Winnipeg Thread

Is there anyone else from Winnipeg on this Forum?

Gaming groups out of the UofM have been hosting fighting game tournaments for a few years now and recently these events have moved to larger known venues like AYBO BaseLAN and SPAR Games.

If there is anybody who is from Winnipeg and has had no idea these events have been taking place, you can go to the SSGA forum for current up to date info on Winnipeg local events ( or

I’m from Winnipeg but you know me already. Anyways as he said we have been hosting some tournies of late and although we are still small we want to get bigger and improve our games. At least I do anyways dunno about the other bums I play against :slight_smile:

Anyways an easier way to remember the ssga site is We play a bunch of different fighters and usually have gatherings at my place friday evenings. Atleast for the winter we do. If you’re interested in coming by to play get the info at the site and come down to play. I own everyone in this city in everything else anyways so I’m always looking for new asses to kick.

If by owning everyone, you mean get absolutely slaughtered by everyone in every game except ST and KOFXI. :rofl:

so fuckin true…

He’d probably beat me at Tekken.

BTW, I think there are some other Winnipeggers who post on the XBL forums.

We should try and keep this thread going so it doesn’t fall out of site onto another page.

BTW, nice pic Matt.

I put up a decent fight in Tekken sometimes. Only person I have trouble with so far is Tyler. Havn’t played against Keith lately. Havn’t seen James improvements. Also remember that I’ll ownyou guys in smash as well just not the tournament players. They’re too much for me to handle and I just don’t care much for the game. I wonder where the XBL players are. I play on there occasionally but it kind of sucks especially when the other person is yelling at me in some other language.

I’m pretty sure we can keep this thread alive, although I have the feeling it will only be us 5 or something…unless we find other ppl that are from Winnipeg to post…or ppl from other cities come in and flame us…

T8 is coming…

:rolleyes: Can I play Ultra_nYo for money in Super Turbo? :rolleyes:

Nope cause i ain’t that good and I know it. I’m really hoping to come out for T8 along with some of the people from here though.

LIES! ALL LIES! He’s a good player, and he knows it!!

Don’t worry, I’m a terrible ST player. I’m also willing to money match in CvS2 because lord knows I’m terrible at that game. Just ask anyone who’s seen me play in Toronto. HORRIBLE!

Looking forward to seeing new faces from Manitoba this July.

Now that I think about it sure if we end up going to T8 I’ll be down for a money match in ST. But I’m poor so perhaps for like $20 or so. First to 10 maybe. It’ll be fun and a good experience.

:sweat: You weren’t supposed to take me up on that challenge. Now I have to learn Super Turbo. :sweat:

Should’ve challenged him in a game of Tetris DS. We all know he plans on kicking everyone’s ass in that game. :bgrin:

Man you should challenge all of T8 to tekken we know you talk all this shit about how you’re better than all of them :slight_smile:

Montreal annual Tournement 5 in March
will keep you updated…

Complete utter lies. :shake:

MAT V?! fuck I can’t make that, I’m still in school…this sucks!

LOL! Oh Burn.

But ya I haven’t heard him say that. But I have no idea how big his Tekken ego has grown over the past little while playing Jim_Kim and company.:wgrin:

nYo I should bring my DS over some time and see who really is the Tetris master.:tup: