WTF?! A Lubbock thread?!

Everyone buy portable sticks from Dreaded Fist. He makes the best sticks this side of the equator.

Already bought one from him last year. Thinking about buying another.

Which Sticks to you guys prefer on the SFIII 3rd Strike Machines?

What other fighters do you guys play… Does anyone still play X-Men Vs Street Fighter, Marvel SuperHeros, X-Men COAT?

Let me know…

Shatter Proof

Yo man, Sorry I didn’t go up there for spring break…shit happened over here in ATX that made me stay here. But I’ll for sure be there easter weekend. And we can play some games then. GGXX and 3s mainly.

yo, it’s cool jaime…shit happens when you least expect it…

Shatter-proff…the 3S sticks needs 360 sticks on there…it’s too great of a game to have it belittled by shitty controls…

I play pretty much all fighting gamesonly a few seriously…so I’m down with x-men vs. SF, COTA, etc…

I’m looking to buy a stick…any suggestions??? I’m leaning towards a MAS right now…

I’m getting ready to put together a few fighters to put out on location, X-Men Vs and 3rd strike being 2 of the better ones… I’m not sure which sticks I bought to put in the games, We’ll see how it ends up.

I plan on putting them it in one of the 25 inch Dynamo uprights (slant panels) when it goes out on location.

my current choices for fighters are as follows:

SF 2
SF 2 Hyper Fighting
SFIII 2nd Impact
SFIII 3rd Strike
SF Alpha
Marvel Superheroes
X-Men Vs Street Fighter
Super Street Fighter II

I may have some other boards laying around, but those are the ones off the top of my head. I’m trying to get an svc Chaos board to put in in a few months.

Let me know what you guys would go play in Lubbock.

Shatter Proof

Are you planning on opening an arcade or what?
Alpha 2 and 3
MSH-love this game
Super SFII
Any Sam. Showdown
KOF 98 or any other is good
Puzzle Fighter
Guilty Gear XX
Almost Forgot, CVS and CVS2

to add to darkzero’s list…

Vampire savior 1+2
tekken Tag/tekken 4
primal rage…hehehe

shatterproof, are you gonna open up a arcade??? That would be really nice…tired of going to the mall…

I’ve got a few of the older samurai Showdown games, I think I’ve got 1 through 3, I don’t think I ever got 4.

I sold my Primal Rage a few months back :frowning:

I’ll let you guys know when I get the games out.

What I might do is put a few titles out and swap them ever month or so to keep it fresh. I’m not sure exactly how many games I am allowed to put in.

Let me go over the list you guys posted, and See which of those titles I have for sure…


Shatter Proof

MVC2 - p360s
3S - p360s
CVS2 - p360’s

Puzzle Fighter 2x

These are the must haves in terms of the fighting games.

Yay! Samurai Showdown 2&3 are some of my favorites. Oh, and I would like to see Power Stone 1 and/or 2, and Rival Schools 1 and/or 2.


The following is the list of games I’ve narrowed my list down to. I’ll let you guys know when/where I place them.

Samurai showdown 3
SVC Chaos
SFIII 3rd Strike
KOF 2002
Super SFII
X-Men Vs Street Fighter

Shatter Proof

that’s cool, man…I don’t see anything wrong with that list. Yo, when are you gonna open up your place, shatter-proof??? I’m excited about a new place to play.

The place is already there, just no good fighters in there…


Shatter Proof

Awesome!! Can’t wait to go and play Super SFII and SS3 on arcade again.

man, you know what game I have an itch to play??? Killer Instict…:slight_smile:

yo, shatter. where is your place located?? I wanna drop by sometime soon…

If any of you guys are ever in Levelland, drop by

1007 College Ave

I’ve got a Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and Police trainer out there, both set at 25c a play.

I’m working on my chaos machine and should have it somewhere in Lubbock the near future!

Shatter Proof

cool…when will you have your KOF 2002 machine???

I’m not sure when I’ll do the KOF 2002. I need to finish up the Chaos first, then comes the KOF.

Right now I’m working on finishing up and selling off some older games I have around. Trying to raise some cash. :slight_smile:

Shatter Proof