Worst match-ups

Its just me or cody has a hard time against bison and chun li, at the begining i was having problems against blanka but i kinda figured out.

Tell us your experience against those characters that you think its imposible to win.

Abel is the hardest ive found so far. I just no idea what to do against his rush down.

Bison is one of the hardest as well.

Rush down ruins Cody and a lot of chars can either adapt to a rushdown or are built for rush down. It actually leaves Cody at a high disadvantage in multitudes of match ups unfortunately.

IMO Cody’s hardest matchups are Abel and Gief. He loses those ones big time, but I am also of the opinion that he loses to Dictator, Cammy, Rufus, Ken, Seth and Ibuki as well

How does he lose to gief?

Having trouble with Good Cammy and Viper players, Dee Jay, and Dictator.

Sagat is a pretty bad matchup, Getting through his projectiles is tough. Good thing Cody has EX-Ruffian, thats the best tool against Sagat.

I dont think Dictator or Cammy is that bad of a matchup, Cody’s pretty ok with air control.

Gief’s oki is extremely intense at the best of times and Cody is even more fucked than most when it comes to escaping. Rocks are so slow Gief can jump over them from 3/4 screen and tag you with a j.fp. You can’t even fake rocks within half a screen because normal green hand will stuff the fake or rocks and since its CH, its safe. Spacing a safe lk ruffian is impossible, even with Cody’s great AAs it is very difficult to keep Gief from jumping… really it comes down to your normals, and Gief’s are probably better than Cody’s. But the real problem is how screwed Cody is after getting knocked down
Gief can also punish jab criminal more often than not with s.lk xx green hand so a lot of tools become too dangerous to even use in this matchup

How do y’all feel about Balrog vs Cody? I main Balrog and so far it feels like it’s 6-4 in Balrog’s favor. I just want to get the perspective of a Cody player.

some of you guys arent playing the matchup right

bison is hard for cody but its nothing like 3-7 its more 4.5-5.5 to me, c mk kills any cross up, DO NOT USE ZONK vs bison, sweep beats s hk spaced out CU block strings cannot be punished by him, and of course ol reliable b+mp owns bison in the air, and U2 means bison can never DR or HS

idk about cammy or abel havnt fought either one, gief is 6-4 vs cody, and u can fake rock and hk ruffian if he jumps and mk ruffian if he ghs…GH is stupidly unsafe on anything whiif block hit anything. gief has to get inside cody to win this game, i should know i main gief and once gief gets in its pretty much over which is why its 6-4 but cody can easily zone gief especially with lp mp and hp rocks ex rocks does wonders too hk ruffian every jump in, use U1 since u will most likely land a hk ruffian in this matchup

to win vs rush down chars u have to make the game slow, zone em out dont take risks

or just rush em down before they rush u down

Honestly, Gief shouldn’t be jumping in on you if you’re not knocked down or else he should be eating HK Ruffian. s.HP works too but you have to throw it out early.

on the ground, Cody can stuff normal green hands with s.MK. Uh…that’s about all I got so far on the Cody/Gief matchup.

dble post

Check out the match up thread. Some really solid stuff vs sagat that made this match up a lot easier for me.

you aren’t thinking about matchups right. Yeah so what you can punish whiff pokes with a sweep, so can everyone. Think about scissors pressure, the mixup between Bison’s j.mk and j.fp and how that affects normal anti-airs, how Bison’s pokes are generally superior to Cody’s, his reversal options compared to Cody’s, etc. and it should be obvious who has the better tools for the matchup.

also, I specifically said Gief can jump over rocks for free at any time. do you think I didn’t try that shit? I played a really good Gief who uses all the option selects and plays a mean standup game… I’m not just going “Yeah well durr hurr this is how it goes” this is 100% experience here. hk ruffian has 7 frames startup and is not invincible. hk ruffian, meet Gief jump towards mk

Gief’s answers to Cody’s moves are clearer, safer and stronger than Cody’s answers to Gief’s. Do you not understand how matchups work?

im sorry ur not good at using hk ruffian vs gief lol j mk does not beat it clean whatsoever unless it is at the top of his jump arc…gief has a floaty jump its very easy to kick his ass in the air, maybe u just dont have the reaction time? and u do know even if he jumps over a rock he is STILL in the air? easy hk ruffian…i play a very good bison who uses all kinds of mindfuck pressure tick throws lows to high setups and cross up PCs (which is really REALLY annoying) and trust me back and mp nullifies whatever he does in the air, just learn your timing its not hard at all

and i dont mean a sweep on a whiffed s hk i mean preemptive sweep can sweep his ass and can even work halfway through, and considering cody has a long ass sweep u control space there along with s mk

bisons should not even be jumpin at codu unless it is on knockdown and even then cross up whatever all u do is slide mk, safe jumps is really the best options vs cody and thats when the pain rains down for cody

its easy as hell to pressure bison and keep him at the corner since blocked ex pc = free U2 (sometimes it will not hit all the way if done too early) and blocked ex sk is free U2 ex HS free U2 DR free U2

learn ur matchups

Cody’s worst matchup by far is Abel.

I’m not gonna get into specifics because it might cause me to rage quit the internet. Just be very afraid when you see him.

Second worst is turtle Guile followed by Rufus and C.Viper…

Sagat? Problem? HAHAHAHAHAA EX Ruffian through his TS, pressure, and punish is TK, and it’s a win. That’s a 5-5 matchup IMO.

just to reiterate on the cody vs gief matchup its 6-4 in favor of gief because gief can give cody the sf4 guile treatment, walk his ass to the corner and poke him to death, or aim for that one knockdown off a mistake or badly spaced CU (free SPD) then its pretty much lights out for codykins

Gief matchup wont cause you troubles, stay away of his grab range, zone him with backward HK, always keep your zonk charged and neutral jump the green hand into c.hp zonk and thats it

hey guys cody can do this to zangiefs xx. Well cody can xx giefs xx. OH YEAH WELL GIEF CAN XX THAT ATTACK TOO.

wrong way to discuss matchups people ~_~

You guys probably aren’t playing good akumas. That matchup looks to be totally in akuma’s favour. Good luck with cody’s shitty wake up options once akuma scores a knockdown. Backdashing is probably cody’s best bet and that’s saying something since it leaves you open to all kind of option selects…