Why does nobody ever talk about 2nd impact or new generation?

My head exploded there for a minute as I tried to picture Q/Remy in 2I.
Had like a break from reality and thought I must have just forgotten they were in that game.

2I and NG have some awesome tracks but they’re totally different in style from 3S.

There were some interesting things from 2I, like two versions of air parrying: toward or down. One would advance you forward while the other pushes you back. That and seemingly everything seems to link into everything when it looks like it shouldn’t. I’m kind of exaggerating, but 2I Ibuki though…

For the same reason nobody talks about Street Fighter 2 World Warrior, or Street Fighter Alpha 1. They are obsolete games.

2nd Impact is actually not bad, and it’s much different than 3rd Strike as far as gameplay, look, and music. It’s fun plays well and is worth checking out, but honestly, 3rd Strike is the “perfection” of the series, it’s miles better than 2nd Impact in every way except arguably balance and subjectively music/backgrounds.

Honestly, someone could argue that 2nd Impact is like the Street Fighter Alpha 2 of the series; IE some might prefer it to 3rd Strike the way some people (like me) think Alpha 2 is better than 3. Though it’s not really an apples to apples thing. Alpha 3 is radically different from Alpha 2, whereas 3rd Strike is more of an evolution of 2nd Impact and a striking improvement (no pun intended) in every single way.

New Generation just sucks. It plays like crap. Some people might prefer Alpha 2 to 3 but nobody prefers Alpha 1. NG was cool because it was the first game, first time we saw the awesome new characters, first time we saw that gorgeous groundbreaking animation, introduction to parries and an all new fighting system, but 2nd Impact is better in every single. In fact it’s pretty impressive how much they were able to improve NG with 2nd Impact in only a 6 month span. Hugo, Urien, Akuma, Yun and Yang (in NG they were the same) improved parry system, improved game feel…

Personally speaking I feel 3rd Strike has the better balance and far better backgrounds and music, in addition to everything else. The characters are more fleshed out, the gameplay is tighter and smoother, red parries, and of course the 5 new characters. This is why I don’t go back. Maybe if I still had my Dreamcast id throw it in for shits and giggles once in a while. Like I said it plays well enough, but no Makoto, Remy, Q, or Twelve sucks as they are such awesome characters. It’s nice not having Chun Li lol but then again Sean and Ibuki are even more annoying than Chun in 3s.

The only thing that 2nd Impact has over 3rd Strike is the widescreen mode. I would LOVE to mess around with that in 3S. If they only knew back then how important a widescreen option was and that TV’s would all be widescreen in a couple years.

Seriously. Look how amazing this is:


comparing 2I to A2 is very generous. A2 actually continued to have a niche tournament scene after A3 was released. you’re probably more likely to see an A2 tournament in the states than an A3 tournament these days.

yeah and the oakland raiders weren’t any different than the dodgers

I wish 3S had 2I’s throw system.

boooooooo! get outta here!!

That’s what I was saying.

I was saying it’s a stretch, but -some- might make that comparison. Not me.

Also you can put me in the boat that prefers Alpha 2 to Alpha 3.

Go back to KOF.

Even KOF experimented with 2 button throws, and they went back to the old throw system in the following game.

I think 2I’s throw system works pretty well, it’s like Garou:MOTW without the throw bug. I generally don’t like 2 button throws in 2D fighting games, Street Fighter 4 just made me loathe them.

SF4 can make you hate mechanics for the wrong reasons. crouch tech+auto block sucks

To be fair, I actually used to be pretty frustrated at crouch techs in 3S as well. That problem kind of solved itself when I found out I could just parry them. I’d guess that’s probably a bigger reason for why people don’t constantly mash crouch tech in 3S than the lack of auto-block.

No love for the d, d input for UOHs? They even had that weird bug where you could EX them in 2I and it did nothing but took meter anyway.

I really like the presentation on 2I. That widescreen mode looks slick as fuck, too. It seems like a faster game than 3S.

Can do like delayed low strong with shotos to beat crouch tech too for example. I think it’s def easier to blow up crouch tech in 3s even without fishing for parry but I also think delayed crouch tech is still a viable defensive option.

I just realized the reason for no widescreen in 3S.

Makoto SA2 wouldn’t work. Also, we’d see all of Dudleys ride, and reveal its only half a car lol.

Never played NG or 2L but from what I’ve seen…

Why the fuck would they take the stages and music out? If anything they should only add stuff in the new versions, not scrap the great artwork of these stages.
I mean there’s tons of characters sharing the same stage in 3S. Why if there was so much material in the previous versions of SF3?

I feel as if it was deliberate on the developers’ part to give 3rd Strike a gritty underground feeling. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing this game for so long, but I can’t imagine the 3S soundtrack meshing that well with the old stages because their themes are so different. I do think NG and 2I were more colorful and vibrant, with their songs very fitting of that style. But 3S left an instant impression on me back then, even when I was just a terrible casual fighting game player. It was something I’d never seen in any other Street Fighter game up to that point.