Why does everyone hate CvS2?

Did I not get the memo?

Whats so awful about this game?

I havent been playing it too long but it is a lot of fun as far as I can tell.

Is it becuase it is too slow?

Learning curve?

1 frame links?


You hear it from MvC2 players who’ve never played street fighter before.

Alot of CvS2 players dislike mvc2, it goes both ways.

CVS2 is crap. It’s not even like SF. I just play it cause it’s new and no one plays ST.

Roll canceling Sakuras, skilled Rolentos, and Bison SCRUBS are ridiculously hard to fight against even when you’re at an intermediate level. Forget it if you’re just a newbie starting out trying to learn the game. Sitting Honda and jumping Vega make a lot of people just plain quit.

lol… I read you quit 3S play this game instead. Whatever questions you have or basic tips you need, feel free to ask. I’m not an expert player, but I’ll answer whatever I can. It’s always good to have more competition.

It’s because cvs is one of the best games out there at high levels, but at intermediate/slightly above average levels it is frustrating and boring. If people put the time into it it is one of the best 2d fighters in a long time. If people play it a little they give up when they cant figure out why they are losing to(or beating people with) walking back and forth all game and sticking out fierce or roundhouse or random roll cancels.

there is the same kind of bullshit with ken and chun li in 3s. thing is, you are just forced to play smarter.

Thing is about 3s, it almost dosent matter if you play smarter becuase the game is so god damn random that even if you have 101 brilliant ideas on how to whip someones ass, it can all be defused with a parry into super or something retarded like that.

Thing I like about CVS2, is it SEEMS like the better player will most likley always win. In 3s, even if you are better at the game, the possbility to lose to someone with less skill is still there just because the game is inherently random.

Dont get me wrong, I love 3s and all, I just need something else to play at this point.

and thanks for the offer for help, but ill try to read up on everything first before asking anything, in hopes not to look like too much of an idiot. :smiley:

cvs2 is the best fighting game. imo

Oh and its east to punish scrubs who pick cammy sag blanka. u just gotta find away around it.

p.s. i just jd that shit:lol:

Because it’s too good for everyone, and not for everyone.

people here about game greaking glitches that a “godlike” and they feel they would rather play somthing more “balanced”

whoever started the rumors of RC being an auto win should be shot. there the ones who have started this trend

you have to play seriously for at least a year to be considered scrubby. it’s a TOUGH game to be good at.

all games are tough to be good at

Everyone hates cvs2 becuase its the most annoying and frustrating game out there

and there are better games like xx out there

blanka and sagat have the easy moves to punsih imo. They also have priority. So it comes down to footsies. Footsies are looked at as boring(in the USA), cause they demand patience. Poking OR NOT poking at a certain time. Footsies, damn chun-li too good!!


Thing is in CVS2 people jsut look at things like shoshosho, paint, Sagat / Blanka’s c.Fierce, RC some of the most common thigns said and they think it makes the game boring because its so deadly. to anyone who thinks that is overpowering, THEY HAVE TO HIT YOU WITH IT IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK!!! SO if your good engouh you can forshadow events and not put your slef in a postion to get messed up by those moves. Cvs2 HAS about a million subtlties that affect the gameplay dramatically, people hate it in my eyes because they get intimidated over a couple combos. There are like 50 characters you guys… just because you cant paint that fence doesnt mean you cant win.

You have to look at the game open mindly and not with biased eyes (as with all games you encoutner)

I think people fail to realise that no game is 100% perfect.

all games have thier bullshit.

i guess you get to a certain point where you accept that and just have fun with it.

ps: footsies is what seperates top playrs from avg players imo.

to flashmetroid: don’t question me. :lol:

not all games are tough to be good at. marvel is the ultimate example. you can be decent in marvel pretty quickly if you pick the right team. you always say that about me, right? remember, i started playing marvel when i started chilling at your house. and i’m decent. not the best, but decent.

cvs2 is the shit! there is nothing really frustrating about it. if i play k and can deal with getting chipped by sak and beat rc’ers, you should have nothing to complain about.

xx…? :confused: go back to korea.

basically why people hate cvs2 is because CvS2’s top tier strategies don’t look flashy…

in marvel, u might infinite, reset, then unblockable…and that shit looks dope

in 3s you might ex hurricane kick crossup, dash in jab dp, kara dp…that shit is dope

in ggxx u might do some crazy ass lookin frc’s and then land a combo that takes 50%-70% that looks dope

in cvs2…u might get hit by five c.fp’s and a super and die…that shit isn’t dope, lol

people just do not respect the mind games of cvs2, or do not realize the mind games of cvs2. im only starting to realize what i should do so that i personally can boost my win ratio against good people. people just don’t like the lack of fanciness in cvs2 i guess, therefore, don’t want to get better?:confused:

Sagat’s c.fp is overrated.

since when?

CvS2 is fancy, look at Otaku =D

Otaku is INSANE lol. And Sagat’s c.fp is pretty overrated. Good? Hell yeah, but Sagat’s s.lk is alot better. C.fp isn’t even that reliable as a poke.