Won my first local tournament yesterday playing Gen! Yaaahoooo!

It feels good to win a tourney with a underdog character lol! I want to thank God and everyone here at SRK Gen forum for I couldnt have done it without your help. As soon as the videos are archived I will link it.

But in truth solid play will always win over shenannigans lol! but if they cant block an Oga then abuse 'em lol!

Nu THANK YOU!!! your guidance helped show this Gen scrub how to be a decent player. and EVERY gen player I appreciate all the input.

Congrats, I won a recent local too and I know how good it feels. Everyone was so hype to see Gen winning on grand finals lol

Got vids?.

vids pleaaaaaase! And congratulations!!

There was the media, camera, video camera even the local newspaper lol! The final wasnt too hype though, except people amazed at the gekiro. I was just happy I won with my signature crane super finish lol!!!
I hope the competition gets tougher next month.

The video will be uploaded on youtube, will let you guys know when they do

Did you show them the full power of Gens swag?

lol! 65% swag lol!

Grats man!

Thanks street, you know you are gonna win evo right?

lol, maybe after I win MY first local tourney. Jozhear always bars my way to victory.

Jozhear?! the crazy vega? damn thats tough nut to crack

I kinda got a sore thumb lol! using hands on a pad can be tiring. so I need to ice the thumb lol

I had the same issue (PSN pad player) until I got some satin and sowed it around my thumb if the form of like a finger glove.

True story it makes slide method easier and saves your thumb from destruction lol.

Thanks, will do that.

I’m a non-Gen player who just happened to walk by, and I gotta say congratulations. I myself have no idea why he is such an underused character, as I can see his potential. …He’s been out for SF4 for 3 years now, and even still he’s less used than some SSF4 characters, and not to mention the AE characters (lol Yun).

Saw this thread on recently active. This is impressive, never heard of a Gen main winning a tourney . Good shit :tup:

It’s because Gen is by no means easy to learn, having basically two movesets and stances.

He’s underused because of the amount of skill and effort he takes just to be somewhat viable in tournaments. He’s definately good enough as demonstrated by the likes of Xian and Amiyu, but it takes an almost scientific minded player to truly unlock all of his potential. I mean look at all of the unblockables, massive amounts of oga cross-up setups, etc all on top of his regular footsies, pokes, anti-airs and two stances you will need to learn. I’d say Gen has much much more potential than we have seen so far, infact I think Gen is one of those characters where people will find new stuff about him for a long time to come.

I wish Sakonoko would fully pick Gen up, he is one of those people who I could see doing real good with Gen and do some crazy shit since he is an execution god.

Actually, now that I think about it, he’s underused because there is a lack of people who have effectively shown how viable he is thus far. It’s like the deal with Uryo and Sakura, Justin Wong and Rufus, bullcat and Gouken, sakonoko and Ibuki, Poongko and Seth, Momochi and Cody. Ever since those fellas started doing work with their characters, more interest was turned to their characters. Xian isn’t that well-known, but I have firm belief that if he (and others) does consistently well in a major tournament, then a lot of interest will be generated towards Gen. Well, bullcat’s Gouken and Momochi’s Cody haven’t been used in a major tournament (to my knowledge), but they are just so great with them that they bring in a lot of interest to their characters.

I kinda like the low interest on Gen, that is why I picked him up lol! since vanilla days lol! wouldn’t be fun if many used him lol! when I am bored even online you can manage with auto pilot and win, but against a tough player unless you have a super secret setup, its basics all the way footsie and spacing.

but any development with gen is a welcome one and his ogas are by far quite ambiguous lol! many standing unblockables on him for various characters lol!

Nice!!! look forward your vedio~~

Nah, I too understand what you mean about liking the low interest towards your character. I’ve been playing with Ibuki since 3rd Strike and was happy not to find many SSF4 Ibuki matches… [S]before Sako became a big name :(.[/S] My other character choices are Sakura, Guy, Balrog, and Ken for those same reasons… except this time I was mostly wrong about them.[S][/S]

Also in Soul Calibur V I use Hildegard von Wolfkrone, an underused character and I am proud of that, hoping it will stay that way.