Will using component cable to play gamecube GBA player make a difference?

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| Nintendo - Customer Service | Nintendo GameCube - Component Video
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Cheapst I saw was $25, highest was near $90

P.S. Make sure you read the Nintendo web page first, a number of later model Game Cubes do not support Composite cables.

to SGGG2, while searching for info to counter your side of the arrangement, I saw your right about the 240p being the resolution for older games. That threw me for a loop because NTSC supposed to be a 480i, a standard not changed since the 50’s. I need to study up on how the hell can the old SD NTSC sets can handle 240p, or is the conversion takes place in the RF module of the console?

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SGGG2 - Does playing in the bordered mode help? I just bought a GB Player and it looks considerably sharper in the bordered mode than the full screen (even with composite).

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but anyways. how do GC games run in 480p? do you have to go to the system menu and configure the pic settings, or does it automatically do the output when component cables are plugged in?

I never owned a GCN. So, whenever I play GC games through the Wii, and try to play it through 480p, most of the time it won’t even display the picture? someone have a remedy for this, or will it always be like that?

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For the GC units that have the Digital out, and has the Composite cable, the image is already scaled to 480. I am certain you have to manually adjust between Progressive and interlaced in the system menu.

thanks for letting me know. Im thinking of picking up a GCN since they’re dirt cheap now. The Wii gets used up by the fam too much these days, and it won’t seem to read GC discs anymore.

I never even thought to try this. Too bad Gamecube component cables are so expensive.

How is GBA emulation on the wii these days; that would honestly be a cheaper option than buying an 80 dollar cable.

I can’t believe y’all want to play GBA games on 1080p giant TVs…

Seriously, best thing outside of an actual GBA would be a small CRT TV/monitor.

Fuck emulation and flat screen TVs. This is component on a CRT.

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