Why is the standard for CvS2: 3-on-3?

they should just make it ratio match and then make it 2r/2r vs 2r/2r

just to speed up the time this deadass game takes at tourneys…:wasted:

you dunno how to play fighting games do you. mash c.hp harder and see how far you get next time

man that’s weird how good moves makes characters good thats a crazy concept

I think if you did a statistical break-down of how each character inflicted damage, you’d find that a good strong, long poke attack was not “chief” among them. The game is no longer about crouching fierce vs crouching fierce. Look at who won your Evolution tournament! Unless I am embarrasingly mistaken, he used N-Gouki and would gladly take a hit in order to get in close and combo away. That’s RUSHDOWN baby, it’s alive and well in Cvs2.

First of all, you can just roll-cancel through pokes. Blanka’s rc electricity, which has virtually no range, is at least as important to him as his crouching fierce. Yeah, Vega’s a poking nightmare but he needs to rc his rolling attack too. Sagat’s combo into super seems to me to drag him back into matches sliding out of his control much more than his crouching fierce.

This may sound like basic, general stuff but when you’re just arguing against the idea that CvS2 is a pokefest you don’t have to break the game down that deeply.

Sure, a good long poke is a pre-requisite to being top-tier…

but NO WAY is it all you need! I’ve watched a lot of vids so I know what I’m talking about! :looney:

With regards the actual topic…

The ratio system is, for me, a double-edged sword. I like the way it does away with the “win/lose” for individual characters. Finishing the last few pixels of a character off hardly qualifies as a win, but there’s always a chance that character on a few pixels of life might take a quarter, or even half, your bar before you manage. The dynamics between the characters are a lot more interesting like that.

But this, in turn, makes it very hard to record individual character match-up stats for a gaming session, if you’re partial to that kind of thing. It’s hard to see how different characters match up because they are always facing each other with differing amounts of health, especially if you mix up your team a lot.

But overall I like the ratio system.