Why people mash so much in this game?

It’s like most people don’t give a shit about blocking on wake up and against pressure, they just mash until death… what the fuck is wrong with that game? It makes people dumb i think, and bad.

because capcom designed the game to allow it.

new players think that nobody ever saw it before, and that doing moves as fast as possible is the point of the game, and older players do it just because you might drop your link.

I dont like the fact that you can do it, but whatever. Everyone does it, im not just gonna let a person drop a link and be safe.

as for on wakeup, its just derpness.

enjoy your american reset :wink:

They always attempt a reversal DP no matter the circumstances.

-I’ve landed Fei-Long’s Ultra 1 a couple of times simply through mashing. :\

people mash because you let them

Because the reversal window is large enough to allow for it, because many characters have the ability to completely negate any downside that their invincible reversal has on wakeup by FADCing it on block, and because of that the risk vs reward is lopsided. However without it the vortex game would be even more stupid.

It’s something you have to consider, you can’t just go autopilot on offense, maximize your damage on whiff dps and they’ll cam down.

Because even pros do it. Just look at the inputs of Mago, Eita or Daigo, they mash the hell out of the game.

I used to have a “code of honor” about mashing, but there’s no point to not do it offline, you’ll only remove a useful option (when used right) out of your arsenal.

I still don’t mash online though, because I don’t live in Japan and lag can be a bitch sometimes.

Because the game is designed to help casual and new players have better defensive options. While this sort of thing largely goes away at higher levels of play, even top level players have a tendency to mash uppercut motions during an attack string or combo, just in case their opponent screws up, and they get a nice punish.

Because above all else, it works. Blame Capcom, blame the players, blame whoever, but you’re a fool if you DON’T mash in this game.

Well guys, i truly think that sucks, and kills mix-ups and mind games and also offense.

But that’s just my opinion.

You can beat mashing by either baiting out the reversal and punishing or using frame traps if they’re using crouch techs. So while the offensive game isn’t nearly as effective as it was in older games with less shortcuts, input leniency, and a wider reversal window, it’s still there, but it’s become a much more technical game

Why should people just take your mix up and mind games? They can mash out of it. “I must go, my people need me, SHORYUKEN!”

Technical? I think it’s more scary, really ridiculously risky and stupid than technical.

Why the hell new players should have a FADC to big combos/Ultra so big damages because i just go to meaties? Even if i bait, i need to go away to makes dp whiff, it’s really a lot of things to do against stupid things to do to break all my offense.

Bad design.

Against high level players, mashing isn’t really an effective technique in a majority of situations. Depending on the match, playing a solid ground game with strong defense is usually enough to beat a majority of players who haven’t really bothered to learn fundamental SF play. Complaints of “lack of mixups” is such a 2009 band wagon, and since then, there’s been many ways to counter crouch techs, and punishing a mashed DP isn’t all that difficult. It’s only ever safe if they have 2 bars, and even then, they have to burn 2 bars to make it safe, and if they can’t capitalize on it, then they burn meter just to escape. Meter management is pretty important in SF4, so forcing your opponent to burn meter can often be advantageous, even if you lose momentum in one situation.

I don’t particularly like SF4’s overall design either, but without doubt, it did a great job to bring new players into the community and boost tournament entrant numbers, sponsorships, and exposure for the genre.

The alternative, of course, is to simply play other games if you really hate SF4 that much.

The same reason why dogs lick their balls


because they can

First you should define what “mashing” is. Pressing buttons = mashing ?
Mashing is something prevalent in SF (and fgs) since ever. If anybody watch ST, people mash in that game like there’s no tomorrow. Even if reversal window is much shorter, they still wake up reversal many times. Just spamming moves/ specials is much easier in that game since usually moves in st have much less recovery/ much less negative on block, so are way less punnishable.
Combos are much longer and reversal window is larger, so people have more time to input something during them, that’s why it looks like mashing is more prevalent in this game. But at higher level, just mashing is a really bad idea, because punnishing a whifed move/ blocked move is much easier here than in other game. You might go unpunnished with a whiffed srk in ST, but in sf4 a whiffed srk might mean you lost the round (at least at higher level).

Anyway, if you don’t like the game, don’t play it.

Most players are lazy. They’d rather press buttons than block. When you fight guys like that you have to have to mindset of ‘let them KO themselves’ and you’ll win easily. No need to take the initiative if they’re going to give you free punishes constantly.

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If mashing is effective people will mash, simple as that.