Why is RC electricity considered so good?

I know it does a lot of chip damage and is safe on block, but it’s not like there aren’t ways around it right. Can’t P groove just parry RC electricity and K groove JD it? It doesn’t seem like the timing would be to strict to parry or JD the move on wakeup. I’m sure there’s other ways around it in each groove I’m just wondering why so many people bitch about this move :confused: .

because it’s ridiculous. it does chunks of damage whether it hits or chips, builds crazy bar, eats guard for fun, sets up a cc, gets counter hit bonus constantly because you’ll eat it for attempting to punish something, is much safer than most other rc moves, and it makes blanka that much better. bottom line, it’s a great big d cup in a game full of training bras.

On P groove.
Parry -> DP should be a good trade off
Or Parry -> Special

I’ve done Yun’s qcb, qcb + fp and thats punishes it. I’m sure theres plenty more that punish. I’m sure sagat’s qcb, qcb + fk punishes it. Basically anything with some invincibility frames at startup should punish Electricity if you seen it coming. Its even easier do pull off Parry or JD on wakeup.
As far as K groove, what isn’t there to like about JDing Electricity? I’d JD that at any chance I got. You can basically see the chunks of life added to your life and you build that bar up for free.

Difference between the Groove is that P groove can punish you on the Parry, and K groove can punish you after. If you play someone who likes to give you the tricky c.fk after electricity then you can punish the Blanka.

You eventually keep JDing and Parrying the electricity and well, your opp will take it out of his gameplan and you have one less thing that blanka can do to you. And from what I can tell, seems like chiping or killing you with electricity is 50% of the gameplan with C, A, and N grooving players in both casual and tourney play.

So, go figure. Blanka’s top tier gameplay can be easily punished by well practiced P and K groove players? Yes sir!

I guess if you’re in N groove, you can counter move back to escape chip and get a distance at the cost of a meter

I guess if you’re in C groove, you can counter at the cost of a meter

If you’re in S, A, and K you can safe fall to give you time to decide what to do.

If you’re in P, you got the option to Parry or even tactical recovery if you’re not confident in your wake up Parry.

Also, RCing is not a THAT difficult to deal with. With plenty of practice, you can make a RCing whore pay dearly and change gameplan after getting punished a few times for cookie cut tactics.

Yeah exactly. There’s ways around it in every groove, but it seems like people would rather bitch and complain rather then trying to find ways to counter it. I guess Blanka just spamming RC electricity for meter would be the biggest problem. But if their just spamming RC electricity for that reason it allows you to get in close and if you’re in close their not just going to spam it because it’ll become risky. The only reason a Blanka can get away with it is if you’re turtling.

It puts the risk/reward factor wayyyyyy in Blankas favor in damn near all matchups.

Dash, RC Elec. Counter hit. Activate.

Thats why its so good.

Sure, every groove can do something about it, but the real grooves that have trouble with it are non roll grooves. Sure you can say “Ill JD and Parry it all the time” You’re not gonna JD all the hits 100% of the time unless you practice it alot. Same with P groove, Parrying it on wakeup is hard and risky because if you miss the parry you get knocked down which sets up another RC Elec. I usually down parry the electricity but thats still dangerous.

I play K groove and P groove. Those are my 2 best grooves and I’ll agree that RC elec is annoying. But thats why its good, it does good damage, knocks down, if it hits Blanka can activate, good chip, and beats out a lot of wakeup moves. Unless you RC it. Thats why you see Japanese players RC elec on wakeup and you see the dumbest things happen.

Guy is doing RC electricity on wakeup, Blanka wakes up into elec doesn’t get it, and counter hits the other guy with his own RC elec and activates.

Actully, if you JD the 1st hit, you can JD the rest of them easy. Its doing parry thats tricky, thats why you only parry the first hit and fight back. Parry and JD takes practice. But once you got it down, then you got it down.

Everything randomsuper and Nick T said and it adds a lot of options for Blanka on wake up. All one has to do is look beyond what RC electricity does directly to appreciate this.

For instance, because of the threat of RC electricity a player either chooses to counter or block. But on knockdown Blanka can choose to meaty RC electricity, whiff electricity, bait wake up attacks, play for counterhit, throw, do a cross overs and so on. Yes, every Groove may have a counter for the electricity directly but the Blanka player has solutions to each counter.

And more damaging solutions to those counters.

rc electricity is really, really good. don’t pretend it’s not great just because it’s possible to counter it. any rc will be beat out once the invincibility wears off, but that’s not the point. counter rc’ing a move against rc elec will beat it out, parry or jd will beat it out, but so what? you won’t beat it out 100% and you’ll eat damage often for stupid reasons. last i heard, a blanka was (arguably) the best character in the game. i promise you, rc elec has ALOT to do with it.

here’s a good question:

what’s BETTER than rc elec?

This is correct if the Blanka using HP electric.

The answer is NO if the Blanka smash all punches after rc electric…


Rc electric still got weak point… just grab him if not in timing.

I know that the move allows a bunch of mix-up options for the blanka player, but that just turns it into a guessing (rock paper scissor) game. Last time I checked that was a 50/50 battle. I’m not trying to pretend RC electricity isn’t good, I’m just saying I think there are ways around it that aren’t to difficult.

roll super

hah, damn good answer.

that’s wrong by a lot

that’s probably worse because blanka will know that you’ll parry/JD it and then change the speeds up. it’s a mindgame within itself.

and get hit by a blanka ball

rc elec is like the most feared thing in all of cvs2 (except maybe shosho and painting). you’ll take a lot of damage on hit or block, if you block he get’s frame advantage plus mixups, activate off of it, anti air…it’s just an all around broken move

I can’t see why a Blanka player would stop rc elec against a K player. Life gain and meter gain might sway them…but there’s not much a K player can do besides JD or block. Blanka gets mad meter either way also. P players who know what they’re doing can mess up a Blanka player. As far as I know, 2 parries and any dp, flash kick, super, etc. will hurt him bad. 1 parry usually trades, except lvl 3s. Even so, how many times do people hop in, piano buttons while you’re getting up, and then toss you? Shit’s annoying. So much so, that I had to learn how to do it myself. A groove is so cheap…it’s so much easier to play than K…

I’ll do this in order.

  1. Its not wrong. If you were getting punished ALL the time by P or K groove on RC electricity or on wakeup, would you keep doing it despite that the player has obvious skill and telegraphs your mixups? What makes a bad player is someone who does a move that they believe works all the time and sticks with it, and its all they know. Tell me what else can you do with Blanka other then RC electricity? The best Blanka gameplay with more mixups and all around safer, less punishable play consists of having small jump and/or run. Mainly because it quicker paced giving opp. less time to make good descions and/or opens more options on wakeup. N and K Blanka will always do more via bar or power up and mixups compared to C or A Blanka that don’t have small jump or run. Not to mention they’d last longer because their mixups can be safer if you know how to keep your opp. guessing your gameplay.

  2. sure, I guess it is a mindgame. You keep mashing the buttons, and keep telling yourself that your Blanka is CvS2’s answer to Ken in 3S.

  3. Its probably a whole lot better eating a blanka ball then taking the chance of being on the wakeup or wakeup again. You don’t win games getting up from knockdowns. Plus, if you know you’re going to get rushed down, then you’re obviously going to try to JD (K groove) it or Dodge (S groove) it. But if you’re smart, you’d take a blanka ball in the face to put you toe to toe instead of taking chip or knockdown --> Putting you at frame disadvantage --> Mix up with possible knockdown on just about any sting of combo.

  4. Yeah, an all around broken move against people who can’t figure out how to fight it effectivly and intelligently. Simply put, its overrated.

the counter to RC electricity is RC electricity, it’s the truth!

I was watching a video of Ricky O vs a random P groover. When he would actually get past Vega and Sakura to get to Ricky’s Blanka this is how it went down. Ricky would get a knockdown and go for Blanka Ball into RC electricity, which was followed by parry x 3 into FP x Tiger-uppercut. Now even though he didn’t hit this with good consistancy Ricky was still going for it everytime and giving him the opportunity to parry and punish it. The thing that seems to be stronger than RC electricity is random ass activate into CC.