Woman shoves 5k up her butt, gets hospitalized


she’s white : D

source: http://www.timesnews.net/article/9066805/woman-hospitalized-to-remove-stolen-5-000-from-rectum#.UiC6c5Sj9Co.facebook

Damn I love a good story about a woman fucking up. Bet this chick wishes she used vaseline before her excavation attempt.

She found herself in a tight spot. I guess sitting on that money wasn’t her best idea.

florida or not :coffee:

Damn we even got raz0r in on the fun lmao.

Also lmao at the reporting taking place in a town called “Bulls Gap”, which probably is what her asshole looks like after her failure

I read this story yesterday and thought it was perfect for SRK. I posted it on Twitter because I don’t really make threads on SRK.

That’s an assload of cash. Should have tried castor oil.

Dam, she put the money in raw. At least use a plastic baggie to store the cash, then lube it up. Latinos get at her. you know why, don’t ask why

Well she did wrap it up in some plastic from reading the story, so she wasn’t completely assed out

meh this is what $5000 rolled up w/ $100 bill look like…

That looks like a bunch of ones rolled up inside a $100 bill.

Your stick looks funky.

You got the stick popping straight out of Captain America’s mouth.

Is this better?


Did you pull that out your azn wife’s ass?

No I’m pretty sure he made his asian wife go to the bank and withdraw that money for the sole purpose of taking that picture. After all, she doesn’t want his unemployed ass to throw a temper tantrum and start throwing his Gerbers on the ground. She has enough on her plate, what with working six jobs while coming home on breaks to change his diaper.

Hell yeah it is. I can’t remember what movie I was referencing. The dude wants to fight the protagonist and he’ll only do it for money. But the guy can’t come up with the cash for a while.

That stick is cute.

My cousin Vinnie…

I almost feel bad for his “ASIAN” wife…


…Can you believe I forgot that shit?

Pro-tip: Remove those images from your quotes guys, or some people in this thread are gonna have sore asses