Woman attempts potato contraceptive

Too bad the experience was rooted inside of her vaginal walls.

Dailymail link n junk.


Now I’m hungry for some meat and potatoes.

Damn, talk about a hot potato ugh. Let’s hope she doesn’t sprout anymore bright ideas.

A Darwin award narrowly avoided, but still really deserved.

who really can blame her?

Apparently it worked though

She just forgot to take it out for like…who the hell even knows

Her mom is stupid. She should have eaten unripe papayas.

I am inclined to think that we are talking about the lowest denominator here.
People who barely had any education and that don’t really have too much experience with how the world works.
It is pretty common here on latin america that the people who live on the rural parts to be more naive, after all analphabetism is still a problem that afflicts the region.

Plus who knows, maybe using a potato inside the vagina is an old contraceptive method and the real problem here is that the woman didn’t take it out as it was supposed to do it, shrugs

looks like we got to the root of the problem

Her mom should have also told her that she should take it out after the potatoes become french fries.

Radio show I FIRST heard this on said she had it in her for… two weeks.

snaake’s mom need to stop giving bitches advice

I find this highly offensive.

“…and she never put ketchup on her fries again”

Two weeks? How do you forget that you’ve had a potato inside of you for two weeks?

I don’t know why she did that as contraception in the first place. If she was really getting action any guy that put his dick in her would’ve been like “Hold on bitch why do I feel something solid in there?”

That’s one way to mash potatoes.

potato n cheese yo… :ewwww:

It grew roots?
So it was still edible?


I’d make French fries out of cunt potato

Edit: c u n t

cu nt potato sounds like a good xbox live name :ImaginaryCoffee: