Will using component cable to play gamecube GBA player make a difference?

I have a samsung LED TV. Obviously any old shit I hook up to it is not gonna look very good. My question is will getting gamecube component cables make any difference? I’m not playing gamecube games, just gba games through the gameboy player. I know some gamecube games run at 480p but you have to make the gc run 480p for those. There probably isn’t a way to force the GC into progressive scan for the gameboy player, is there?

So would getting the cables make a difference or just be a waste of money?

Thanks for any replies.

>Giant Samsung LED TV
>GBA games

Boy you best be trollin’.

The max the gamecube will output is 480p.

Your games will look like crap. Best to just emulate them on a PC since you’ll get good FPS and proper resolution.

I know the max it will put out is 480p. I’m wondering if I can force it to output at 480p for the gameboy player and if that will improve the image clarity more or make it worse.

The resolution gameboy games are played it…it’ll make it worse.

>Giant Samsung LED TV
>GBA games


8/ 16 bit resolution games on a HDTV, redundant much?

Preciate it. The reason I’m even looking into this is because of my son. It’s a lot easier to help him play games on the tv rather than a DS or a gameboy.

Thanks for not being a dick about it.

I didn’t want to be a dick, just pointing out forcing high resolution on a 8 or 16 bit game (like Gameboy) is redundant

I’d say getting a Gamecube component is a waste of money mostly because it is rare and very expensive more so than whether or not it will improve the video quality of GBA games. I’ve got a S-Video cable for my GC+GBA player and it works fine enough for me.

It’ll make a noticeable difference, and yes, the GB Player supports 480p for HD sets. It was too blurry for my liking (the GB player filters the image even set to ‘sharp’). But it should be fine for a young kid. The component cable goes for 50 ~ 60 bucks.

It’s not redundant. HD Sets have TERRIBLE deinterlacing for 480i games, and most of them won’t even recognize a 240p (NES, SNES, etc) signal. 240p games hooked up via RGB look freakin totally sick scaled up to 1080p by my XRGB-3, better than an emulator.

I use a NES and SNES on my HDTV set just fine. NTSC (analog) displays at 486i not 240p, PAL displays at 576i. Only older PC and Arcade monitors display at 240. GBA games displayed on 1080p? With out some image processing I have this to say, enjoy your blur. Older NTSC images on a ATSC (digital) standard Television cuts off 6 scan lines.

Nope. Your TV sees the 240p signal as 480i (because it’s not made to recognize it) and applies unneeded and terrible deinterlacing (before scaling) meant for interlaced 480 signals. You’re one of the lucky ones, most newer TV’s won’t even recognize 240p signals as 480i.

Ben Pekarek

A 480p component signal is going to look leaps and bounds better than 480i s-video on an HD set. As long as the TV has a half-decent scaler, most HD sets do a pretty okay job of scaling 480p to 1080p, and for something with low detail like a gameboy games it should look perfectly acceptable to his kid. I’m sure the OP would get an emulator set-up if it was for himself…

The real question’s if he’s willing to shell out the cash or not.

So can I activate progressive scan and have it default to that with the gba player? I was under the impression that progressive scan was on a game by game basis, rather than it being a hardware setting.

Also, are there any good ways to set up old systems on an hd tv? We have a super nintendo as well but my tv has no composite hook ups, just component and hdmi. My reciever does have composite but I’m sure it would look like shit.

Except that you were. I asked a question that I didn’t know the answer to. Instead of answering it you choose to use that moment to prove you were a fucking douche bag.


Yeah, you can boot the GB Player into 480p if you have component cables, and I think it’ll stay that way until you boot a 480i GC Game. It’s been a long time since I messed with my GC, so I don’t really remember.

For retro games check out my reply to George here http://shoryuken.com/f177/scanline-generator-slg3000-264500/#post10280197

Thank you very much for your replies. I appreciate them. Any suggestion as to where I can find the cables?

Thank you very much for your replies. I appreciate them. Any suggestion as to where I can find the cables?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Those cables were only made by Nintendo, and are hard to come by. There’s a special chip inside the cable, so you can’t get after market ones. Your best bet is ebay, I wouldn’t pay more than 65 with shipping, but that’s just me. You could always get a jailbroken PS3 or Asus EEE Box for Game Boy emulators, but I imagine most kids like actually playing on the Nintendo.

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