WTF?! A Lubbock thread?!

yo, looking for any comp in Lubbock or the surrounding areas…play a lot of 3S and GGXX…ya peeps post and rep…one

I might be going to texas tech sometime in the near future. Anyone there play good games?

tight, tight…I, along with some of my other buds are the Lubbock scene…There’s decent comp for MvC2 and CvS2…3S is catching on(after all my persuading)…most game people play is SCII…bleh…anyways, I’m the GGXX person in Lubbock…at the arcade, we got CvS:chaos, 3S, and MvC2…yeah, Jaime, let me know when you’ll be dropping by…I’m down for some comp, even if I get my ass handed to me…:slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want to play 3S at tilt with those sticks they have. Bleh, they suck and close to broken.


I’m going to most likely be transferring to texas tech out in lubbock. maybe i will be there in the fall of 2004. any of you people good in mvc2 will still be playing then, and i will come teach you how we do it DFW style.

Yeah, the sticks are pretty shitty…that’s because Trey never listens to me about how to make them work really nice…dude, you can show me some mvc2 shit…I always get my ass kicked in that game…

DarkZero…wassup man, long time, no post…:chat:


Yeah, I play MVC2. I kinda sluggish now cause no one here plays or they are not very good.

yo, have you played this dude named Aaron?? He’s really good at MvC2…

what does the arcade scene out there look like? If I will be living on campus, I want to look forward to gettogethers and all that tyte shit when I come. Any of you guys come to Texas Showdown 4? Did you see an indian guy limping around? That mofo was me!

Nah, I didn’t get to attend TS4…my car is in repair hop, so guess where my money went…

in lubbock, we have 2 arcades…the one in the mall and another one called 50th caboose…one thing you’ll learn about lubbock is that is runs rampant with DDR peeps…I say there’s about 5-7 peeps that even play fighting games hardcore…

yeah, dude…we have get togethers all the time…most of the times, they turn into all nighters…we play basically everything…so yeah, you know you won’t get bored…

I should be in Lubbock Thur. What kind of sticks do the arcades have? Are they supers, ultimates, or 360s? But I should be intown thur. and def. down for some 3s.

I guessing they’re supers…but don’t take me seriously on it…yeah, dude…thursday is cool…cuz I’m not working right now…:O…I’ll pm you my number that way you can give me a call when you’re here…

cool, then look for me the Fall semester at Texas Tech. I’m comin to wreckshop

I dunno. Have you played him before? What team does he play with?

I wouldn’t even consider 50th caboose an actual arcade to play at. If you think it is, might as well put Gatti’s, Putt-Putt and the movie theaters as actual arcades as well.

Most sticks are supers and the rest are more likely broken. If you plan to play 3S, you might as well try to find someone to play with at their house cuz tilts’ 3S sticks sux.

Forget ya!!!

** Forget you Dark man X (Fabi) and For get you too DarkZero or whatever. You allways play 3rd strike and you dont bitch about anything so i dont know why you are complaning now. But hey its kewl, i guess i will change out the 2nd player j-stick to a diffrent one cause the 1st player j-stick works just fine, its just stiffer than most. But if ya dont like that either i guess i will change that one out too.

And yeah Trey does suck !!!


hahaha…long time, no see…waddup :chat:

I dropped by tilt the other day to play some MvC2…you weren’t there…

Only thing I complain about is lack of people to play in Lubbock…wish they was more people playing in general

Forget ya!!!

Bout’ time you get off your lazy ass and fix those sticks:D . Have to go tomorrow and see what you did to XMenVSF. Hey can you make the first player just like the second player on 3S?

Too bad I’m not in Lubbock anymore. Seems the SF community got in touched over there…how i wished that happened when I was there. No worries though because I’m sharppening my skills back in so cali. If everything goes as planned, I should be back before the summer (the latest is by the Fall semester).

I’ll let you guys know when I’m back so that we can get some casual games going on.

ps - by any chance did the tilt get a cvs2 cabinet and did marvel drop its price to a quarter?

Tilt never got a CVS2 cabinet. The only thing new is SVC: Chaos. The only thing that went down a quarter is X-men Vs SF. I introduced the tilt guys to MSH, and one of them is trying to get a cabinet of that. Tilt is kinda stingy, so who knows what our tilt will get.

yes, they are…what’s the sad part is the District manager that overlooks our tilt is an asshole…like when I had my SCII tourny there, we had to switch from console to arcade cuz he didn’t think they were making money, even though the entry fees covered that…so many things don’t change cuz of that…I wish they get rid of chaos and replace it with something better…a GGXX cabinet would be nice…:smiley: