Why is kara demon good?

This is a pretty scrubby question I guess, but what’s so great about kara-demon? People only seem to attempt kara demon when right up close to the opponent, so the opponent doesn’t really have time to react either way. What makes kara demon better than just being tricky with a raging demon setup?

not again… the answer is in every single raging demon topic.

because you force you opponent to block…therefore he cant jump away. OR its good to fake them out…they see the chop, and block then bloop.


it makes shit possible that isnt otherwise like every other kara move thats worth while.

Kitty says, : Coochie Coo :looney:

think of it as a regular tick kara-grab on steroids…
and thats just basic kara demon setups…

It’s wrong: opponents seems to be in blockstun as overhead starts but it’s not really the case because overhead doesn’t hit. Demon cannot grab anyone which is in real blockstun or hitsun state (exception for the combo far HK xx demon)…

Kara demon is good cause of the range overhead adds, but it needs setup, so opponent can see it comes with experience…

True kara demon is the top of the top cause it doesn’t need any setup, so when you land it and opponent didn’t do anything BEFORE you did, it will be caught without seeing anything come. (if point blank)


Gives Akuma a Gigas, though it doesn’t do as much damage, takes nearly twice the bar and the bar doesn’t fill as fast.

wha?? akuma definitely builds meter faster than hugo. akuma is, or at least should be constantly pressuring, throwing out a lot of moves. you must be doing something wrong if you can’t get meter with akuma

seriously. a decent gouki should have a least 1 1/2 stock at the end of round 1 if he did not use his super or didn’t get raped.


Its good because I can guarantee - if you dont know the setups - you WILL eat a demon from a good Akuma player.

cause it gives extra range.

try going into training mode and getting in your opponent’s face with akuma.

do a raging demon point blank without kara… your opponent(set on human) should be able to jump away on reaction.

now try doing a point blank demon that is kara’d. your opponent will NOT be able to jump away on reaction. kara demon WILL grab your opponent. he can not jump away on reaction and it is a guaranteed hit if you kara’d it correctly.

You can’t jump out of a point-blank regular demon on reaction. If anything, it might be easier to jump out of a kara demon because of the visible f+MP frames, although that hasn’t worked for me yet.


er. scratch that.

i’m just too used to jumping out of non kara demons too much… guess they’re not as close as i think they are, eh?

why would a point blank demon miss while a kara’ed one would not? i mean, the kara is here to get you closer… point blank actually.

Reminds me of some 3S i was playing with my bro and his friend yesterday, like every match i never have a full bar cuz i 95% of the time i land SA1:china:.

dude even proclaimed like “DAMN, everytime i check you have a super” hahahha

Meh…kara demon is useless compared to Oro’s Kara Kishin RIKI!!!