Would you be FOR or AGAINST high level stream CASUALS XBL matches?

Peaceful Jay’s Colosseum

So far Jay has been running this stream constantly out of his own pocket, without asking for a single cent from anyone. He even gave away a 1600msp prize for the winner of the tourney Saturday night(that required no entry fee).

This stream is as legit as it gets, people. Good players(most of the time, but if you’re brave enough to test your skills and get bodied, then more power to ya), good chat, good fun. Swing by, or iwiltroalzu.

Before we can even talk about the ideas on how to improve that stream…no link posted at the front page, which literally breaks it down to nothingness.

Total support, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

I know SRK has no obligation to post the link but I see no reason for them not to, put it up and the users will decide what stream they’d like to watch.

As for Jay’s stream, I dig it and would recommend it to anyone

every body needs to hype this stream up.

I havent looked at it. I probably never will. Is it only sfiv? I guess it doesnt matter cause im not gonna look anyhow.

get hype…


Of course I’m biased, but…

How often do the intermediate and beginner level players get to play people who are genuinely good? I’d say, invite 1 or 2 pros then leave the room open. It’ll be an excellent teaching tool for players to watch and learn. As for the players, they’ll get their faces rocked and the fresh losses will give them perspective and insight into their weaknesses.

If it was all pros, it would still be a blast, but mostly for the spectators. As far as high-level practice goes, it’s something that we can do on our own time through private rooms. However, any gathering of good players is always good for everyone involved.

I guess I’d prefer for it to be a learning tool as opposed to a “OMG it’s a preview of Season’s Beatings get Daigo in here HERP DURP” sort of a thing. We need to seize the value of this while it’s applicable.

This is a really good idea,reminds of the 24/7 streaming spooky did when SSFIV leaked.

One question though,I see everyones connection is 2 or 3 bars.I cant see any green.Is there really any point in playing with that amount of lag?

Realtalk the stream is gorgeous and damn fun to watch the high level play! NEEDS to be linked up on the front page!

That’s the hosts connection with other people. The host is the one streaming in HD. His connection with players is not a good indication of the connections the people playing together have.

Uh, you guys can survive just fine without it being linked on the front page.

Try advertising it on your own, SRK puts up links for tournaments really, I don’t see why you NEED them to put up this one.

I mean is this an actual service you’re providing to viewers or is it just ‘hay we playin and we felt like streamin it too’?

That’s a lot of dedication.

The stream is wonderful. I had a great time playing on it. Yeah, there’s lag but this isn’t a tournament or even in my opinion to see who’s best.
It’s a chance to play against people that you’d probably never play against and learn a lot of things.

I love it.

I would love that as I am always looking to improve my game and watching streams has usually helped me learned something new.

I would love that as I am always looking to improve my game and watching streams has usually helped me learned something new.

I didn’t even know this stream was still up.