Why should I buy an arcade stick?

I’m already buying one, but I just thought I’d compile a list of pros and cons. My friend was kind of annoyed that I was buying an arcade stick, it doesn’t matter, but how can I convince him they are good?

It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself that you want a stick. If you’ve already ordered one then that probably shouldn’t be the case - especially with the more pricey variety.

I would imagine that most people are trying to recreate an arcade experience at home. If your friend doesn’t ‘get that’ then he probably is too young to have played in an arcade.

The only real ‘con’ to a stick is the expense.

cons ?

you never have enough sticks :confused:

I’m ordering a stick, but he can’t see any pros to having one. He basically tells me there is no point in having one, as a d-stick is just as good.

I have said that it emulates the arcade experience, but apparently that doesn’t count as anything. I believe its funner to play with a stick as well.

Charge characters are a HUGE plus to an arcade stick. Ultimately though sticks are best for fighting games, simple as. Three button presses, charge characters, 270s and the likes are so clumsy on joy pads. That’s not to say you cannot be a competent player with a joy pad, quite the contrary, its just you’ll end up being a better player with a stick.

Playing most fighting games with a stick vs a pad feels completely different. You’re able to more accurately control movement with a stick than a d-pad. With arcade buttons it is easier to press multiple inputs simultaneously and rapidly. It’s vital in a six button game like SF because you have easy access to all attacks. Whatever attacks you assign to the shoulder buttons will always be harder because you have to shift your thinking. These are the undeniable hard facts and benefits.

The other side of it is less tangible: recreating the arcade experience. The tactile feeling of playing with real arcade parts, the clicks of the microswitches, the cool artwork on the case, all of these things are personal and experiential. These factors don’t make you a better player, but if they mean something to you, you’ll certainly have more fun playing your favorite arcade games. And in the end, I think that’s the whole point.

If none of that makes sense, just hand your friend a 360 pad and make them hit a SPD with Zangief using the d-pad. After they break your controller in frustration, the money for a replacement can go towards your stick.

what a dumb thread. wait till you get your stick, everything will be clear then. well as long as you didn’t get some shitty 5 dollar DBZ stick or something. :rofl:

Damn, take it down a notch. Dude just doesn’t know how to articulate the benefits to his homey.

School his ass using your new stick. That’s all the convincing he’ll need. Your game should improve a lot once you get used to it.

That DBZ stick is top-tier and in a class of it’s own… :rofl:


i’ve built 8 boxes so far! only 3 of them have parts in them, though :d the rest are for sale :slight_smile:

Your friend probably thinks a real doll is just as good as a real woman.

yeah this thread is kinda lolz

“i already bought something, please tell me its good”

get new friends

oh and get an arcade stick cuz people on an internet forum told you to


Do a standing 720 on your friend, and then tell him to do that on his d-pad.

Health reasons tell him unless he wants carpel tunnel syndrom in 4 years hell get his ass a stick. You can play for days on a stick and never get tired. (unless your playing on happ sticks) your wrist will never hurt, your fingers wont get calloused, and you wont have to buy (esp with ps3) 50$ pads every 1-2 months. A good Sanwa stick will last 2 years, if you replace inner spring and switches after a year buttons cover 5,000,000 (RG models i think are like 50,000,000) presses. Pad buttons will get you about 1/60ths of that before the rubber gets pushed in harder then a mans ass in prison

You know, if you can’t convince him, it’s his loss. Sounds like he’s a bit stubborn - probably in a shitty mood because he never came up with the idea of getting a stick first! :rofl:

Some people simply can’t be convinced even after showing all the positive aspects.

You don’t get that loud smacking sound when hitting a button on a pad. That should be reason enough to play stick.

it’s like this:

Buy an arcade stick because you hate them and you want to fucking punish them by smashing on it’s buttons and rotating it’s stick.

Good stress reliever.

lol this isnt locked yet?