WTB: Sega Saturn HSS-0130 Twin Virtua Arcade Stick

Like this: http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=29882

Let me know if you have one to sell. Name your price.

I have a MVC3 Stick triple modded for the PS3/360/Dreamcast/PC I’m willing put up in an offer.

Good luck these are becoming harder and harder to get at a decent price. Glad I snatched up the case from Mues on the cheap when he was still selling here.

I saw one on through ShoppingMallJapan. You have to sign up for the service, and typically when you order something this large, it will cost you twice as much as you bid to have it shipped to you in the end. I bid on a $50 thing and it ended up costing $130 total. So if you win this for $200, expect to pay up to $600 for it.

Daaamn. People on ebay want more than $1000 for one.
This one looks to be going for a fair price of $600

Yeah that is the one I was looking at. I might have to give up a few of my other sticks to get it.

Wow! You could buy a SEGA candy cab for that price.

Alright. Thanks for that info. Do you have your credit card info registered with that site? And I saw that eBay one. That was the cheapest one.

I have account with SMJ.
My credit card information is not with them.
That is because I do not use credit card with them.

When you sign up, you have to make a deposit first to do bidding.
Minimum is $5 deposit, and that would give you $50 to bid.
What you deposit is multiply by ten for allowed bidding.
So deposit how much you want to.

Credit card does not take money from you.
It is just a confirm thing.

PayPal deposit does take the money from.

How much do these things actually go for? I just picked up one in japan a couple of months ago still in the box. I’m not sure if i’m willing to sell it yet though.

$400 it should sell right away provided somebody is actively looking. $500 isn’t unheard of if you can wait for a buyer who really wants it. If you sell it for less than a VLX then you are getting ripped off.

Damn I got excited for a second. Let me know if you ever go back to Japan!

Yea i paid 150 for the base alone, and had tons of clean up to do on it.

For the price they’re going for I’d consider having someone building a custom case that can take the astro panels.
You’d probably still end up ahead or maybe even, but you’d have something that’s unique for you.

rtdzign had one for sale recently.

Good luck finding one. It took me about a couple of months to find one for a decent price ($300).

Yeah I saw that. Thanks for the tip. I felt guilty because I had to bail on that sale.

This is the best I could find. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HSS-0130-Sega-ASTRO-City-VIRTUA-STICK-PRO-Japan-EXCELLENT-CONDITION-R-A-R-E-/120776080150?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c1ed0bb16

Sorry, I know it’s already been posted.

Check with fujifilm:

I don’t know if it’s still available, but it’s worth a try! :smiley:

yea sorry didn’t really mean to troll your thread or anything but this is the first one I ever got and I collect joysticks.

Check out fijifilm he’s selling them

If you get it stock, keep in mind the work you need to do to it to make it work. Most likely you will need to replace the buttons, the stock ones are rubbish and soldered onto a pcb on each player. Replace the controllers’ pcbs or get 2 saturn to ps2/usb adapters.

SRK is awesome. I got one. Thanks for the help everyone.