Will there be a KoF game to celebrate the 20 year mark?

SNK hasn’t said a thing about releasing a KoF game for 2014, despite the fact it marks 20 years of KoF.

You think they’re just biding their time or do you believe they’ve really got nothing?

KOF Pachislot, if anything.

new witch toucher feat. Mai

No objections.


this is the only thing I’ve heard of about anything SNK was trying to do a few months ago

SNKP will probably just port more of their old games. New consoles are coming so why not.


Hope Climax patch releases with it. Wouldn’t be surprised if 98UM and 2002UM end up released the same date or around it if this is true. Knowing SNK they won’t hold back the price either.

It be nice if PC version has a netcode that makes the game playable.

Climax is just the console version.

Just remake '98 and '02 with KOF13 graphics and sell it as a packaged bundle. Preferably with a disc release too and NGBC’s netcode.

No ways in hell that’ll ever happen.

SNKP would go bankrupt remaking any one of those games with KoF13 sprites.

It’d be nice if they just did anything at all of note. I know they aren’t what they used to be but I don’t understand how they can stay afloat with as little product as they put out. Their NeoGeo Station releases are a joke. Where are the modern NG games? Where are the ones everyone begs for? I’d kill for Twinklestar Sprites! They make a big deal about releasing their classic library of games, put out the same stuff we’ve been getting on compilations for years, then abandon ship for the next platform before they even really got started! Didn’t they put out more stuff on the Wii VC than the 360/ps3?

snk lives for celebrations,they celebrate everything,so from my experience with them theyll most likely have something big for thiere best franchise’s 20’th celebration

They did didly squat for Fatal Fury’s 15th anniversary. What makes you think they’ll do anything for KOF?

Actually no. There’s some differences between the console versions and Climax. In Climax they made half circles more lenient and they nerfed Billy slightly (doesn’t have invincibility after HD activation) and I think they made one or two other changes.

fixed, fuck snkp cant even be bothered to add basic shit like training modes

Not really. I mean, it mostly is, but there are bug fixes and slight rebalances among quite a bit of the roster. Shen far C is much worse in Climax, Hwa can HD Bypass from cr.B, Billy lost invincibility on HD bypass, and soe other stuff that either isn’t translated or wasn’t written down anywhere. Climax should have been a patch, really.

I didn’t know about the Hwa bypass, I forgot about the Shen st.C nerf (thank god, that shit was so scrubby). I hope the PC version uses Climax.

Well, this one japanese web site did say SNP had started on a new KOF and that it was going to be their biggest project yet. Apparently, it’s going to have 3D character models on a 2D plane. That’s just a rumor tho.

Something like that Chinese KOF’s clone would be nice.