Why is the standard for CvS2: 3-on-3?

This is something that’s been bugging me. Why the teams? I don’t get it. There’s nothing about the team element of the game that is even remotely interesting, it’s not like MvC2 where there is strong team interaction, it’s just “Hey, my first guy is dead, here comes the second dude”. It’s not even as though the second dude is another player, it’s just you again. I mean I don’t really mind playing the game like that, but watching 3-on-3 is just, ugh.

To summarize, did you guys start playing the game that way because it was the dafault, or because you actually find it more fun than 1 character bouts?

…well, in KoF(Orochi, Ash saga, Dream Match), it’s usually 3 man teams. Probably it was that. More bang for your buck? Three men fighting over two rounds is fine by me. More chances to fight and more chances to win. As well as various tactics used by each player and different circumstances the selection will have in the long run. Makes the matches more interesting and harder to depict.

Fighting 3 on 3 with the ratio system is predictable in my opinion because your opponent would know which packs the most power, but hell, it does make it exciting. You wouldn’t know if the guy’s packing heat in his R2 Iroi, but he’s got more better game in his R1 Yamazaki and his R1 Dan.

…my two cents. Change please?

there’s no team dynamic? maybe not as muc as marvel because of assists but you have to think who you want to place where in your team to get the most of that character. this concerns meter/health/common matchups. of course peoiple can choose R4 or other combinations but that’s less health/less overall chances of doing more dmg or coming back. I like it more than one character rounds

its simple. why not have 3 dominating characters instead of 1 or 2? also, if you do the statistics. a 3 man team has nore life than a ratio 3+1, 2+2, or a ratio 4 character. its much harder going through 3 hella good character, as opposed to 1 or 2 good characters

Ratio Matches are infinately more interesting than normal 1-on-1 or 3-on-3 matches. Even though any team setup outside of 2/1/1 has been dead for years, the division of ratios makes the dynamics of the match far more enjoyable.

There’s also the aspect of teaming up characters who have different strengths and weaknesses. Does one of your characters not cut it against one of theirs? You can ensure that your next guy in line has a different set of attributes, which may have a much better chance against the problem opponent.

Always fun to see a R1 take down a R2.

character matchups and counter characters. r4 only has like a 40% boost or so from a r 1. not worth picking 1 r4 when you can pick 2 r1 and 1 r2

The answer is that the 3v3 ratio battle is how it is in the arcade. Does the arcade version even have the option of 1v1? I don’t know, but I know I’ve never seen it and that 3v3 is at least the default, if not the only, way to do it.

In CvS2, though, the characters only need one strength. A good, long poke attack. Unless you’re Sakura or Kyo.

But yeah…I actually prefer the 3-on-3 Team Battle to Ratio. I just don’t like Ratio that much…but I also don’t really play much CvS2.

But didn’t some guy a few years back play using just E Honda and Blanka and win Evo or something? Not sure…

I’ve seen JPN setups have 3v3 and single instead of ratio battle, it’ll say so during the demo and high score rankings. It’s a dip setting as far as I know.

Nice facts buddy. Keep spitting that knowledge

As long as we’re oversimplifying everything, really the only strength you need is to be able to beat the other guy. If you can beat the other guy, you win, and if you can’t, you lose. If you lose, then you should figure out how to win. If you win, you should keep winning or else you lose. I love making insightful posts.

In MVC2 at my arcade (at the time) we would have team games, where when you switch out, you are actually switching out to another human being. IE when I switch out I’m giving the controls over to my friend or partner. Definetly makes it another level of interesting, but can get complicated when you bring them in and you want the transition to be smooth, without them eating a level 3 team super.

Last I heard Dhalsim wasnt top tier.

Dhalsim doesn’t have any good, long poke attacks.

Last I heard Kyosuke was garbage tier.

Obviously you don’t understand anything about counter match-ups.


CvS2 isn’t even a bad game because of it. But It’s not even debatable that the chief move of almost all the high-tier characters is a good, strong poke attack. Case and point. Sagat. Blanka. Hibiki. Rolento. Bison. Vega. Etc. Etc.

What my post alluded to was whether there was anything different about the 3-vs-3 aspect in CvS2 that you couldn’t gain from another game by simply playing 3 matches with three different pre determined characters.

Which was answered.

The standard is ratio battle because it’s the default, i don’t mind single or ratio mode, but there’s not any overwhelming reason to switch from default.

Also there was a singles tournament at evo BYOC, i think the vids are on kim’s site.