Williamsport, MD Jan 18th Results

I ran marvel, so here are marvel results. When the other bracket holders wake up, they’ll post those in thread :smiley: . 26 people entered marvel.

1st- Isaac “Tyranidman” Graham - MSP
2nd- Mike “Infinite” Williams - Row, MSS, Santrax, MSP
3rd- Victor Rivas - Storm/sent/cammy, Mag/Cable/Cammy
4th- Josh “AMinorThreat” - Row
5th- Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez - Santrax, Storm/Sent/Cable
5th- Peter “DHGTempest” Luong - MSP, Combofiend
7th- Ernesto - Storm/Cable/SonSon
7th- Ryan “Hated One 8” - Santrax, Matrix
9th- Darryn “TripleAgent” Felton - Sent/Cable/BH, BH/Cable/Cyclops
9th- Jacob “Toi Yet” - Row
9th- James Austin - Watts, BH/Sent/Tron
9th- Ami “ZeldaLeft” - Santrax, Storm/Sent/Cable
13th- Tom “[email protected]ss” Newlin - Combofiend, MSP
13th- Alex “Fat” Pei - Scrub, Santrax
13th- Christian “Skisonic” Sutton - MSP, Matrix
13th- Frody “Your Mom” - Guile/IM/Tron, Guile/Sent/Tron
17th- Johan “gunjack_fever” Karim - MSS
17th- Antone “Famicom” Rosario - Mag/Sent/Cyclops
17th- Eric “ShinShay” Lee - Mag/Sent/Capcom, MSP
17th- Manuel Garcia - Mag/Cable/Psy
17th- David “Sparatik” - Cable/Guile/Tron
17th- Jarvi C - Cable/Storm/Capcom
17th- Jose “J.Lo” Lopez - Scrub, Santrax
24th- Brice “Twinblade” Adams - MSP
24th- Donnie - Megaman/Cable/Capcom
24th- Billy P

Good shit to everyone who came, can’t wait to see you all at the next tourney :smiley: . Sidebets on tourney matches were too powerful.

HUGE THANKYOU to shawn and his wife, can’t thank you guys enough for holding this.

i’ve only the 3S results since i ran it. the other results will come shortly from shawn. as for who won what, i’m not sure. had to leave at 10pm, but i heard GGXX and MVC2 lasted til at least 1-2AM.

3S [26 players]

  1. eric lee “shinshay”
  2. arturo sanchez “sabin”
  3. adam jennings “kikin”
  4. khang trinh “exodus”
  5. johan karim “gunjack fever”
  6. james austin (was lazy and played twelve & necro)
  7. steven harrison (uber pad warrior!)
  8. christian sutton “skisonic”
  9. savonne “archetype”
  10. vin n. “alphastorm”
  11. alex pei “venom111”
  12. david fennell “sparatik”
  13. will hailstock “cell”
  14. anthony gilbert “gimpy”
  15. josh b. “joshthefunkdoc”
  16. charles smith
  17. greg lane “stray”
  18. josh j. “srkblast”
  19. donnie m.
  20. steve nichols “krost”
  21. tomass “thebirdie”
  22. steve bissett
  23. josh r. “cuervo”
  24. billy p.
  25. alex mort “mr mort”
  26. steve ? “xiggurat”

overall, this tournament brought a lot of interesting results. special recognitions go to alex p. for pulling shit out of his ass constantly, skisonic for holding that shit down so often with yun, and steve h., who played on a PSX pad and parried the shit out of people and almost toppled arturo.

for those interested in match details…

eric lee (ken) placed arturo (ken/alex) in losers 2-1
arturo (ken) beat me (yun) 2-1
arturo (ken) beat kikin (hugo) 3-0
arturo (ken) beat shinshay (ken) 4-2 in set 1 of finals
eric lee (ken) beat arturo (ken/alex) 4-3 in grand finals

overall, a highly entertaining tournament (except for my magic stick, which was out of commission from the very beginning :(). i’d like to thank shawn and his wife for showing us utmost hospitality, and i’d like to say whoever put that mark on their wall, you’re a fucking dumbass. :smiley:

As always, the tourney was really fun. For some reason the basement was got too hot. however i had my upsets

  1. Getting rushed in marvel by tomass
  2. Had hangover
  3. I did not get to play anthony to prove vodka owns beer
  4. Played around too much in 3s
  5. Sparatik did not win with guile in marvel
  6. pete getting 5th place(did he have the big ass doll?)
  7. Could not stay longer.

now I will redeem myself:rolleyes:

P.s: Once again thanks for shawn and his wife for hosting the tourney.

I wish i could have went to this tourney and watch my <3 beast on the comp…:frowning: Good shit Isaac!

Own3d TV represent! you guys are lucky Antonne didnt come and rip mvc2 up. <3

OK… I’m only going to list top 8 for the rest of the games. Let me know specifically if you want an individuals results. There are just too many to list.

GGXX (48 players)

  1. Kenji “KBNova” (Anji)
  2. Jake “Toiyet” (Testament/Chipp/Sol)
  3. Steve Henderson (Ky/Johnny)
  4. Donnie “Iceman” (eddie)
  5. Josh FDoc (Bridget)
  6. Anthony “Destin” (Dizzy)
  7. Malik “Fatcat” (Sol)
  8. Dane (Eddie)

some side notes.
Mike Creque “Masaka” was still in the 3rd round of the winner’s brackets without a loss but had to leave due to time. Ami got a bye for that round. Drew/Kono placed tied for 9th. (Played Eddie instead of his undefeated Millia?) Great games. I wish I could have watched them all.

SSF2T (17 players)

  1. Arturo
  2. Eric Lee
  3. Mike “Masaka”

Can’t find SSF2T brackets. Anyone take them home?

Alpha 3 (23 players)

  1. Arturo
    5.David Wright
    7.Anthony "Gimpy"
    7.Josh “Aminorthreat”

what happened to kono in GGXX?

about to say the same thing

At first, a Bridget player put him in the losers (sorry I don’t know your name, you were really good tho). Then Steve “Ultra Ky” Henderson eliminated him from there.

Looks like a real grade-A event. Good $h!t everybody, and congrats to Isaac, Art and all the winners. :cool:

Hopefully a lot of y’all can make Charlotte next week. LiquiTed is bringing Super Turbo, so it will be available for caz play. :slight_smile:

[/shameless plug directed at OG ST players up that way]

Can anyone explain what was with that negative penalty glitch?

gratz to Isaac, Khang, Eric, and Johan. Woot!

nice job winners, good shit issac. but what happened to “the best ggxx player in new england” aminorthreat??? he placed in the wrong game :lol:

noooooooooooo the magic stick :frowning:

Some thoughts.

Congrats on Kenji for the win. You got some great stuff. Definately earned you win. Anji the whole way. Damn!

I’m sorry that Tomass and myself didn’t really play but we haven’t played in 2 1/2 - 3 months and don’t really play GGXX anymore. If I would have known all these players were going to show, we would have continued playing so we could have seriously played everyone. From what I saw. There were alot of great players and some great matches. Congrats to all the players.

Damn I had fun… Everything was awesome, and everyone was cool except for this one guy who told one of my team mates off for some reason… He also rolled his eyes at me while we were leaving as I talked to Aka Cha Cha (wtf did I do?).

Anyway, SBZ now = Sick.

Also. Mr. Ultra Ky Steve Harrison owned (fuck you Beast of Fire, my student owned your saviour, and he didn’t even place!!!)…

That’s all I have to say… now for some sweet grapefruit flavored robitussin.

hey, first of all i want to **THANK ** both shawn and his wife for welcoming us, and letting us spend the night. just wanted to say that it was a great tournament, and all the money betting in MvC2 was keeping the crowd going.

especially that $120 match, WOO go isaac!

and for koop, too bad i didnt get to play team intimidation:(.

nice rushdown pete and tomass, that shit was amazing.

grats to Ant for playing a good game in 3S. “that scrubby twelve!”

anyways just want to say good job of hosting that tournament khang and owning up with someone BESIDES yun, and nice job to the two “kings” who held that shit down in their games. nice one, hope to see you guys at the next tournament. :cool:

P.S. Johan my Ken shouldn’t have owned your Q and Necro. What happened?!!?!

hahahaha khang, whatever do you mean? :smiley:

What are the T4 and Sc2 results…?


ha…er… no. :mad:

thanks to Shawn and his wife for hosting the tournament.

hey Shawn and April, thanks for having us over again. Thanks for all of your hospitality. I had fun at this tournament. Alot of things happened that can’t be explain like Kono getting 5th in GGXX, Steve getting second in GGXX:cool: , and me getting 7th place in A3 and getting 13th in 3S.:bluu: But hey I’m glad everything went well. Thanks again to Shawn and April for putting up with a bunch of funky gamers:lol: and to Tomass because he’s the man too.:cool:

P.S. Gotta give a shout-out to the Guinea pigs. They are so cute.:o