Wii Fighting Stick (for those of you who care)

August release. Personally, I think the Wii is absolute crap, but who knows, maybe it’ll get some fighting games in the future for this. Obviously, it’s just another slight modification to the HFS3/DOA4 Sticks.



Actually I have been thinking of modding the stick I made to have both a PS and Wii classic pcb in it that I could change with a switch. The only thing is that I dont want to be without a stick so I am going to wait a couple weeks until lizard lick gets the parts I want so I build another stick first.

Then when GGAC comes out for the wii, if they fix the bugs I will have a nice stick to play that on. If they dont fix them I will have something better play the VC games on.

not a bad price…sure the wii is slow now give it some time to learn from its mistakes…i will get this when its released…it will go smexy with GG: AC

Looks like I need to see if I can get Wii support in the UPCB before this is released :slight_smile:

Ahahaha, aw man it’s sooo cute!

Just looking at it, I can feel every manly instinct in my body slipping away. It makes me wanna buy two and keep one baby blue and mod the other one with soft pink and blindfold my girlfriend and bring her into the living room with both plugged in and be like “Hay sweetie look at what I got for us!!”

:lame: Oh god this is ridiculous somebody please knock me out.

I like the colors. Will come in handy I guess when GGXXAC is released.

Man… wth are you saying?.. The wii is really cool. I have one, and I enjoyed playing Zelda. I know there aren’t any fighting games right now, but All the SNK games from NEO-GEO is going to appear as perfect ports in Wii’s virtual console, Plus GG:AC, and smash (With a stick?? naah). The stick looks really cool I look forwards to it. Thanks

I can hook up my hrap to the wii and it works flawlessly , so there is no need 4 me 2 get this;. :yawn:


edit: ohh i see now


The Wii has gamecube controller ports too, I suspect he’s probably using a PS2>GC convertor.

Anyway, on the previously noted thing about no fighting games on the Wii… yeah not until Accent Core unless you count Virtual Console games, but given the low cost to develop for the Wii I can’t see why more 2d fighters won’t come out on it.
I can’t see anything like Tekken 6 or VF 5 etc… ever getting onto it, but it’s a perfect platform for 2d games, enough power, cheap to develop for and widely spread.

I mean seriously… who needs the grunt of a ps3 to render 2d sprites?

people forget about the ps2? the ps2 is still alive and kicking and is perfect for 2-d fighting games and more in the future. no need for me to get a wii. and i will have to buy a ps2 to gc convertor since people will have AC version for wii.

someone go buy my wii joystick on the trading outlet D:

The button arrangement on that thing is sickening.

lmao D:

Oh for sure, but Sony will eventually stop support for it, no doubt they’ll keep it alive for a while like they did with the PSOne, probably longer as the PS3 isn’t doing too well, but they’ll most likely stop production on it well before they stop production for the Wii.

Yeah that’s a bit of a worry :stuck_out_tongue: the left 6 don’t seem too horrific, but wtf were they thinking with the rest of it.

My personal use of the Wii is VERY limited. I have bought like 5 or 6 titles and they were all pretty crap. I’m selling mine. I will rebuy it when a mod chip is available for me to play Hajime no Ippo Fighting Revolution and maybe some Naruto and Bleach.

I’m sure the system will come into it own at some point, but right now it doesn’t keep me entertained. There have been literally MONTHS when I haven’t turned it on (I even checked my log file once).


Use for Smash? Hmm

Am I the only one seeing the DOA4 case but with 8 buttons & turbo switches?

Looks like a tiny HRAP.

I KNEW one would come out when AC was announced for the Wii, great news.

I’m thinking the same thing. It looks like:


I’d perfer:


I mean, most Virtual Console games don’t have button configuration.