Would you be FOR or AGAINST high level stream CASUALS XBL matches?

The stream recently overwhelmed all other public streams and had the most viewers for the past week. Now the stream link is no longer posted (stripped down?) up on the front page, assuming the stream was way too successful due to the amounts of high level players hanging out in the lobby.

What this the best choice to maintain order and provide balance for other streams? DISCUSS and are you FOR or AGAINST the successful stream offering high quality matches?

For those curious to what I’m referring to : http://www.justin.tv/peacefuljay#/w/387043632/2

This is where the action takes place

Sending to FGD, it’s not really a topic for GD.

I think peacefuljay stream is amazing, and should continue, even when you can tell good players are fucking around, good fun is to be had. I actually wish there was one for PSN as well. This is a good service to the community, IMO, plus discussion of lag is redic since everyone playing knows what they are getting into and I doubt so many top players would play if the lag was all that bad even on some of the coast to coast matches that have happened.

Was there a rulebook that said you can only post a stream link only once per week? I’d like to know some rules and policies. The stream is great, and not accepting the link saddens me very much.

The stream link isn’t on the front page cuz you were far to lame.

LOL CigarBoB, real talk though, if a stream like this is able to grasp the whole nation to come together, why take it apart? This means we’re good to level up together, meet new people, preparation for fighting against Japan and other countries…This is good for the “player” matchup experience many of us are lacking including myself. How often will I get to fight people in East Coast while I’m from California? Maybe once a year at Evo since I don’t travel much… no nationwide exposure = no way we’ll be able to take down players like Daigo…The XBL lobbies are mixed with high level, med level, and low level players, which could actually benefit all the players who are serious about the game. This also allows the new breed of players to get to know the personalities of the known players too, so there are all sorts of benefits available to have this stream link up…

bump until stream link is back up

the stream was pretty sick and casual until you guys ( lamerboi cough cough) made it a pro only zone and started kicking out the randoms .

but aside from that the stream was pretty funny .

LB I totally agree with you on this. Not only does this type of setup allow you to watch highlevel play but you get to experience if you can get into the lobby. I really think that in the future it would be nice to have streams that have a bit tighter control on who enters it. Right now this stream will get overrun with average players or like last night the Ultimate Troll.

I have been waiting for something like this since I started playing online back on xband with KI in 1994. You kids just dont have any idea how valuable this is.

Lamerboi maybe msg keets and check with him why the link isn’t at the top of the home page.

i think is only pro sometimes.right now its open lobby

Definitely for it. (Why isn’t there a poll in this thread?)

I love the stream. So many many good people just hanging together.
You got great MODS taking care of trolls, links, and etc. But the best thing is when they make pro lobby’s the level of gameplay is addicting & entertaining to watch and learn from.

Stream should always be on the front when its up imo.

Bump because this isn’t something to be toyed with or to avoid, this stream is one of the key streams to keep ACTIVE. The host is running the stream 24/7, doesn’t that show dedication for the community? He shows passion about the game, he wants everyone to enjoy the stream, hell, he doesnt’ even get to play among the best players in the nation. The host sacrifices for the community which inspired me to help out and getting mod control. I’m all in it for the entertainment as well as everyone else and 12 + hours moderating to keep the stream chat clean and active. This stream needs more support from everyone so the link doesn’t get turned down sigh.

The stream quality last night was awesome. Honestly you only that much talent when majors come around. Great entertainment.

jay got trolled hardcore last night haha

I’m all for it but, the internet in america causes it to be a very frustrating experiance.

Against Juicebox I could actually play and I learned from the matches but, against you lamerboi I couldn’t even get a jab to come out thanks to the lag and throws don’t tech at all.

I don’t think we should stop doing it but, it’s very sad when you’re excluded just because american internet is ass.

Even Valle keeps getting blown up on the stream because of lag.

Too bad blazblue is a crap game because when he was streaming blazblue lag wasn’t a problem at all.

The stream is awesome. Without it, I wouldn’t be getting bodied by Crackfiend tonight as he helps me out with the Rog match up and playing a good player like him can help me get better. The stream allows people like me to get in touch with good players in real time and talk to them and play with them. Good shit on Peaceful Jay’s part.


alright being serious this is a great stream. I like both the high level only and the open play. I do think you guys should switch off between open and invite only. Also… would it be possible to do a regional thing? West coast day, East coast day etc?

This would solve some of the lag issues, I’m all for it.

I’m loving the stream. I’ve had hard time turning my computer off, well i have had it on for the last 4 days!!! Can’t get enough. Keep it up!!!