Why does everyone hate the mortal kombat series?

I’ve been a fan of the mortal kombat series since mortal kombat 3 because of the unique combo system and strange cool graphics. But why is it so looked doen upon by the fighting game community?


noone likes my game~

It might be because it sucks.

Just a thought.

For real though, apparently UMK3 is good, but that’s about the only one. I tried to play it for a while but I could never get past the weird ass jerky feeling movement and the overwhelming feeling that it was designed for 12 year old kids from the 90s.

Because it’s fucking gay. End of discussion.

Some people would argue that Mortal Kombat II is also good. I don’t know if I’d call it ‘good,’ but I think I can hazard a soft utterance of 'it’s okay.'
But yes, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is good. Actually, no, scratch that. It’s great. It’s basically the culmination of all of the 2-D Mortal Kombat games, minus everything that made them suck. Also, given the size of its cast, it’s probably one of the most balanced 2-D fighting games ever.

My only beef with the MK series is the block button…

I didnt have any problems with the game. UMK3 was my favorite, and even better when the SNES version made Rain and Noob Saibot playable.

I thought MKII was pretty ok too. (Never got to play UMK3). I gave the games another go afterwards, but meh…

Honestly, it felt like instead of continually improving the game, they kept dumbing it down and piling gimmicks on top of one another, and left the imbalances unchecked, etc.

Shame though, because a number of the characters were quite interesting.

I remember playing MK on the original Gameboy when I was but a wee lad. I didn’t understand the controls and pretty much randomly pressed buttons, but I still thought it was awesome. I even beat that weird dragon boss once…

Only thing people did when we played was run up to each other and doing the inevitable face punching until someone falls back.

UMK3 was good.

Yeah, Mortal Kombat was weird system-wise. I have a special place in my heart for UMK3 only because 1/2 of my senior class used to play it in high school after someone brought a SNES into the senior lounge.

For me the MK series felt way to “clunky” for lack of better word. So I could never really get in to it. As a previous poster stated, it seems that it’s ony appeal was that it was bloody/gory and in the mid 90’s that appealed to 12 year olds.

Although I did play the hell out of MK Trilogy on my PS1. The cast of characters was awesome.

UMK3 arcade and MK4 are pretty good fighters, MK:DA is decent but not as good as UMK3 and MK4. All other games were bad though… not terrible… just bad.

MKvsDC is godlike. You’re in for a good time if you’ve never played that. :rofl:

I have MKI and II for SNES. I still pop them in from time to time. Nostalgia, eh?

Mortal Kombat was the shit back then.

I remember when all we had in my new york arcade were SF Hyper Fighting, Simpsons arcade and Turtles in Time. Sure, we had other genres in our arcade, but the only fighting arcade game we had was SF. So we had no choice in fighting games, because SF was like a class in its own.

I was in school at the time and when the Mortal Kombat cabinet dropped at this ghetto ass movie theator at Green Acres Mall, EVERYONE was on it. Mad hype everywhere, and it was all about how violent it was. Nobody, and I mean nobody was on ST the time Mortal Kombat dropped.

Kids went as far as calling ST a ‘pussy cartoon fighting game’ while MK was more ‘realistic’. lol.

Shit was on the news, shit was that video game magazine cover with Sub Zero ripping off Barney the Dinosaur’s head. Shit was hilarious.

Bottom line, I still play that game, as in, MK2 and 3 that is. Those games were just fun. Good old, bloody fun. Nothing deep and requires much thought process(though there were some niggas going hard back then).

I don’t know about nowdays though. It seemed to me that as the series went on, the arcade scene had long died, so MK started going straight to consoles, which could be a good reason why Ed Boon and his team never tried to address any of the game’s flaws since MK:DA.

MK2 and UMK3 were good imo, and Trilogy was always fun. The gameplay compared to other fighters is just pretty awkward with a block button, run button, sweeps being done by b+LK, its really hard to play games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters then go to Mortal Kombat.

I guess MK really got bad when 4 came around. 4 was pretty much a buttonmasher. Then they changed everything with Deadly Alliance. I didnt think Deadly Alliance was all that bad, I had a soft spot for it but the whole switching styles thing was stupid. Atleast the characters got different normals, but at the cost of changing the gameplay entirely.

It just got worse from there. They started focusing on all these dumb little mini-games like Konquest Mode, Chess Kombat, Puzzle Figh… I mean Puzzle Kombat, Mario Kar… I mean Motor Kombat (lol), and whatever the hell else they’ve added to these games. The gameplay is just pure garbage and not even fun. I dont even know casual players who buy Mortal Kombat games anymore, why the hell do they keep making them? Theyre not getting any better. They should just make arcade perfect ports for the old ones and we’re good.

Haiku time:

Why the M K hate?
Its because you touch yourself
You made Ed Boon weep

People hate on MK because Midway is retarded and refuses to make a decent fighting game, at least on purpose. Ever since MK3 every new MK game has been a joke, especially MK vs. DC where playing online would physically change the properties of certain moves. Literally.

the only MK game that matters is UMK3. :coffee:

Mortal Kombat is so fucking dumb is swear to God. Everything you do in the game is considered a risk. Jumping is risky, walking is risky, running is risky, pressing LP is risky, putting a quarter into the MK cab is risky,etc etc.

I don’t give a fuck about balance or how simple a game is, just as long as the core mechanics of the game isn’t complete shit. So far UMK3 was the only one that could prove it.

Mortal Kombat’s fanbase is incredibly gay too. You hear these little bitches saying that a block button gives you a two frame advantage. Lmao. You got these bucktooth niggas like Kevmack101 aka christmasgift, aka the worst sf4 player in the world. And these gAY azz lil 12 yr olds sayin “BITXH MK IS tEh shyyty lOL!”

Fuck your childhood memories and fuck all the hype that you fags gave 2 MK back in tha DAY.