Why does nobody ever talk about 2nd impact or new generation?

I hear piratically nobody talk about these titles and act like they never existed.

Because they’re piles of shit.

They talk about them every time someone makes this thread.

We’re all waiting for them to become considered classic fighting games

Let’s talk about Alpha 3 instead.

It’s because you’d hear nothing but how Akuma/Ibuki/Sean broke the game. Generally speaking, the gameplay in 3S got a complete overhaul in that it feels different(and imo better) than 2I.

The visuals were definitely better than 3S, though.

I thought the stages weren’t as interesting. And the music sounded a lot like the SNES. Not that that’s a horrible thing but an arcade game shouldn’t sound like a console game.

The opinion that the older games look/sound better drives me insane

op makes it sound like some conspiracy lol

They don’t sound better(except for Elena’s voice). I always thought they felt very video game-ish, especially compared to 3S. I mean surprise surprise, they’re video games, but except for a couple songs they weren’t that memorable.

“You can’t escape” - effeminate Alex.
“Oooooaahhhhhhh” - Super Deep voice Necro.

Only reason to play both of them.

Fun fact: the same person did the voice for both of those characters. Also I think another reason no one really talks about those games is because they feel unfinished. No stretchy arms on some of Necro’s normals, no double jump on Oro, the list goes on.

Because 3rd Strike is what counts.

The aesthetic reminds me of of Alpha, which isn’t a bad thing, but I feel like 3S is where SF3 really came into its own. I downloaded the music pack in 3SO mostly just to have more menu music.

Because they are glitchy and unpolished. Fun and ok to look at but in a world where 3s exists why bother talking about them?

Also OP take that gif out of your sig. It’s against the rules, and even if it wasn’t it’s just plain obnoxious.


TBH with you, OP, I’ve never heard of New Gen and 2nd Impact until only recently when I was looking up the 3S soundtrack.

3S is better than both, except some stages and the BGM. Elena, Ibuki and Yun have better BGM and stages in 2nd Impact
Only Dudley’s music is better in 3S




Ibuki? The copacabana ripoff? No way. Best 2i theme is Ryu, followed by Hugo and Urien.

Q and Remy had better 2I music. I really liked Urien and Goukis NG music too :wink: