World War Hulk - TPB is out

So the trades were just released recently for those of us who skip these events to wait for that kind of thing. I picked up the main WWH trade and the WWH: Incredible Herc trade (which is actually Hulk issues, not Herc issues) and started reading them concurrently. I re-read Planet Hulk a week ago and am still a big fan.

So having read the first two issues of WWH…what the fu? First off I have to say what the heck happened to JRJR? This art is horrible, cartoony, rushed, no detail, and Hulk looks laughable. They should have kept the same artist from PH.

The first issue was a little underwhelming as nothing really happens except for an off-panel fight with black bolt. We also dont really get anything with the warbound. This leads me to my other problem so far - that the perspective has changed from hulk-centered to a much more omniscient view that keeps us as outsiders to Hulk and his crew. This is very jarring coming after PH where we were so steeped in Hulk’s mind and that of the warbound

The incredible hulk issues help fill in some of the gaps in terms of what’s going on with the Hulk and the art is better too.

Also who the hell is Sentry? Whose bright idea was that? He seems really stupid and I see a deus ex machina in my future…

anyway, no spoilers until im done plz

Wasn’t JRJR doing like three other books when he was also doing WWH? I thought he was also handling X-Men and Thor at that time?

I’m looking forward to reading this collection. Is the fight between Hulk and X-Men included? Colossus.

I think WWH sucked, hard. I loved Planet Hulk (read it in one go so pacing problems were a non-issue to me) and was looking forward to WWH but when it came it was so underwhelming. The art is some of the worst art I’ve ever seen and the story was pointless, like anything serious was ever going to happen to the characters involved.

I did like the X-Men tie-in though, that was pretty dope. It was a pointless tie-in really but it was done really well.

If I were you I’d forget about WWH, sell the trades and read the Sub-Mariner mini that was going on around the same time. That was a cool story.

Oh damm
You still dont know the horrors of the Sentry lameness… BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID

WWH was pretty bad. I LIKE the Sentry, but he was so horribly characterized in WWH that I have no clue what exactly they wanted to do with him. Hulk’s characterization was almost as inconsistent, with one issue having him ready to kill the Illuminati as slowly and painfully as possible, and the next talking about how he’s “above” that shit. Make up your damn mind, Pak. It’s had relatively little impact on the Marvel U except Hulk’s titles, so unless you really care about that, it’s not really worth reading.

The Sentry miniseries was amazing, but other than that no writer yet has really embraced his greatness. All they use him as is a Superman clone with mental issues that pops in every so often, kicks major ass, then someone yells “Void!” and he takes off like the border patrol is after him.

It’s an ok book…it’s just that you had to kind of ignore that Ms. Marvel, at the time, pretty much could’ve just solo’d the entire crew, and Hulk, at once. And how Dr. Strange could’ve just erased them from existence. And how there’s no fucking way that Iron Fist would’ve gotten OHKO’d by Hiroim. And so on and so forth.

It’s a book that Hulk fans would like because it’s got Hulk going nuts and punching things really hard. But everyone else wouldn’t like because because it’s stupid.

And don’t be hatin’ on the Sentry. Paul Jenkins’ series is beastly. Bendis just had to nerf the fuck out of him so WWH didn’t become “Sentry Beats Up Hulk” and Secret Invasion doesn’t become “Sentry Wipes out the Skrulls.”

The Sentry mini was cool and all but the Sentry himself i mean the character is a douchebag

Maybe play a bit more on his douchebagness? It isn’t a bad idea, right now he seems like a retarded Billy Batson, when Iron Man say’s fetch Sentry leaps into action until someone yells Void.

Sentry would benefit from having a personality, and I think the asshole/douchebag loner would be a good fit.

Which version of the Sentry? Jenkins’ Sentry’s cockiness, IMO, made him an infinitely better than Bendis’ nerfed-for-mainstream-presence Sentry.

I agree, Bendis fucking sucks at writing heroes with actual powers, at least the mega powered one’s.

Hopefully someone reads these comments at Marvel and gets to work fixing Sentry, I could hand out so many “I told you so’s” to people. Just like when Raiden became badass in MGS4 when I was a fan in 2, ahh…that felt great.

As much as i enjoyed WWH, the fact that some of the powerful heroes were getting stomped out by some of hulks entourage(including the Brood) made me have the WTF face through the whole thing.

fuck you guys. Sentry fucking sucks.

Pft, I bet you wouldn’t say that to his face!

You’d say “Void” instead and watch him turn tail.

Being an expert on DP here Auron, I have something for you to ponder on. If Deadpool and Sentry ever came to blows, and somehow Deadpool wins, how would he do it? What the hell would he do to beat Sentry?

he’d tire him out. Sentry cannot kill wade. Throwing him into the sun won’t work. Then when he is tired, he’ll say “void” and have him shit his pants. If that doesn’t work then he will have his wife leave the pussy for manly deadpool. I’m sure that will cause him to kill himself.

:rofl:, touche man.

Odd thing is I could see all of that happening, damn Deadpool can’t come back fast enough.

WWH X-Men is out too. For some reason there’s New Warriors story in there too:confused:

What’s the deal with that red faced chick from the Warbound? What’s her power? Planting Obedient discs?

Storm vs Brood LOL. course she typhonned his ass but seriously she’s battled a flood of these, that part was kinda funny to me.

Why didn’t they have Thing fight the Rock Guy? I’m sure everyone was waitin for that.

Forgot her name, but she was once Royal. He father gets shot near the beginning of planet hulk, they were “disowned” of the royalty for thinking a different way I believe. She’s a hardass throughout, and really doesn’t have any powers. But she can patch people up really good :wgrin:


dont know but you’ll like the fight especially with him:lol:

  1. the pointless tieins were Ghost Rider, Antman (even though it was a bit funny), & gamma corps.
  2. Yes that was an awesome read. I cant wait to see whats going to happen with the Namor and Dr Doom team up. Dont be surprised that BP may be involved.

Agreed I am still bitter about that til this day. They need to make up their mind about her. I know marvel is trying to make her the wonder woman of MU but jeez show some consistantcy