Woo Hoo Naomi & Atomiswave Emulation in Progress!

Well, on 6/30 it was announced by a very reliable website (not allowed to post I believe due to rules of these forums) that they had gotten official screens from an emu in progress of some screens of the Naomi emulation, here is the rough translation of what the site wrote:

There was some speculation but the site was reputable on their news to this date and the admins even vouched for it. Some days later one of the coders, R. Belmont, released that he was working on it along with some others, here’s what he said:

Also, now MAME has added SFZ3U and CvS2!!! Getting the right set is another issue since there are sets running around the net that are missing 2 files or such. Don’t ask me where to get them since I do not have correct sets of them and they are very hard to find at this point just give it some time. Once Z3U got released these images surfaced:



So, looks like everything is on the right path. Only thing now is to get a computer that will be supporting this. It was posted that the games would run stable around 3.6ghz (I believe).

Just an FYI for all.

-Tha Hindu

there have been alot of threads about this. =\

also you cant just say a 3.6ghz processor can handle it. u need to take into consideration many other factors. i know a Celeron runing at 3.6 wont run this =\

Yeah, you know what, scratch the thing about the 3.6ghz comp. I read something completely wrong. I just found the other thread too, I thought it died a long time ago though. Anyway, the SFZ3U pics are new :smiley: .

It’s good to see new pictures, hard to verify their validity since those can easily be shots from other emulated version of the game. Just search next time before you post.

Also on computer front, you have to also factor in emulators that will use hardware acceleration to close the gap on some things. I mean, RBelmont was talking about having a nosound, nonthrottled SFIII running at 600%, so once they can get down what’s going on, a lot of times there are ways to take shortcuts.

Going to try this in mame right now, got a build with naomi support + the right files.
I’m on a quad core machine, so I’m expecting it to run slowly. But we’ll see.

Update soon!

2 core processor will run these fine. unless the emu is written to support only single core. then ur screwed.

Does this mean there’s a chance to play the arcade version of Blitzkampf with the new character? That’s Naomi, right?

It’s Naomi, but only Naomi GD-ROMs have been decrypted so far.

Well I tried it out, I have all the correct files etc. The bios boots but the emulation is too incomplete to bring it past the bios.

The bios itself runs at 14% on my quad core 2ghz machine, that doesn’t bode well

Hmm… well, since the emulation is incomplete at this point it seems like we’ll need to give it some time.

-Tha Hindu

I think playable naomi emulation isn’t a reality in mame right now.

But I’ve heard it’s full speed in nullDC etc, so there’s the possibility of it being added to FBA etc at full speed along with 2df support I guess.

this means no marvel for a long while

I would be more excited for this but you can already play arcade perfect CvS2 and MvC2 on Dreamcast emulators people…

DC emulation is far from perfect.

so nobody tried to get this stuff to work?
i don’t have enough RAM and MAME tries to allocate a ~1 GB file (track03.iso) in memory :confused:

that file is 90% empty and not required for running the actual game, but for the sake of accuracy MAME enforced this :confused:


i guess we need to wait for a hacked version like MAME32++ used for CPS3 last year.

Okay, reading around various places this is what I have gathered:

(Note: I am not well versed in technical aspects of emulation. Also this is just based on what I have read, mainly ElSemi and Wesker, as he tends to speak for Elsemi at times.)

1.) ElSemi is not making an emulator for Naomi, he merely has broken the encryption and is going to allow his work to be incorporated into other emulators. (Chankast has been spoken of in this capacity.)

2.) Apparently there may be some correlation from breakthroughs with Naomi leading to breakthroughs with Atomiswave.

3.) There has been debate about the ethical implications of releasing the info since there are still Naomi games slated to come out. Largely it does not seem that it is believed to be a problem.

4.) There is a chinese programmer purportedly working on a build of mame to include Naomi, I believe it’s called Mame XT. It has the error of requesting 1GB of ram for the track1.iso (or whater it is called.) Though, the word is that it wouldn’t work anyway, because emulation is not that far along yet.

That’s all I gathered so far. Take it with a grain of salt, but it seemed credible enough to report.

5.) ElSemi donated hardware to Makaron DC emulator’s author: http://dknute.livejournal.com/
who will work on a Naomi emulator to incorporate ElSemi’s breakthroughs

that emulator isn’t open source (i think) and the guy hates keyboards and won’t implement support for them, plus the current UI is unusable… kinda weak :expressionless:

As of right now, just out of curiosity, is there actually a commercial emulator that can run these dumps? I’m not really up to date with the progess of NAOMI emulation so you must forgive me…

There isn’t currently anything that can run those dumps. However, you can play many of the DC ports which are practically the same thing, on Chankast or NullDC (Nulldc being the better of the two in my opinion.)

I hope ElSemi continues to help out other emulators. There has been no talk, last I checked, about it’s inclusion into Final Burn Alpha, which while not necessarily there thing, would be interesting considering that’s what GGPO and 2DF use as their base.

hey atleast we will get CvS2 soon I know snaaaake will be happy. but Ill wait patiently for dat mahvel