Wolverine Master fired from SRK

Normally I don’t exactly enjoy the gossipy nature of the FGC, but I think this is a somewhat complex situation which bears some discussion:

Things that are important to note: 1) regardless of how he feels about it, he was representing SRK (directly or indirectly) at the event, 2) the joke was shitty but not actually creeper status, 3) doesn’t look like they ask for his side of the story. Please don’t drag in the Tumblr social justice bullshit because well, 99% of it is retarded. On the other hand, the way this community communicates in one of our social settings is very much at the heart of this. When taking the scene as a whole, he didn’t say anything that shouldn’t have been met with a shrug or a friendly shit talking reply.

Odd stuff all around.

Shouldn’t this be on Kappa Reddit?

So basically he was fired for saying “Fuck Tekken”. Sigh, don’t see how this is a valid reason to fire him, there must be more. His follow up messages were pretty bad tbh, nothing like trying to make someone feel better after offending them like continuing to joke around.

The Facebook message could have been a more upfront apology. I didn’t really see it as a “creepy” but I could see why others would think so.

Really sucks, though.

Honestly this is probably why a lot of guys don’t want women at FGC events. But with that said, dude is basically a walking FGC stereotype considering his responses to her too. Not saying he deserved to get fired, but he could have handled that much better and probably kept his job.

WTF does that even mean? I can see why she would have thought he was making fun of her.

“Being friendly doesn’t seem to work with you” is probably what sunk his boat. What an idiotic, backhanded apology.

The jokes were awful anyway… he seems like a great representative of the group of people he has a problem with.

Some guy makes an awkward joke as a means to start a conversation at a girl at an event. She either doesn’t get the joke, or isn’t amused by it, either way, she isn’t interested in continuing the conversation and leaves. Said guy finds her on the internet and messages her another awkward ‘joke’. I’d say it’s creeper status at that point. She doesn’t respond, he doesn’t get the hint, and he messages her again…

Isn’t this the same guy that overheard chris g’s girlfriend jokingly shit talking with someone else, got overly offended when he thought she was talking to him, got into a heated argument, than attacked chris g? If so, his lack of social awareness and communication skills is not an isolated issue.

And nothing of value was lost

Him being fired doesn’t surprise me a single bit.

I wouldn’t say that the girl is in the right or notor that she overreacted or whatever, but, is common sense that you don’t joke with people that you don’t know, if he saw that she thought that he was serious he should have made it clear from the very beginning instead of keep acting like a douche with someone who it was clearly upset with him from what he said.

He basically had it coming for acting without any grain of common sense.

I think that he was fired mostly because he behaved on a way that could be interpreted in a bad way, not because he said fuck tekken

What the hell SRK?
After that Aris thing I thought you’d all be white knighting him and instead I see common sense in the responses.

Can’t ever depend on you guys :frowning:

Btw. I don’t think he was fired for that particular incident but it’s more like his boss thought he’s a troublemaker after that Chris G thing.
Dunno what exactly happened but if he really physically attacked someone at a community event, he should’ve been fired right away.
I always thought the cool thing about video games and fighting games especially, is that you can beat up guys much bigger than you in a virtual setting without having to fear physical consequences.

I feel like violence is the last thing we need for our events.

Once money is involved it all goes down hill. Although I think this its wrong, I’m not surprised.

The FGC tries to keep its rugged realness, and become something professional and respectable its not gonna work though. It needs to choose one and embrace it.

I can understand a employer wanting to get rid of someone who made a “consumer” or client unhappy. But this whole fgc thing is a different beast, the very mentally that is pushed is also prohibited. Its like be real “but not to real”

To let a random chick impact someone that has contributed alot to the scene isn’t the smartest thing to do imo… But hey maybe its more to the story than whats being told.

also mixing females of all ages almost and “boys” and teenagers in one scene is a mess. And you can say what you want to say, but its a different type of female thats play’s fighters. Usually that hard exterior shell and mushy soft core… That junk is confusing to handle for most guys, you can’t just talk to them like some guy… you have to be extra careful with how “comfortable” you get.

Shows how much of a dumb nigga you are.

Doesn’t it just show how much more popular Aris is than this guy?

Sounds like he was fired for those follow-up messages. Obviously, this whole thing started when he said “fuck tekken”, but he gave her the ammo she needed by continue with it(and in writing).

If what he described is how it went down, I don’t think he deserved to be fired. But I don’t have any reason to take his word for it, I don’t know or trust him.

We get hurt over game insults now?

Guys better get to apologizing to every umvc3 and sf4 player.

What I don’t understand, is why is he more concerned with her actions than how SRK handled it? The world is full of spiteful, vindictive people, there’s nothing surprising there. But for SRK to care so much about her petty complaint that they would fire him is ridiculous. This makes me think he’s withholding part of the story. Seems like if he was fired for the scenario he described, he’d be more upset with SRK than anyone.

He tried to hit ChrisG over the head with a fucking joystick, obviously he was fucking lucky to still have his job and shouldn’t fuck around with people.
If I was him, I’d be happy to still have my job, do my work and stop talking to people.

Wow. The fact that a situation even had to spring from this is absolutely stupid.

It’s obvious he tried to defuse the situation with humor, which admittedly, the approach could have been done a lot more tactfully, but at the same time the woman’s response was just pathetic. And now because someone couldn’t take a fucking joke, the guy lost a source of income over it.

I’ve seen acts of racism, homophobia and all the like just on this site, and dozens of these people still post on here without warning or any sort of punishment. But somehow this guy, who has been a helpful and insightful poster on this site for awhile now, gets fired over some bitch who got offended by his difference in opinion over a game. A game. Regardless of how she took his obviously light-hearted responses, her response is really the only one that wasn’t merited and she instigated the first act of actual rudeness by ignoring his attempts to clear things up with her.

I just legitimately wonder how SRK staff didn’t take his side against her complaints, and to further my confusion, then fired him. Just doesn’t make any sense to me. In general I think everyone involved handled things pretty stupidly.

This whole matter could have been avoided with a small dash of “grow the fuck up”.