Why so beta?

What is the deal with current trends and the creation of the beta male?

It’s not that the beta male is a new phenomenon, but how it’s seen and it’s recent emergence as the “norm” is at least a bit worrisome.

I dont know, I still see that a man is supposed to be a certain way, and should inherently have “alpha” tendencies. It doesn’t mean completely being a douche, fighting every guy that looks at you funny, and being a womanizer with tons of bastard kids, or being “The Situation” but a man’s natural instincts over millennium, should at the least make him not be some little passive boy.

The US has the largest amount, and its no doubt due to the “Pussification of America”. We’re being told that the things that have always “makes a man, a man” don’t matter anymore, and infact anyone trying in the slightest bit to be “manly” is a barbarian and unintellectual. Whats more is the US’s gender divide; it’s trying to be pushed into non-existance (except when it’s convenient for women, but that’s for the gender politics thread). Do we want to tell our “genderless XY child” (formerly known as a boy or son) that it’s okay wear pink fluffy stuff? That the kid bullying them for doing so is just a meany, so dont hit them or retaliate, because its soooo barbaric?

What’s your take on this? I think modern society is ruining what a man is supposed to be.

This is what happens when you give women rights.


And No.

If my kid likes pink fluffy stuff. Okay, awesome. It’s a color and a feeling of materials. God forbid someone likes the combination of pink and fluffy.

But if my kid’s getting his ass kicked at school for wearing pink fluffy shit my kid better be able to defend that he can wear all the pink fluffy shit he wants and still beat that kids ass, or at least try.

There are so many definitions for what a man is depending on the culture, and the cultures inside of it too, that it is really up in the air. How about you don’t get mad at very blatant social construct? Because really, the bigger problem is trying to deal with men that think they should fight at the drop of a hat and others who think all science is the devil. Stupid people are a bigger problem than any pussification will ever be case and point: Who’s on your entertainment Black List?

You get dumb and trying to be all alpha male. Really now, really?

A lack of self-esteem and the need to be liked by everyone. These are two of the biggest attributes that lead to being a beta male.

I speak from past experience. I used to be fat, but very well-liked. I was the nice, ever-chill, funny guy. Everyone liked me, except for me. No confidence.

These days, I like myself a lot. People fucking hate me, though. Not everyone, but most of my full-time coworkers have their issues with me. They are also very disinclined to have confrontations about anything with me, as it goes my way, invariably.

Am I a bad ass? Only in my own mind. I’m sure a lot of people could kick my ass, or beat me in a game. But no one keeps me from standing up for myself, or putting my opinions out there. Total 180 from who I used to be. And I feel like more people ought to be the same way, even at the cost of me liking them.

Beta males = the noobs choking up while talking to female cosplayers at Capcom fight club last night.

Guys gotta step up your game. Im tired of gamer nerd geek stereotypes. We CAN have the best of all worlds.

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I think the terms ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ are vastly overused because people really want to simplify and categorize something that is complex and nuanced

^ For some reason I see you sitting in a leather armchair with a Zanetti Suit, smoking a cuban while typing this…

Probably just the AV though…

pretty much. people aren’t wolves or meerkats.

If you were such a playa wouldn’t you enjoy the lack of competition?

Man, im one of them beta dudes. The Wife wears the pants in this family.

Don’t worry, it will all be over soon…

if you have a problem over pink fluffy stuff my son and I will both fistfight you over it

Why the f do I news to have a fight to prove anything? How does that prove I’m the bigger man?

I am not an alpha male. Neither am I a wuss, nor unable to have a conversation with a woman, or have fun. If someone wants a fight, I am going to laugh at them.

Try not having such a black and white view on the world, OP. You might find that really, it’s a huge shade of gray.

Yeah I notice younger generations of males are becoming more and more less caring about being the shit and more on not caring about getting shitted on. Oh well, makes my life easier and if I do have a son, he is going to be brought up with bad ass shit(guns, rock n roll, learning how to fight dirty, etc) I’m sure unless he turns out gay, that he will be a candidate for the ultimate male and will crush all his pussy ass peers that think like a beta. I’m not harping on any one that wants to live like a pussy but that’s not for me, and won’t be for my offspring. He will think pink is pussy and black is bad ass.

So if you have a son your gonna make sure he’s a dopey thug? What happens if you have a daughter?

So according to you, not being a pussy is being a dopey thug? Where I’m from and brought up, it means being heterosexual man. If I have a daughter I’m going to let the misses instill being a woman.

I think it best that you just never have kids.

Good luck at being a father and not a mom #2 since you admitted your wife wears the pants LOL.

It’s just not cool or popular anymore to have any sort of pride in being a “manly” man. The modern man has gone from being a Schwarzeneggar/Stallone to a Michael Cera…and many of them actually look that way for real. The funny/sad thing is that many are seemingly in denial of this…or they’re deeply ashamed and so they lash out in defense of their half-a-man sissified ways…as if anything and everything can be “manly” simply because they say so, like “So what I’m wearing a pink sundress and high-heels today…? Maybe YOU’RE the ‘suspect’ one for questioning my fashion sense.” Bitch please, get outta here with that.