Why dont game developers just change xbox Combo buttons?

SF4 is the most infuriating game ever created for one reason.
Game developers decided to use a combination that simply doesnt work on the xbox d-pad.
People are throwing controllers up the wall because of this.
(Down across down across) rarely works during gameplay the wobbly piece of plastic that is supposed to be a d-pad simply isnt anywhere near precise enough to put out this move.
Why not simply make it possible to use 2 shoulder buttons instead of people ripping their thumbs off trying to get this to work???
Ill never buy this game again if developers cant even be bothered to see this huge flaw for themselves and correct it, and before someone says buy a new controller or fight stick - why should I???
I bought this game for the xbox so they should design it to work on their controller.
A simple option in the button config would solve this, im not forking out money for their mistake and thats what this is a huge mistake.

I have huge blisters from rubbing these buttons furiously as you need to input it about 10 times before it works on screen because of this d-pad

You’re blaming the game developers for the 360’s shitty controller? Also you want the devs to change the input for a move that presumably has been that way forever, so that a few people can have a slightly easier time on a controller known for being bad for fighting games? BTW “down across down across” isn’t the input of any more, you should double check to make sure you’re doing whatever it is right. We’ve known the 360 controller is shit for fighting games since the beginning; the devs aren’t forcing you to play it on 360, and if you’re smart you can get a better controller for it, or a stick.

But you don’t have to. You can just get used to it, albeit working harder than other people because you’re on a bad controller for fighting games. And if the controller was better I think you’d STILL have problems doing whatever move you’re trying to do.

No problem with any other move the controllers fine for everything else.
If the world and its wife know about this problem then yeah I do blame the developers for not adding a config option to get round it.
It doesnt make sense that would create a game with a huge flaw that everyone talks about then just not bother to even attempt to give the people a config option to allow them to play the game properly.

There’s no “big flaw that everyone talks about,” the only flaw that people mention is on Microsoft’s side, in that they don’t know how to make d-pads.
Anyway, you’ve ignored some of my points. For one thing, you’re not even doing a combo, you’re doing a single move (and I still have no clue what move it is since “down across down across” isn’t a real move, ie it doesn’t exist as the input for a move in Street Fighter).
In the second, all of these inputs you find annoying have been the inputs since Street Fighter 2 in the arcades over 20 years ago. They’re not going to suddenly change it because the 360 controllers suck for fighting games, because 1) they already have a move that’s been done the same way for 20 years and people would be mad if they changed it, 2) you’re probably talking about a charge move and if they mapped that to a button then it would break game balance since it’s balanced around being charged back, down, or down-back, and 3) most people would pick up a 360 controller, decide it’s horse shit for fighting games, then either get a good controller/stick or just not play the game; so why would Capcom change things for the few people remaining on default 360 controllers?

Also that controller doesn’t work fine for “everything else.” Ever tried playing Shovel Knight on a 360 controller? Castlevania? Rogue Legacy? How about Dust: An Elysian Tail? You can make it work but they all suck on the 360 controller because the d-pad is ass. For 2D platformers you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you use a 360 d-pad.
And don’t even get me started on how bad the triggers are for fighting games, the bumpers aren’t great either.

Just calmly read my points and think about it. I guarantee several people at least, looked at this thread, rolled their eyes, then moved on. I’m trying to give you some legitimate reasons why you should just expect fighting games on 360 controllers to suck ass; it’s not even that one move you’re talking about, each character has a bunch of moves and there’s only so many buttons. I’m trying to make you see the light, not go “whine whine whine me me me Capcom why didn’t you change everything to make me happy that no one else gives a fuck about?”

Wtf is a “combo button” and what the fuck is “down across, down across”?

I think he’s talking about down forward/back like in MK. You see that’s why you’re failing at the move. It’s a quarter circle motion. Down , Down-Forward, Forward in one fluid motion. Learn to actually know how to do the input correctly before you go putting blame on Microsoft or the game creator (in this case Capcom).

i thought he meant “down, across-down (ie. diagonal), across” like a qc motion… but poorly worded and with no punctuation

long story short, sf (any of them) isnt an xbox game. its an arcade game that gets ported to consoles for the sake of increased revenue and building a broader consumer base. if how the moves are performed is simplified, how moves themselves are created and balanced would have to be changed. some people agree with you that moves should be easier for new players to perform and that restructuring the rest of the game is worth doing to help achieve that. other people dont agree. theres a thread called “execution barrier” in fgd where thats currently being discussed.

this isn’t a newbie dojo question

dropping in FGD, but it will probably get locked

You have a few options

  1. Grind out the move so you can do them consistently.

  2. Experiment with different controllers to find one that suites you. The xbox controller was never popular choice in fighter. Most prefer a fight pad or arcade stick.

  3. Quite SF4,rather extreme but…yeah if your not enjoying the game than try another fighter that has liniment execution.

I never tried it for SFIV, but there is/was Sheeza and other high level players who use Xbox360 pad, so I don’t think the controller is THAT bad…

Look up sandpaper mod for the d-pad. For the brief shitty time I used the 360 pad I did this and it was kind of sort of barely usable

Never mind how I describe it, I know how to pull off the move thats not the issue here.
I didnt mean ‘everything else’ as in other games I meant I can pull off all moves easily apart from the Ultra during fast gameplay which rarely comes out when you want it to because of the inaccurate d-pad which is extremely frustrating.
Anyone who says its ok is simply lying, its not. Ive gave the controllers to friends to try and they think its ridiculous too.
Ive had this game a year, still no different.
Anyway I gave in and ordered a Razer Sabertooth which will be here tomorrow hopefully.
I only fot it for the d-pad.
So many forums and reviews state this same issue, and yes I do think developers could very easily fix this issue instead of everyone forking out ttheir hard earned cash for new controllers.
The xbox controller is fine for me in everyway, its just the d-pad that is needed for precision Ultra moves but sadly its terrible.

Ah, you shoulda got a stick instead of an overpriced gamepad.

Ive never used a stick, sounds awkward.If I could just hit the ultra when I try to use it the I’ll be 1000 times better at this game.
I lose so many games trying to do this move its my only issue.
Well that and the obvious spammy users but theres no fixing that.

The Xbox 360 d-pad sucks, flat out. It’s not Capcom’s responsibility to circumvent it.
Sticks aren’t awkward, they’re what fighting games were designed to be played on. You’re best off getting a stick and practicing with it.
Honestly, I play SF4 on a 360 controller just fine, I just use the analog stick instead of the d-pad. I use a stick for every other fighting game, though. Only reason I use the 360 controller for SF4 is because I had the game before I got a stick and my muscle memory was already set in. Regardless, you just need practice.

Pretty sure the d-pad in that thing could easily also be terrible, that thing looks made for shooters just like normal 360 controllers. What you’d actually want is a pad made for fighting games. For example, having 6 face buttons instead of having to use the shoulder buttons is preferable, as the 360 controller’s buttons are terrible for fighting games as well.

The majority of people will agree, the 360 pad is ass. You should hardly ever use the pad in any 2D fighting game. Just use the thumbstick if you’re so commit to the 360 controller, trust me it’s better in the long run. 360 pad, in my honest opinion, should be used in any 3D fighting game. Less hassle on your thumb there.

This pad is slightly better, still so frustrating this game doesn’t function right with so many controllers.
I do blame developers, thats what they do. Develop.
Why bring out so many updates but leave out the option to config the Ultra to a combination that works for the user who pays for these games.
I dont think its much to ask.
Fell like binning this game because of this issue.
Cant be good for business if people hate their games because they’re not compatible with the systems hardware that the game is available on.

If I only used the thumb stuck Id have arthritis in 24 hours. Too wide a circular motion.