Why does Vega yodel?

Capcom couldn’t be bothered to learn Spanish. Yodelling was best for business.

its not yodeling its him screaming …if thats yodeling than bruce lee doing his oOoooOoOoOoooOh is yodeling…its not yodeling
jeez people
ok technically its yodeling but you get the point.

bruce lee confirmed to be a secret swed

As awesome as it would be to have Bruce Lee as a Swiss (or Swede), Vega does indeed yodel:


With that said; when is Capcom going to introduce a SF character based on Dolph Lundgren?!

It’s Vega. He’s fucking crazy.

he yodels cuz he’s happy when he wins.
I yodel when I’m happy too.
and I’m not swiss either.

The real question is, does he yodel when he busts a nut?

No but he probably busts a nut when he yodels.


I thought Russia was a part of Asia…

Anyways, Vega yodels for the same reason all narcissists yodel: it’s the most beautiful form of self-expression. Duh.

As a Finn and Spaniard, Ican tell you that Spaniars dont yodel but a bunch of Finns do. Not sure what the connection with the Swiss is that Capcom implied but maybe we will one day find out.

He has a Ricola in his mouth.

Why do you think he wears a mask? He doesn’t want that Ricola falling out.