Why is Alpha 3 so damn HARD?!?!?!?!

Seriously, why, i mean it took me a good 20 to 30 minutes to just get Akuma’s v-ism combo started and that’s it i only got the grab off the ground and the fierce punch, that’s it. I was also trying Rolento’s v-ism, which is a little easier, but i can only get enough hits to waste my meter and nothing else after that. I dont know a lot about the game but i do know you can continue to juggle even after your meter has expired.

The excecution of the game is so…I can’t even think a word to correctly describe it. Let’s just say it’s very demanding. I had got it for DC but it was some wierd version. Something called “Saikou Dojo”. I don’t even know if this version is arcade perfect or anything like that.

I know i’m a scrub for saying all this stuff but screw it, this game is hard and yeah, it’s hard.

BTW, does anyone know the correct setting for tourney play. Like turbo speed and stuff like that. This version also offers like these weird types of settings like “Normal”, and some other ones i can’t spell, but the other one that gets me confused is “Classic”. I mean i figure it would be “Normal”, but “Classic” sounds like it would be correct as well. I donno, if anyone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it.

Yeah this game is hard.:pray:

Classic plays like SFII. You don’t have supers, guard bars or tech recoveries. It’s great. X is like ST, plus mid-air tech recoveries and a guard bar. V-ism is unique and a staple of A3 and all, but I think it would’ve been a better game with just A and X -ism instead. It’d still be set apart from ST and SFIII with its multiple supers, tech recoveries, air blocking and the guard bars.

A3 is practically the Marvel of SF games.

pff don’t compare a3 to marvel

marvel doesn’t deserve that :3

Yeah, how could you liken Marvel to a button-masher filled with glitches, awful balance, lazily-made sprites, slews of infinites about about three characters even remotely playable?

Nothing alike at all.

This man knows his stuff.

A3 is the Marvel of SF games for real, but…

thinks about the infinites

…Marvel has his own class, SERIOUSLY.

A3, for me, V-Ism owns the game, you just Ryu or Akuma FTW. Im so used to ST, that i use A-Ken and A-Balrog. V-ism doesnt work for me, its the hardest shit that i ever practiced.

It’s not all that hard really. Just don’t let your character reach a neutral state during the combo and you’re fine. Maybe start of with a more simple character, like Sakura or Sagat, to help you get used to the combo system. You didn’t pick a good starter character at all, V-Akuma is actually rather technical especially if you’re new to the system so it’s no wonder you’re finding it hard learning him. I would think being able to do VC’s like Charlie’s first would be a good position execution wise to move on to Akuma.


Im totally discombobulated by this post…

I was using Rolento and his combos aren’t that bad. I play Rolento in cvs2 on A-groove so it’s kind of an easy transition, but i’ll try using Charlie so i can get use to the excecution like you said.

Anyone happen to know the settings for tourney play because it askes Turbo or Turbo 2. I thought it was turbo 2 but i may be wrong.

use T2

The thing with A3 is you can’t be sloppy, there’s a massive difference between A-Groove and V-Ism. In A-Groove, the combo system doesn’t rely on neutral states to determine when the opponent can escape the combo. Meaning you have much more freedom to create combos and crouch canceling isn’t a factor at all. In V-Ism, you absolute have to cancel the recovery frames of an active normal or special to keep the combo going. You can’t let your character hit neutral otherwise the combo is escapable (unless you’re intentionally going for a reset).

V-Akuma is very technical in terms of execution, as it’s hard for a beginer to land the OTG set-ups among other execution based technicalities. It would be a good idea, like I say, to start off with a V-Character who while is easy to learn, has at least a small degree of technicality, to get you used to the very basics of V-Ism. From there you’ll be able to understand why you have trouble with Akuma and will be more fit to take up the challenge. A few characters I find suit this are the likes of Charlie, Sakura, Sagat, Ken etc as their move sets a pretty basic, but still hold some technicality while V-Ism is active. I would think characters like V-Dhalsim and V-Ryu are again pretty hard characters to learn as their VC’s have some pretty tough timing.


Charlie’s combos hold some good examples to the workings of V-Ism, relatively easy but hold great value.


Akuma’s on the other hand, raw execution (especially with the demon flips). Look simple but are quite the oposite.

But don’t take this to say Akuma isn’t learnable, because he is. You just need to work at it, and Akuma isn’t necesserally the place you need to be working all of the time.

I just play V-Vega and A-Ken. :frowning:

I understand if you don’t play fighters. Most of GD doesn’t, anyway. How you don’t see it is beyond belief. So you’re telling me that A2 isn’t the SF of the Alpha games?

Why are you starting with Rolento for VCs? His CC follow-ups are the most difficult in the game, and a lot of his VCs are fairly awkward to do.
Akuma’s are very lenient timing-wise, but the demon flips can be awkward if you’re not used to doing the motion. I don’t know why you’re trying to do his OTG VC if you haven’t learned his anti-air and ground ones yet.
If you’re trying to ease into doing them, start with Sodom, Sakura or Sagat.
VCs are not like CvS2 CCs. You can’t just juggle willy nilly. If you hit neutral for even a split second, they can tech flip out.
Don’t start with like some of the most difficult VCs in the game and then complain that you can’t do them.

The upside is that once you get A3 VCs down, CCs in any other game will seem stupidly easy.

With A3, I’ll just say that a lot of the people talking shit about it really aren’t in a position to be saying much. Infinites are gay, yes, but most people know jack shit about the game outside of that.

I’m not talking shit, i’m just saying that i find the game hard. Sorry if i’m curious and want to try Akuma’s VC or Rolento’s for that matter. No need for a bash.

Harsh. =/

jus play a2 lol. quit a3 while u still can b4 u get infinite lol


play Alpha2! gameplay is SF, not MUGEN gimmicks like in A3.
also has better music and backgrounds too.

to set the mood right, here are some crazy Mikado matches:

end of story.