Worst Street Fighter Game Ever

My roommate thinks that Street Fighter: The Movie isn’t the worse street fighter of all time. He thinks there are no technical issues with the game when it comes to the console versions. He has seen worse in other street fighters that made it on console. But I disagree, I never seen a street fighter as bad as Street Fighter: The Movie. The movie was horrible as well but thats another story.

Uhm, Street Fighter 1 maybe?

SF1 makes me cry. Did people actually play that pos? I DARE you to consistently toss Fireballs in that game.

Street Fighter the Movie/Game, RULES!!!

I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS THAT SHIT IS SO FUN TO WATCH , it is like eating taco bell fun.

Also, SF1 is not bad its funny as hell! You can throw fire balls and shoryuken consistently! The motions are extremely sensitive and you must imput them extremely fast.

SF1 is a steaming pile of shit.

Negative edge helped me bump my fireball/shoryuken frequency up to 50%! Sagat, here I come!

Yea Street Fighter 1 wasn’t hot…but the clocked in with Street Fighter II. Even capcom knew mot to make a sequel to Street Fighter: The Movie.

lol SFA3?


street fighter 2010 on the nes system, even though it has no relation but the name.

SF: The Movie on Console was good…very good.

SF: The Movie arcade version was HORRIBLE…but they did put in a lot more moves that eventually made it into the Street Fighter series.

The best part about the SF movie game is the inconsistency between the sprites and the hit boxes. Becuase Jean Claude Van Damme is only 5’ 8’’ and the hitbox is made for 6’-anime-proportioned-Guile, when he goes to do a flashkick, his foot can actually not be touching you, but you still get hit as if his leg was a foot longer.

Great moves like Sagat’s Evil Eye, Bison’s Arc Lightning, Cammy’s Belt Choke, Chuni’s Jump on Your Shoulders and Slap You a Lot, E. Honda’s Sumo Stomp Earthquake…

Try the moves that have extra hitpoints, and the stupid juggle system that made combos like this possible:
Close FP(3 hit) XX Tiger knee(4 hit), Close FP(juggle)(usually dizzy by this point) XX Tiger Knee


I’ll take that bet any day of the week. Most people playing SF1 by holding the joystick with their “right” hand and do circle motion with the joystick in the forward-down position.

You guys are forgetting Street Fighter 2010.THAT is the worst ever

Street Fighter EX3. There is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever.

the main character in that game is Mel Masters

Alpha 3, third strike, and world warriors… if I had to choose one, probably world warriors.

Eat shit and die noob.

SF The Movie was horrible for home consoles, Vega had no mask. The ednings were liek that of MK were u read a buncha b/s in stead watchin’ it. I have a lil’ respect for the arcade version.