WOW Mama Lets her Daughter Starve to Death

The more WOW addiction stories I hear, the less inclined I am to ever join a private server.…l#ixzz1PKPWsROd

i was cooking my own food at three

survival of the fittest

brandi you are the weakest link


I am banning my children from playing MMORPGs until they are at least 21 years old

should have given her a mage table.

Stories like this always give the game a bad wrap. Blame the person, not the game IMO.

Fuck giving her 25 years for this shit. Lock this bitch in a room with nothing but a computer too shitty to play WoW and let her starve to death while suffering…

if it was any other game i would agree

damn, wtf did the mom eat?


realizes wow was involved

“oh. white chick.”

I used to play WoW at a ‘competitive’ level, and plenty of my close friends did as well. While none of us have kids, all of us were college students while playing the game, and I know that none of us abandoned any of our responsibilities to play the game. Are there people who take that game way too seriously? Yes. But most of the people I met through WoW were not neglectful to their jobs/school/children AFAIK.

I’m astonished and saddened by the child’s will to live by eating cat litter. Were there no pop-tarts, cereal, cookies or something decent lying around for the child to eat? There had to be. Any excessive WOW player has to have an abundance of snacks in stock to survive lengthy play.

Cat litter?

Nice moves, junior. EBT estimated savings: $46,000.

cool story but wow is still ass

lots of people don’t know how to handle MMO responsibly. hence i will ban all MMOs when I have kids. once they are responsible grown up adults, the odds that they’d let the worst genre of video game ruin their life drastically decreases.

I feel a little bad for laughing at that. But I laughed heartily.

I have to agree. this time, hate the player, not the game. I don’t care how far into a game I get, if I’m hungry or if I’m taking care of a kid or something, I’ll take care of them. Part of that is feeding them. besides, after too many hours in front of the TV, my eyes will want something different. More than that, and my head is gonna start doing that drum solo thing that causes me to have to ingest aspirin like some sort of pill popping fiend. I know the game ain’t THAT good and I’ve never played. DCUO is pretty nice if you forgive the glitches, but c’mon son. you got a kid in there screaming for some food and I KNOW you can’t ignore that forever…Right? Some chicks should NEVER get laid.


This reminds me of that story where the two parents let their child die because they were too busy taking care of a virtual child. That was awful too. =|

Good luck doing that when they have MMORPG contact lenses and writing hateful complaints about your strict parenting via Cerebro-Twitter.

Yeah, there are a whole lot of addicted parents who let their children suffer to tend to this addictions. This is nothing new. :tup:

You’ll have to pull yourself away from dat internet cafe long enough to actually fuck your azn robotic ovary bank for that to happen.

Horrible story, shit like this makes mars the pristine image humans and especially gamers have.

I wouldn’t blame WoW for this anymore than I blame alcohol for alcoholism, but WoW certainly encourages players to dump tons of hours into the game. I used to play MMO’s in high school and I really enjoyed them, but WoW really cranked up the grind factor over previous MMO’s as it appears to me. If games were drugs, WoW would be heroin.