WTS: Custom Sanwa Round Gates

**as the title says im trying to see if there is any interest in me reproducing some of these:


**the gate is actually slightly larger then a penny and have had no problems hitting the diagonals!


i’ve already sold a few and am just awaiting some feedback! the tools being used 2 accomplish such a task would be:


**if i do mass produce these i was thinking maybe $11 shipped for the cost of me actually getting the gates and packing and shipping and such… and if i do generate enough interest i will begin as soon as possible!



just ordered up a few square gates! wait time will be about a week… just on the wait for them to get 2 me but as soon as they come in i will be shipping back out 2 all of you the same day!

Pm Me your orders n i’ll get them out as soon as possible!

Waiting list:

  • coolsteel x2 (Shipped)
  • XMetal x1 (Shipped)
  • GeorgeC x1 (Shipped)
  • Kyle x1 (Shipped)
  • Ketchy Kech x1 (Shipped)
  • Eltwopee x2 (shipped)
  • MRGAY x1 (shipped)
  • ArcadeLegends x1 (shipped)
  • jdm714 x1 (shipped)
  • ibeatu x1 (PENDING)

Very yes! Sasuke182, I think you’ll be helping out a LOT of people who just want good ol’ circular goodness on their Sanwa JLFs. It’s a wonder Sanwa hasn’t already done it themselves! :wonder:

I’d defiantly order just to give this a try ~ so count me in! i vote yes ~

I’d definitely try it out.

Do it and charge more depending on how long it takes you.

Sounds sexy, would buy.

I want.

I would be interested. Are you sure it doesn’t affect gameplay and sensitivity? The response is normal?

:looney:I would’nt mind trying some spinning piledrivers on that.

wow! looks like i am generating some attention here! good stuff ok so i have decided 2 hold off on anything until i get some feed back from kyle or meus see what their input is on thism since the got my first 2…

as far as sensitivity and game play go! every thing comes out like butter!! i have played on a square n for me its hit n miss with shoryukens and fireballs but with no corners i was able 2 do all my movements flawlessly! and i gotta say gief is so much easier 2 play with this!

anyway if all goes well im gonna order up a few gates by next friday… so i will keep you guys posted!!


I’d buy it just to try it out.


Standing 720’s FTW!

Oh lord, NO! :rofl:

I’m down for a couple, man! This is a really awesome idea. =)

NINJA EDIT: I do think the price is a bit steep, though, brotha. I know it’s almost 5 bucks per gate and this is a custom job, just my two cents… what charges exactly are being covered in the price? Not trying to shoot you down man, just curious. =)

$5 per gate
$3 Shipping from store
$3 Labor


Seems reasonable to me.

how does it compare to the jlw’s round gate?

On the low end he probably spends $6 to get these shipped to him and $2 to ship them out to us. If he makes $3 profit then he’s not exactly hustling. :smile:

I would buy one. Just keep it updated on when this will be released, I’m curious to how a truly round gate would work on a JLF.

I’d be down for one. 11 bucks shipped is good in my opinion.

I’m just curious about the throw on it. Is the throw larger or smaller then that of an Octo gate?

sorry for not being on here much guys been really crazy n workin crazy hours but rest assured all of your questions will be answered shortly. please hang tight!


hoping 2 get some feedback from kyle and meus from my first 2!

I don’t get you guys. People swear by their JLFs but yet they do all these mods to make them more and more like an American stick. If I want a round gate and stiff stick I’ll stick to my modded SFA Sticks. But anyway, don’t mean to hate on your thread. good luck with your project.