Why Jin sucks in Mvc2 (a article)

I know what you are thinking, “Everyone sucks in Mvc2”. Well you low tier users that think you have it bad are about to meet the “Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man” of Mvc2.

I hate to bash on one of my favorite characters but this is something that has been coming for a while that just has to be said… Jin sucks, and when i say suck i don’t mean Thanos Calibur of sucking, or even Ryu calibur… I’m talking Dan, Roll, servbot calibur. Yea he’s higher then them in my book but not by much in fact I’d say i win more fights with Servbot-V than I do with Jin.

Trust me, by the end of this article you’re going to feel sorry for Jin, you don’t know how many times i wanted something that would put him in “Sabretooth Calibur” at least, every test i ran, and every lead on how to play a “Higher Jin” turned into a dead end and test after test all that kept running through my head was: “THROW ME A BONE CAPCOM!!!”

Here’s some basic information on Jin:

  • he cannot chain from his middle attacks to his heavy attacks

  • He takes average damage 100% on the dot same as cable

  • he has 2 charge moves and one command move, only one of which is safe.

  • he has 3 supers none of which are safe.

  • he has no air specials or supers

  • he does not do any extra damage on his heavies, he does 16 damage like a majority of the non-pixie cast does on their heavies.

  • he has NO air mobility whatsoever

Popular Myths:

  • He has a blodia vulcan glitch

  • He has throw “Priority”

  • he has normal move priority

Chapter 1: I wouldnt’ call them normal moves, more like “below average” moves.

You’d figure that the person with THE most limited special move list would have good normals, but then you’d have figured wrong.

He has what has to be one of the worst normal move sets in the game I could be wrong but his c. mk, s.hp, c. hp, and j. hk all give sent unfly and if that were not enough he also got the worst possible chaining system. He got the “Giant” chain system which means he can only do a maximum of 2 hit normal chains like Juggernaut or Colossus… OH but in order to ensure it’s not too broken there are restrictions on that aswell: You CANNOT chain a light into a light, which means no lp into lk, which also means you have to choose between using his 10(!) frame c. lk (which happens to be the ammount of frames that zangief’s sweep comes out) and using his 2 frame lp, which pretty much links into very little and of course does not hit low.

For those of you cammy bashers that say “all you have to do as block low” Hey… at least she can go low. Jin’s c. mk does NOT hit low, and with his chaining system the only way he can go low is by using his horrendous c. lk, which in it’s optimum range (which STILL sucks) does not chain into s. mp… but even if you get into POINT BLANK RANGE c. lk does NOT combo into s.mp (launcher)…you heard right c.lk does NOT combo into s. mp even if you somehow get in point blank range it pushes them away so far that his s. mp does not combo (it does combo only if the opponent is STANDING if they are crouching it will whiff and guess what? that’s right you can be punished). Of course, you can c.lk into the slide but I should mention that since his slide is a sweep they can ALWAYS roll out and even then at max range it does not have enough hit stun to combo into c. hk… talk about bad luck.

Here’s a overview, Jin basically cannot hit you low because of the combination of the fact that 1) his d. lk is too damn slow and not to mention is a bitch to use a) you can’t combo into the slide at max range b) c. hk sucks anyways cuz you can always roll out 2) he can’t chain into anything low from his lp that isn’t laughably escapable, in fact his lp does NOT have enough hit stun to combo into c. hk either way HAHAHAHAHAHHA i’m laughing but i’m crying inside!

Here’s something nifty, If you use c. lk from max distance guess what? His hit box is so high off the ground that Psylocke AAA can still hit you!!! even at max range… that’s just sad… you know what’s sadder? same goes for slide… wanna know what’s even SADDER? Jill’s slide beats his! even when it’s FULLY extended! at worst it only seems to trade… BUT … HIS IS ON FIRE!!!.. IT MAKES NO SINCE!1!1!

If that wasn’t enough someone had to make sure Jin didn’t dominate the tiers with his l33t 2 hit comboes by making his super comboes extra hard to combo into and also… if you start the combo with any of his jump ins it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to connect his Blodia Punch from his c. mp and it becomes really HARD to connect his cyclone super off a s. mp.

Here’s more broken bullshit, if you connect the drill (j. d+hk) on a crouching opponent you CANNOT connect a s. mp off of a lp in fact if far enough you might not be able to connect a lp at all! (mostly on standing opponents)

FYI Whoever said flame meant more hit stun was full of shit cuz alot of his moves have some of the shortest lenght of hit stun in all of mvc2 (looking at c.mp and j. hp(as a cross up)

here is a quick rundown of your combo options:

off of lp:

c. lp, c. mp xxx typhoon (sounds good but you need to have charge before you start the combo which is impossible 80% of the time) here’s something else i forgot to mention: Only works if they are standing

c.lp, c. mk ( a whopping 15 damage but wait it gets better snicker PUNISHABLE IF BLOCKED!)

c. lp , s. mk (11 damage… not bad. This is improvement from the previous combo because it’s only punishable if crouch blocked but don’t worry people hardly ever crouch block… in cvs2)

c.lp, c. hp (22 damage and SAFE if blocked, NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE… unsure if it’s ahvb safe if it connects however =/ )

c. lp , s. hp… doesn’t connect

c. lp, c. mp xxx saotome dynamite (not safe if blocked) What this means is you have to hit confirm it… let me tell you something this is fucking mvc2 EVERYONE has a safe hit or blocked bnb, this ain’t 3s… this ain’t cvs2, i’m telling you guys you’d be pissed too if you’re the only guy who has that has to hit confirm a special in MfuckingVC2.

and you’re WINNAH

c. lp, standing mp (launch) AIR COMBO!!! Does a very AVERAGE 40 damage and

Here’s the tricky part, his mp has no range… you CANNOT connect it off a max range c. lp or s. lp. But the retardness continues because even though it seems to be a decent launcher, take a closer look.

Women and children avert your eyes:

his s. mp loses even MORE range when they are crouching because the hit box only has good horizontal range significantly above the average characters crouching hit box which means his launcher goes from decent to poor… That makes me a sad panda =(

So basically, you have to be right in their face if you want to do a simple lp into mp (launch) combo but don’t worry the top tier retardness doesn’t stop there either there is a way you can be punished for a SUCCESFUL air combo…

If you end your air combo with a d+Hk guess what? you do 36 damage instead of 40 AND even Zangief can punish you after being hit!!! you create NO flying screen and are completely vulnerable on the way down, and since it’s so slow even zangief recovers in *plenty of time to launch your spinning ass. Oh and should i mention… your hit box is no longer active after the maximum 3 hits so the fact your’e coming down in the D+Hk animation doesn’t mean you might trade with a physical launcher , all it means you’ll look real cool right up until you DIE.

other random air combo notes:

  • his j. mp can miss on occassion

  • j. hk does not cause flying screen

  • his j. hp hits low into the ground, of course not low enough to be a instant over head but low enough for you not to utilize his air mp, into lp chain because if you do try to add extra hits or try to do the hp late or whatever it will probably whiff.

and for you guile or really EVERYONE players who take c. lk, c. mk xxx super for granted how about this:

his c. mp was TONED DOWN (WHY!!!) c. lp, c. mp xxx blodia punch must be done point blank and u must cancel into the super FAST but don’t worry though if you mess up, they fall out of hit stun and it’s blocked you’ll only lose about 50-100% of your life… no no really dont’ worry about it, you’ll never land this combo anyways.

Your c. mp is the least of your problems here is one of the best normals he has and one of the worst.

J. Hk, capcom tried to balance the game… i can understand that, but it’s not like jin had some overpowering tricks or really anything to warrant this…

J. hk can only be used once per jump, super jump and do a j. hk and try do another… you can’t right?

Wait… it gets worse… you can’t do anything after a j.hk not even BLOCK! of course Silver samurai has some of this in his j. normals except iirc he recovers after a while (albeit it is a long period of time) but jin doesn’t have a raimeken or any of the things that make samurai good to make up for it =/

Side Note: “Priority”

Jin has little priority, you can jab him out of his standing hp with cable, yes jab him… at any range.

His(df+hp)launch sucks as a anti air and it’s slow too.

his d. lk has no priority aswell, it trades with jabs just like everyone else.

his c. hk does have SOME priority but it’s not that good at all and his body sticks out so much he is vulnerable to shit he really shouldn’t be vulnerable too and loses completely to storm’s c. rh iirc.

j. hp is decent, still not that great, loses badly to storm’s rh.

j. hk has some priority still sucks ass and loses to stuff are not in it’s optimal range (horizontally aligned)

I don’t think he has “Throw priority” either.

Chapter 2: “Special” moves, yes i do mean “Special”

If you only get 3 specials, you’d figure they’d be good. Juggernaut has 5 specials, 6 if you count the air version of his splash…

anyways Jin has 3 specials no air versions, and let’s be real.

Not only does he only get one special you can actually use, you can’t use the heavy version because:

  • Push blockable

  • Punishable if blocked

You can tell capcom cut corners, out of 3 specials only 1 even has a different version!

What do i mean?

His heavy and light command throws and heavy and light saotome dynamites are EXACTLY the frigging same in every way.

Even CFE got more love than this…

Again if you’re going to give someone limited options make those few options GOOD… at least decent.

Anyways, his one good move is still suceptible to push blocking, but it’s the only one that’s more or less safe on block.

he doesn’t seem to have frame advantage, at best he breaks even which means he pretty much gets thrown for free at times… wait this is his GOOD move right?

What about his command throw… surely it has to be safe i mean it’s fast and hardly has any recovery time.

First off i think it’s gay that he has a command throw that i don’t know… doesn’t actually throw… he’s supposed to have a move that’s actually good here…

and back to the subject it is completely punishable on block because it does a micro second of block stun, i kid you not i tested this myself and mags can punish it with his standing lk into whatever and i’m sure others can too…

and it does sub standard damage and does NOT even combo from c. mp… yes… hug your rogue/tronne/cammy/colossus, you are LUCKY.

next up i’m going to have to bring up something… something bad.

His AAA… yes it’s good yes it’s invincible.

But capcom is gay and you see the way this thread is going so you know i’m going to say something bad.

Jin’s AAA has to have the smallest ammount of block stun on a dragon punch EVER, you can attack almost immediately after you block it, yes it’s that bad.

I’m sorry…

Jin has the most “Special” moves in the history of fighting games.

Chapter 3: Hyper Comboes… No witty comments left

you think you have it bad… geez you dont know the half of it.

first i’m going to say this, there is no blodia vulcan glitch.

The truth:

There is only a blodia vulcan CROSSUP

basically someone super jumps over you, you blodia vulcan, you hit them…

but that’s because it crosses you up, you can actually get off scott free.

You see the reason it works is because when you super jump over Jin the vulcan bullets hit you to the other side of the screen where you originally were and since you are now blocking the wrong way you eat a super.

Another thing to note is that usually the bullets stop hitting you while you are being tossed to the other side, unlike something like the shinkuu tatsumaki senpuu kyaku which keeps you in constant block stun which prevents the super itself from crossing u up. What this allows is for the bullets be registered as hitting you from the side of the screen you are now on, and since you are no longer blocking that way, you get shot.

All you have to do is switch which way you are blocking when you are tossed back to the original side, and then Jin comes out and pounds the ground since it fails.

This is why this is queer… storm has hail with zero recovery, jin has just about as much start up and… oh just fuck it.

Blodia vulcan has recovery when missed and that’s why it’s not even worth throwing out at random if you’re jin because if it just so happens not to cross the opponent up (which happens, vulcan can be random at times) you eat a free combo.

anyways here are some things people that are not familiar with jin should have a hoot over

  • Blodia vulcan CANNOT kill someone via chip damage, it CANNOT do so and it is very GAY especially because you will come out and pound the ground and you will DIE

  • Jin has NO instant start up supers

  • Jin has NO safe supers

  • He has NO air supers

  • His super’s follow ups are ALL escapable, Blodia punch creates pseudo flying screen and can be mashed out of and Cyclone follow ups are rollable.

  • He has difficulty comboing into 2 of his supers and can’t combo at all into blodia vulcan without a assist.

  • ALL of Jin’s Super Comboes get a sharp damage penalty for being dhced into. This means that they do alot less damage than normal and in some cases do less hits (blodia punch usually does 8 hits when dhced does only 3)

Jin does have one good thing going for him, blodia vulcan is completely invincible after the super flash so you can use it to counter hail storm and pretty much anything that it out lasts, all you have to do is use a instant start up super and dhc into jin… not really worth it though since it does get damage penalty and it costs 2 supers to use but not a HORRIBLE tactic although it’s mediocre.

Chapter 4: Closing and Overview


  • Jin has crappy normals, specials, and supers. What else is there? Exactly. (one of the best taunts in the game though… fuck dan, it’s funny and it can be used as a attack)

I pretty much said what i wanted to say, if there’s something i’m missing please tell me. I want you to prove me wrong but the truth is i think no one has ever picked up Jin enough to see how much he blows, they mainly use him as a AAA assist and never bother to check his abilities on point. He does stop rush down, but still…

I hope i’m wrong, but this is something i wanted to get off my chest for a while.

I remember telling someone that i could write pages on how much Jin sucks…

well i probably just did.

Thanks for reading,


edit: yes i did try to make it funny i’m not having a break down or anything.

Hey at least his normals chip!!!:mad: Haha good read that’s why I use regular Sakura.:cool:

thanks you guys, i thought that no one would read it.

The thing is yea his normals chip but only his middle punches and fierces.

His middles do 1 damage and his fierces do 2, but they are so unsafe.

besides all of sent’s normals chip and he does a much better job at making you eat them and is a seriously better overall character.

jin has some tools to chip down but everyone else does such a better job

air drill , sweep, jab typhoon

are his safest chipping tools but it’s really a shame that’s all he has.

Jin’s AAA is good enough to warrant him some use on teams whenever you don’t feel like whoring out the more popular and overall better AAAs (i.e. CapCom, Cyclops) and you still want to claim to being a “Jin fan/player”. But yes as an overall MvC2 character, he sucks, no big news.

I’d say more so than almost everyone else

I even use gief and i have to say jin is pretty low tier, everyone always gives him credit for priority or some bull shit but i don’t see it.

I keep trying to make him work and i just get nothing =/ i know it doesnt’ really affect mvc2 since he isn’t exactly in the loop as it is but i just wanted to go ahead and say this.

i do hope someone has something i haven’t realized though.

I used to use him w/ Sent and Psy in MVC2 infancy. I used to think C.LP, C.MP Psy AA Blodia Vulcan or Typhoon was the shiznit back then.:rofl:

The Tornado super does around 50% damage and doesn’t seem to scale hmmm… he still sucks.:razz:

3/4 of this is in the realm of the obvious. You’d get more head from posters if this was on gamefaqs, about 2 years ago.

One down, 40 to go?

not really everyone puts jin in the same league as gambit and guile and such i know it doesn’t much of a difference overall since they dont’ get much play either, but it’s just staggering how bad jin has it.

and i dont’ really think most people know that

shrug sorry if i wasted ur time.

good article… those are my exact thoughts about jin about jin in mvc1 an mvc2 haha sucks in both

sorry jin this has nothing 2 do with your topic but you atavar is very funny charlie brown right? :lol:

LMA:rofl: @ AV!!!

ya OC made it.


and t-kimura, i’ll use jin in mvc1 over mvc2 any day of the week.

another thing i forgot to mention that i think capcom was really just doing a cut and paste job they gave him next to nothing and just made sure he didn’t break the game.

Also keep in mind in mvc1 you only needed one character to die in order to get super armor at the end in mvc2 you need your whole team to die which is a much taller order.

Also super armor means nothing if the character has it has no options, i mean if you had roll in super armor mode she wouldn’t exactly jump up the tier charts either.

he really does have bad normals…

one last thing, standing hk sucks total ass aswell, even when cancelled into lp hurricane it’s just too risky for me, if jin had real priority it would be a different story but he doesn’t the most he has is the same high priority attacks someone like cyclops would have in his heavy attacks.

i don’t really think he has anything at all that someone else in the cast doesn’t have and usually better, ALOT better.

there was no excuse for this, he reminds me of cvs2 king, he was supposed to be a serious character but ended up sucking big time except that they actually had reason to believe king would break the game since i hear she was top tier in cvs1, jin was never even close to being top tier i would think.

Jin still rocks though.

edit: You guys just can’t appreciate the fact that jin has NO options i mean, what am i going to do ? standing hp? standing hk?

jump in?

his best moves are only decent on average and you have no options really.

sure you could see him as a “beginner” character which would explain the lack of depth, but cable was obvious a beginner character aswell and even besides ahvb he had real options and he was pretty decent, guile is a beginner character too and even though he’s middle tier at best he still has actual options, he has good normals, good specials and good supers and it’s just funny to me cuz they didn’t grace jin with a double jump or any type of mobility he literally has nothing, again another character he reminds me of is Sean in 3s, i hear he is called a “Blank Slate Character” except in this game ur much worse off trying to use someone like that since the average character is still behind the top tier pack.

Good post.
Post up some more analysis on other low tiers.

Agreed; do Roll next. :tup:

i dunno ive seen him used quite effectively. there is a person who plays a ruby/hulk/jin team and it isnt bad. beats alot of high tier players. i personally cant use jin though.

I must say, you’ve made a fan out of me (can’t use her stronger A-groove and V-ism incarnations in the other games right :rofl:). I also use the dark version though. I ought to bump that old thread sometime.

Higher Jin yes jin does suck, but three good things with him I’ve seen. One guy who used him here used s.lk after crossup FP (or I think after just regular jump in too) to combo into Blodia Punch. Also he does have the BP glitch. As for his assist, I find that alpha (expansion type)usually works best for me, it works all around as an anti air, forward moving, and counter assist all in one. Works especially well with sent. As far as partners I think sent/doom or other horizontal or beam assists work the best. As far as I remember BP super is safe if you call doom when you do it just too cover his slow azz lol

oh yeah… cant jins jumping fierce cross up people if positioned right? thats one good thing about him

In the post above yours. :B

Lets see why magneto sucks!