WTB: 2 Pelican PS2->PS3 Controller Converters

I had one of these and unfortunately it was stolen from me at a local tournament. Does anyone have a spare, used or new, that they could sell me?

I’m looking to get two just in case, but 1 is ok!

They sell em brand new at any EB/Gamestop or major electronic retailer for 15 bucks…

They SOLD them.

Look up the stores online. All the products have been pulled out of the market and they are unsure when they will be restocked.

You would think that people would know that I searched online for them before going to SRK. I am obviously desperate.

you should send dreamTR a PM. I know he was selling them to help out international buyers with shipping. He still might have some.

EDIT: just asked him, he doesn’t have any.

i just bought another one from a website, but im not sure fi they are still in stock. let me check it out for you.

edit: i got it from http://www.overstockdealz.com/ for 10 dollars shipped, but it looks like they are sold out now. next time i go to circuit city ill check for you to see if they have any.

Yeah, same here. I’ll stop by any of the retailers, cause I know of like 40 Gamestop/Bestbuys and 2 Bestbuys and 2 Circuit cities.

any updates on this? im in need for one

I’m lookin too. I placed an order with a site the other day that said they had em in stock, but they called me back the next day to tell me they were sold out :sad:

I found them at http://www.playconsoles.com/catalog/item/5261667/5240190.htm

Never heard of the site but I’m taking a chance at buying them here cuz I’m pretty desperate for them too.

Thanks Steve! I just placed an order too. We’ll see how it goes :sweat:

Hey Gandido, just wanted to update you, I haven’t heard anything yet but I’m sure I’ll hear something after new years… I’ll check the local stores tomorrow too.

searched a bunch of stores this past weekend, still nothing…did anybody find anything?

Edit: has anybody tried these site yet? http://www.attpro.com/cgi-bin/desc.exe?promo=froogle&path=Computers/sku_PL-6338.htm


Did anybody attempt to order one from playconsoles.com? I placed my order a few days ago and I haven’t heard from them. No notice of the order shipping, or if it’s even in stock, not just a mistake on their site.

I placed an order with them for 2 adapters on Dec. 28th. On Dec 30th, I got an e-mail from them that was an invoice saying I was paid in full. It also said that I’d receive an e-mail when my order ships. But I haven’t heard anything since then, so…not looking too good :sweat:

I finally got my converter from playconsoles today after ordering it like 2 weeks ago. They pulled a bait and switch on me. Instead of sending a pelican brand converter, it’s a no name brand. The converter is decent, but I noticed some lag at times. There’s also no PS button.

Playconsoles’ service is SLOW. I had to email them to get any information out of them. Not to mention they bait and switched the converter.

I’m not sure if I want to return the converter, but I am gonna bitch at them for the bait and switch.

I didn’t think these were that hard to find at EB or Gamestop. That’s where I got mine and they had about 2 left back when I got it.


this guy here in Columbus has a shop called YO! Games.

Anyways, I got this PS2 to PS3 converter there for about $7 in store. It works FLAWLESS VICTORY and I’ve tried about 3 different controllers, sticks & Guitars (Akuma SE PS2 pad, Hori PS2 stick & GH2 guitar)
I highly reccomend for everyone to try them out. I do not understand why his prices are so much higher on his eBay store.Regardless, cant find pelicans very easily.

Pelican is not producing these anymore at the moment.

I had a bunch for sale for a long time on these forums, but like I noticed with the Street Fighter sticks I had an abundance of, no one ever wants the stuff until it’s sold out.

Do you still have some available? If so, PM me. I’d definitely take a few :wgrin:

JohnnyV: “had” being the key word.