man graham wolfe use of claw in the evo west 2k6 finals and ?was it mike watson? use of claw in the evo 2k4, i don’t ever see any claw, dic, or DJ usage whatsoever. And only now am i seeing claw in the 1st place rankings thanks to the japanese players. I’d appreciate anyone’s input on this question.

1st place team:
The Super Star (Boxer)
Oto Chun (Chun)
ARG (Claw)