Why no snk games at evo

there good

I like them too.

Sponsoring mostly and I remember faintly something about that
SNK Playmore did not get back at them to give it the green light.

About as good as your grammar.


I’d like to think they’re a lot better than that.

survey says?
top snk players
can’t afford the trip.
don’t know what evo is.
don’t know what english is.
work 6 days a week

for 5 dollars a day

no snk game has a big enough following in the USA to warrent it being one of the 6 or so games at evo.

i’d love to see garou be a top game at evo but there just isnt enough of a player base.

therell always be side tourneys.

Is EVO a big enough deal for them to care? Why go somewhere you’re not wanted anyway?

Final Round is a better setting for them anyway.

there are plenty of snk games at evo. always have been.

right you are man [media=youtube]i8w6sJJEQbc[/media]

The crowd is the problem. They suck.

Can’t even play a decent set in 2002UM without some asshat saying “That game has too many characters” or “That game must be broken because (random uninformed bullshit)”.

Too many of them in one area makes life hard for real fighting game fans. Not the “WE PLAY IT BECAUSE IT’S EASY TO LEARN AND EVERYONE IS PLAYING IT” crew.

compelling argument…

What? People actually say that?

Yep…idiots just have to find some kind of excuse not to play another fighting game over insert mainstream, watered down shit.

They are there…in the BYOC. :lol:

Go to evo, bring your snk games, set them up in the BYOC area and do something about it.

Still not a very good reason for an SNK player to go. Looks like a waste of money.

And how do you get neg rep for NOT jumping on the bandwagon? EVO still sucks though. Final fuckin’ Round.

So it’s a waste of money to go to the biggest tournament in the world in order for your games to be recognized as potential candidates for the main line up?*

Right. Sounds pretty fucking lazy.


(Not like that would ever happen though since even SNK’s most “popular” games can barely get over 8 entrants at Evo)

SBO looks that much more important though, honestly. From a SNK (or any edgy type of fighting game for that matter) viewpoint, Evo just isn’t the place to be.

Gotta give props to Dark Geese for starting his own shit though.

Because that’s a much cheaper investment in order to get SNK Games recognized. :rolleyes:
98UM was there last year but that was because it was a new game.

Don’t get me wrong, I like some SNK games, biggest majority I don’t but the ones I do like I wish there was more of a scene for but the fact of the matter is, there isn’t really and only the small handful of hardcore players travel from tournament to tournament.

SNK games wish they could get VF5 or even MKDS numbers at evo but it just isn’t going to happen. And when they got their chance to show them what they got (KOFXII) they blew it.

Oh yeah

No one has ever said that. There are plenty of SNK fans out there. They just don’t care enough about the games due to guess what? Lack of a scene. And saying evo isn’t a big deal is just flat out retarded. I don’t consider a tournament where players come from all over the world (US/Mexico/Korea/Japan/France/Australia/England just to name a few) is “not a big deal”

Then go to Final Round? Oh wait, but if evo isn’t really that important then how is final round any better? I’m not trying to down play FR in anyway cause I know a few people who go out of their way to run it every year. But you down playing evo is like downplaying every other minor regional/national.

Way to alienate your potential scene. :tup: Instead of ignoring them or arguing with their “uninformed bullshit” and discommunicating yourself from potential players sit them down and show them that the game isn’t broken and think of ways that they could get into the game. Not get all pissy after they make some excuse not to learn a new game.

I’m not repeating myself.