WTB Japanese Hori Tekken 5 or Tekken 6 arcade stick, Mad Catz SCV bezel

I’m looking for the Japanese version of the Hori Tekken 5 stick for the ps2. I actually prefer just the panel and case, I don’t need the pcb, jlf, or buttons but I might take the whole stick if you have one you want to let go of. Might consider the Japanese Hori Tekken 6 too, ps3 or xbox360.

I’m looking for a Silent Hayabusa joystick and the Type-N top panel kit for the TE2. It’s the top panel with the noir layout. Also looking for the gray bezel from the mad catz soul calibur v stick.

Edit: Updated

i thought i was the only one.
i’m also looking to buy a scan or actual artwork.
please let me know if you come up with extra offers…

Is this what you’re looking for?

It has some scratches from I’m not really sure where, storage maybe?

it’s this

@HiYaPewPew If you find the Noir panel and want to sell your original TE2 panel, I’d be very much interested in buying it! Either way, good luck with the search.

naw it’s the one with the pointy corners, thanks tho

thanks! dont have high hopes tho :T

Amazon Japan has them in stock. So if you REALLY want one, there are ways to get it.

i do want it…and apparently there are online businesses that will buy stuff from japan and ship it overseas. But it seems pretty expensive and in this case pretty ridiculous to have an item ship from the US to Japan back to the US lol guess i gotta wait and see if i get lucky

It would just be shipping from Japan to the U.S., really. The services of which you speak are called proxy services, and there are some good ones, like Rinkya. Might be worth considering that I’d be willing to send $35 in exchange for your current TE2 panel too, by the way. :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 Top Panel Kit Type-N, or if anyone has the RYU SFV artwork panel for the TE2+
I see the amazon.jp listing but I’m a novice in translating the page to english. How much is it in U.S. dollars?
Don’t want to create a new thread…

also looking for that damn Noir panel :expressionless:

Check this out! Probably the closest you will find to getting a Noir panel these days.

I was tempted to try a group buy for the panels from Japan, but apparently, the forwarder that I use finds some issue with the Amazon JP listing and will not let me purchase.

i came here to post the same thing haha, very much looking forward to it. Also, Madcatz got back to me on twitter, they are preparing a restock of parts (i asked about Noir panels and side panels/bezels) so not sure which combination of those are coming but at least its something.

I would just get it from jasen tbh. it’ll probably be better quality than the one from mad catz.

The quality is about the same. Just depends on how long you want to wait and which joystick mounting type you prefer.

I actually don’t know tbh that’s why I said probably. I personally would go with jasen is what I’m saying.

+1 vote to spend your dough with @“Jasen Hicks”

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Looking for a hori tekken stick, updated first post

I have a wireless dual-modded 360/ps3 tekken 6 stick and a wireless ps3 tekken 6 stick if you’re still looking for one. Send me a msg if you are. Thanks.

Is it the japanese version that looks like a Real Arcade Pro with a white base?