Why does cross counter suck so much?

Sagat was not nearly as free on wakeup as dudley is. Did you know even dudleys super can be safejumped? Bet you didn’t. Dudley has one move that beats a proper safejump, I’ll let you figure out what it is.

Heres a thing, sf4 has been out for quite awhile, safejumping was probably around before you were born. If you CANT safejump, maybe you should just drop fighting games altogether. Its literally the exact same timing, every time. You make it sound like an incredibly high level tactic…i don’t know what to tell you.

I find it hilarious how you doubt ~my~ level, as I’ve played and destroyed you online. Please get better if you’re going to keep telling people how2p.

I didn’t say dudley was a bad character, learn to read. I just think its dumb when my counter move gets stuffed. Obviously cross counter is useful SOMETIMES, but about 99% of the time it would’ve been better for you to just uppercut, or block for much, much more damage.

Record safe jumping dudley’s super, without using guile’s safe jump on shoto dp.

jump back with a normal if you see the j.mk coming

I think you proved his point.

Anyway, what are you expecting in a counter? An unbeatable 1 frame reversal?

I don’t know a single counter in any fighting game that works like that.

It’s a gimmick, pure and simple, and it works as intended.

As to why you think Dudley is free on wakeup, I have no idea. Try playing Makoto for ten minutes, and tell me that again.

Uh, if you got a knockdown after getting grey life, it’d be like not ever taking damage.

Also, Cross Counter > Dictator’s Scissor Kick as a poke.

Cross Counter seems fine to me for what it is, and dare I say, extremely good for some matches. Try doing an EX one on a Viper flame kick.

Even if you cant get cross counter to land, it does not mean the move itself is useless. Just having the move available cuts down alot of your opponents jump in options, and makes them less safe. It also beats focus attack, and almost all specials.

Dare I say it, abit like the new counter ultras, it changes the pace of the game abit ( I’m aware these ultras are terrible )

Cross counter is pretty useful. So is thunderbolt. Neither are particularly go to moves, but they certainly have moments that can be advantageous.

Short Swing Blow, however, I am finding to be almost completely useless. I’ve seen some people using it in combos, but it rarely seems to be as good as just comboing into Jet upper, or MGB. The only time I ever use it is when I am very far away from my opponent, and only the EX version, since it is the only one with any reach. Maybe I am missing something about it, but it seems like capcom messed up on it, or just didn’t really care to make the move reflect its intended functionality of baiting out an attack and punishing.

I find it very useful against those who love to grab on wakeup when I’m trying to keep them down but no good against Shotos with wakeup shoryukens.

Or people that mash jab all day

I really like Thunderbolt, though I wish its animation was a bit faster. Cross Counter works perfectly fine, too, though I agree I’d like it to be temporary damage like FA. Short Swing Blow is phenomenal for punishing predictable footsies – if you don’t think its good, you’re not reading your opponent well enough. Jet Upper, I do get frustrated with, though it’s far from useless. All four of these moves are. They’re meant to give Dudley alternate routs to steal the offensive.

MOST of the time, Dudley’s gonna be using duck, mgb, kidney blow, business elbow and his many target combos, but it’s his specials that make him much harder to predict. Also being ‘free’ on wake-up in SF doesn’t make you a sitting duck.

“Cross Counter” and “suck” should not be used in the same sentence.

I think you misunderstand what CC is used for. You use it to predict what’s coming. If you know that, then you’ll know when you can use CC, and when not to use it. It’s not something you can just throw out there and expect it to hit. IMO, any tool that can be used to land an Ultra is good.

In defense of cross counter, at least it will stop mid hitting moves, specials, and some ultras now. Otherwise, use this move like you used in 3s, rarely. Back swing blow in its gimp form is supposed to be use as a throw whiff punish, but it’s not worth it since Dudley seems to forget how to punch until after he finishes his slide back to the opponent. You shouldn’t be able to get thrown out of the move when he’s sliding back to the opponent.

Not to mention the fact that SSB is phenomenally useless against people who crouch tech throws. ;/

I am noticing one particularly good use for thunderbolt at least. The EX one does amazingly huge amounts of chip damage. Great for one your opponent is turtling on their last legs.

More than EX MGB & SSB?

I’ll have to check, but it takes off a large chunk of life for just chip.

It doesn’t suck, ex does a lot of damage. Please use the move correctly. You take a bit less damage than trade uppercut but you get a nice psychological effect going on with the opponent.

“Also being ‘free’ on wake-up in SF doesn’t make you a sitting duck.” This is really important. most of the time the problem is not the character’s moveset but the player’s inability to block properly or tech throws (I am very well included in this group).

Also, i see you can FADC it once you’re back on the ground. Wonder if that makes it safer mid-match, but as a out-of-left-field chip finisher, that sounds like a good deal.

Its supposed to be used when you think they will try to throw. Like after a air reset or something. A great little setup is a blocked lvl 2 FA > forward dash> ssb. Gets alot of people that one.

As for cross counter I think its brilliant! I use the hard punch version sometimes while they are down or some distance away as a bait.

If they grab at the exact same time you do SSR(HK/EX), yeah, but if they wait or have already started it you’re pretty much fucked. Lk and Mk versions have a very strict window themselves, not to mention all except lk versions are punishable on block (lk punishable by 360’s).