Why not for xbox?

I am a pc user so this doesn’t really apply to me but I am interested in seeing why they are not making it for xbox (at least as of now). It has a huge FGC and not releasing it for xbox would be a killer to its sales(in my opionion).

What are your thoughts on this?do you think this is permanent or just a timeable “exclusive”? And could it hurt sales for it?

I have talked to a few friends. One who owns both systems, doesn’t play or care for SF. However he personally knows the following & importance of the game. He said time should be given because he feels soon the backlash & outcry will begin because “Losing a staple like SF is a major loss”. I agree with him. So we’ll see what happens & what Microsoft does.

XBOne sales in Japan are non-existent, and Sony may or may not have offered exclusivity benefits to Capcom for releasing it on their console only. It’s all speculation.

I can understand the valuable leverage a company like MS can gain with Rise of the Tomb Raider, but this SFV exclusivity for PS4/PC is more baffling.

Sales are difficult enough as it is for any fighting game these days. And with Capcom’s well known financial problems, maybe Sony offered to help fund it. Perhaps they aren’t looking for an incredible SFV sales return so much as the public perception they gain from it. PS4 being the only console for SFV (other than PC) would be a good selling point and a counter to Killer Instinct being exclusive to Xbox One.

It’s a timed exclusive brehs.

Source? Or are you just assuming things?

He’s just assuming. I for one believe that Sony paid them a pretty penny for exclusivity. Maybe even more so they bring their other IPs to Sony as well. Would be pretty good.

Also, I want to believe that crossplay will be available between PC and PS4 which would be another reason why Xbone didn’t get it.

I also think they may have pitched them some cash. Hope they get the results they want.

If this is a true exclusive and not just time exclusive, Sony must have offered Capcom a lot to secure it because a new SF game is easily a system seller.

SFIV: 3.3 million
SSFIV: 1.9 million
SSFIV3D: 1.2 million
SSFIVAE: 1.1 million
USFIV: About 500K last I heard?

Compare that to Resident Evil 6 which is at 6 million.

It’s really only a major game in name brand alone, not necessarily in sales.

Exclusive content from Capcom to Sony is nothing new. This just makes it easier for me to choose the PS4 over the other consoles as my next big buy.

Sony just shoryukened MS right in the balls. the xboxone might not be around much longer if this keeps up.

PS4 has a HUGE lead on the XBone in world wide sales. Like 30-40% larger market share. In Japan the sales difference is even bigger with the PS4 outselling the Xbone around 10 to 1.

Without the international presence on the Xbox console front chances are that Capcom doesn’t seen much reason to develop for the system. During the 360 era the PS3 still outsold the 360 by far in japan (like 5-1 usually) but internationally the 360 usually surpassed the PS3 in sales meaning that the market shares were very close and IIRC the 360 even had the lead most of the time.

In addition, chances are that Sony made some sort of deal regarding exclusivity. It’s not the first time Capcom has worked closely with Sony (see SFxT exclusive characters and the Vita port of SfxT and marvel 3.) I would not be the LEAST bit surprised if Sony’s hands are all over this exclusivity.

That being said, I hope it does come to the Xbone. I’d like everyone to have a chance to play the game, it’s not like the game is being developed or published by Sony.

I own a x360 and there seems to be no other option for FGs than SF4. Hell on earth indeed: I don’t care about Netherealm studios and most games I’m interested in (GGXrd, 3S OE, BBCP, DOA5U) are either nonexistent in X360 or their online communities are dead. I’m pretty sure that “USF4 forum” actually means “fighting gamers X360 owners anonymous”.

I would pay some more to keep SF5 as PS4 exclusive: a less divided community would mean more crowded lobbies, especially if there is cross compatibility. Besides, it would alleviate the issue that Capcom couldn’t get their product to play the same on every platform even if their life depended on it.


so you’re just a sony fanboy. People like you make me sick.

I’m calling it right now…this is the first step in Sony fully purchasing Capcom. There are a ton of IP’s that have traditionally done well for Capcom, yet they’re still struggling financially. I think Sony is footing the entire dev bill for SFV, and if this goes well for them, they’ll make Capcom a Sony studio.

Who gives a shit?
And who bought a xbox anyways?

And how many of the morons who bought a xbox don’t have a pc?

MS got a taste of its own medicine.

Can’t play Ki on PC nor PS4.

The FGC doesn’t function like the Triple-A gaming community. People don’t play SF because it happens to be on console X or console Y, but they’ll play console Y because it has SF. So, the go-to of “they’ll lose half their fanbase” shouldn’t be the case like it would be with the year-round big sellers.

50% of SF tourists, sure, but the core of people who want to play the game will move with the game. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person on here that wouldn’t buy a new-gen console until they saw which would support a certain game, or better support fighting games in general.

In addition, fighting game fans are dwindling. By locking it to one console, you’re consolidating the game’s community, which, for me, is positive and shows a commitment to the game’s post-launch longevity, since a drop in sales is a real risk, although I suspect the risk to be smaller than it first appears.

I know nothing about licensing and publishing, but publishing a game for a smaller than mainstream audience across multiple mediums is probably costly. Even the bigger games are often hesitant to dive in headfirst across platforms.
I bet if you factor in the casual sales lost on Xbox One, the already-Sony audience, the projected PC audience and then account for the potential of nomad gamers from Xbox One going to PC or PS4 for SF, you probably offset the risk of traffic lost from the gamers playing SF on Xbox One simply “because it’s there” with the money saved by not launching on multiple consoles.

It’s tough to work out if it’s Capcom’s decision or Sony’s or even (and, it’s possible) Microsoft’s. If it’s Capcom, they’re taking a serious dump on Microsoft that could affect their other titles, so I doubt they’d do it. If it’s Sony, then they’ve invested in a Street Fighter game, which will resonate strongly with SF fans, but we’re a pretty small fish for those guys, surely? Microsoft recently pressured Crytek into ending their Xbox 360 version of Warface, for reasons unknown. If they’ve become selective over certain things they publish then they may well have bounced it. Warface was a F2P and, if the new SF is taking on the Killer Instinct style F2P business model, that might be something that MS is no longer interested in, or finding lucrative.

Way too early to say though haha, speculation over.