Why were there few fighters (esp Capcom 2d) on nintendo 64?

Forgive me if this has been brought up b4, but can anyone elaborate why the N64 had few fighters(especially from capcom) on it?

I can prolly guess the cartridge format vs cd that sony used being more practical/ cheaper, but what else?
Im surprised that Capcom wouldn’t want to support nintendo given the SNES ports of SF2 were pretty successful.


I kinda explained this in my post in the TvC thread (which is where I’m sure you got the idea for this thread from).

Expensive medium (as opposed to the cheaper and more widely used CD’s), Nintendo thought they were “above” most of the third part developers and relations with them were shit.


Well, yeah, that too.

But if the ports had surfaced, third parties would have most likely created modified controllers for the system, so I don’t think that’s a huge factor.

Carts are expensive and made of fail.

Please. That controller’s perfect for a Capcom fighter, having all 6 buttons right on the face. To try arguing otherwise would be saying the PS2 pad is better than a Saturn’s for fighting games.

PS1 market share, cart space was too little, and carts were too expensive.

this is a joke right?

nintendo’s dpad makes grown men cry

Has Nintendo really ever been big on the fighting scene since the SNES?

actually carts fucking own

N64 was a failure in japan also, even the Saturn sold better over there and considering most (if not all [good]) fighting games are made in Japan it surely affected the N64’s library.

the n64 = fail

But…it had Diddy Kong racing…:sad:

hey buddy, watch your fucking mouth:annoy:

Cost to manufacture a single copy of a PS1 CD game: ~$1
Cost to purchase a new PS1 game: $40-$50

Cost to manufacture a single copy of an N64 cartridge game: $40? Either that or $30, it’s been over a decade since I heard this figure.
Cost to purchase a new N64 game: $60

Still, the N64 paved the way for what consoles are today. Think about it.

anyone who is hatin on the n64 can move right along because it fuckin owns

Wasn’t MK Trilogy on the system when it first came out somewhere in the 80 buck range? lol I looked back on that now and was like ‘Ya’ll outta ya damn minds!’ Now most games are 60 bucks on the regular (not including Wii) with games with a device or plastic tool included with it easily going close to 100 bucks.

KI Gold
Fighter’s Destiny
Super Smash

What else was there?

Isn’t that more than what Wii or PS3 have currently?

Dark Rift
Rakuga Kids
Custom Robo
Deadly Arts
Dual Heroes
War Gods

And like Buffie the Body they are all ASS