Why does Vega yodel?

Seriously, this is one of the biggest mysteries in the Street Fighter universe. Did Capcom confuse Spain with Switzerland while they were developing Street Fighter II or something?

capcom sterotyped everyone back in the days. like naming zangief as vodka, haha

I was happy they got rid of it in Alpha 3 but then they bring it back in SFIV…

Yeah. I have no data to suggest this but it seems like they either didn’t know anything about Spain or meant for him to be Swedish or developed him as Swedish or something before switching.

Many of his older stereotypical features were Swedish or such. Tall, blonde, beautiful, rich, yodels.

Swedish people yodel?

Swedish people yodel?

damn forums, that’s not a double post, that’s an echo (after yodelling down from the famous Swedish Alps)

If you give them enough alcohol and dare them to do it, yes.

The more you know…

They do, actually. Not famous for it like Switzerland, but plenty of countries do.

I think anyway. I’m not 100 percent confident so someone can tell me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, those other stereotypes apply.

You mean ONLY Swedish people can yodel in this world? Why is it strange that he yodels? Maybe he just likes it

It’s his version of a war cry.

As a Swede, I can guarantee you that no Swedish people yodle, ever. I want to say we have some cooler national vocal trademark, but the best thing we have are stupid short-songs with dumb limmericks we shriek out while chugging grogs.

If I have to venture a guess, I’d say it’s because the stereotype of all rich Europeans is that they like to go skiing in the Swiss alps. So while on his rich brat Swiss trips, Vega must have picked up a yodeling class or two.

Well thanks for the firsthand insight.

Obviously Vega isn’t from a country known for yodels, either, but he’s not letting that stop him it seems.

Mabye they felt the need to bundle in other european stereotypes, seeing as in vanilla SF2 he was the only fighter from Europe.

Heh, Zangief doesn’t count?

I think Spikeman750 was referring specifically to Western Europe.

Was he not originally planned to be a knight? Well I’d hazard they used the Swiss guard as inspiration during some part of the design process.
They even kept the the colour scheme.

Swedish people yodel? Thät’s a new one…

Good catch, eagle eyes.