Why no love for Naruto?

Why do people at SRK diss the Naruto and DBZ fighting games?

Naruto Ultimate Ninja series are very fun indeed and the DBZ Budokai and Tenkaichi series are a blast.

Why the hatin’?

I didn’t know very many people hated on the Naruto games. The ones for GC and PS2 are actually quite fun when you’re playing with people. I know that there’s some match videos of the GC games from Willvolution. Super DBZ was a decent 3D fighting game that utilized enviorments.

Who hates on them? Sure lots of people don’t give them much attention, but there have been people who’ve played them seriously (HeartNana, Josh-TheFunkDOC etc.).

There are threads on the Budokai and Tenkaichi series too. Look them up. Search is a bit wonky but it’ll at least direct you to the correct thread.

DBZ stopped at its best with Budokai 3 in my opinion. Only reason I don’t play it is I can’t seem to find info on Kid Goku; the wiki says he is high tier, but yet has no page, combos or info for him. :confused:

I wouldn’t play it for tourneys or anything though. Great for “serious casuals”.

Also, where the fuck is my disc?

DBZBT3 FTW, i even ran tournaments of the games of naruto and dbz here in my country, so i can say that they arent hated at all

I dun particularly like the DBZ games enough to learn them, for me it’s just fun to mess around on them. The only Naruto series I got into was GNT and I thought it got a little too wacky after the wii games started coming out.

GNT games were pretty damn good, lost all interest after the new ones came out. The Tenkaichi dbz games are awful though. All the chars play pretty much the same and the game is just too broken for any serious play.

do you mind elaborating on this?

So which Naruto fighter is the best/most recommended? I could give it a shot I suppose.

but i ran tournaments for this game :sad:

it depends of tastes and/or what console do you have, i recomend narutimate shipuden 2 but thats only my suggestion

GNT 4/EX3, Narutimate Hero 3, Accel 2 and Ultimate Ninja Storm.

I personally play them all but I prefer GNT4/EX3 and Accel 2.

But the Naruto fighting games have depth to them. You just have to jump in and see what you can find. I suggest watching some YouTube vids of some games and see what appeals then do your research on what you can accomplish.

Ninja Storm is an amazing amount of fun, at least from what I’ve played so far. May not end up being fun when you get into those deep rock-paper-scissors and countering mechanics (You can counter your enemies counter to your countering there counter of your counter… and so on) but it feels great, looks great and is simple but fun.

My only complaint are the button pressing sequences. They add a mini-game into the middle of a fighting game.

I could run tournaments for Tatoo assassins, but that doesn’t mean that its proper for tourney play.

Super Dragon Ball Z was badass.
No doubt the best DBZ game of it’s series. I mean shit, I needed a joystick to play the game, lol (but then again, it did come out for Arcade).

touch? :wgrin:

Super DBZ and Budokai 3 were probably the best anime-based fighting games I’ve played in general. I was really into those for a long while. Still, these games don’t compete with all the other great fighters on the market right now.

Chi-Chi for the fucking win. :rock:

BT3 is an absolute blast if you’re a DBZ fan. It’s probably not tournament worthy, but it’s probably the closest thing to a DBZ simulator that you’re going to get.

The characters are kinda samey, but hell there’s like 80 of them not counting forms and fusions. It’s fun.

For Kid Goku he had good and safe starters, good capsule set ups (can get up to SSJ4 power level with good set ups), Jakien Fist did lots of dmg and if you could time it well I think it was an infinite, and to round it out he had good damage output. His cons though is his reach and baseline of three Ki.

I used to play DBZ B3 a lot when I was breaking into the whole fighting game crowd.

Yeah, I already figured out how you can give the high base powerlevel with his character specific capsules and stuff (think it gets him around 150%), but I just don’t know the commands for his normals to start combos and set-ups (even if they are simple, I don’t know what they are).