Why do you play the character you play with?

Just wondering.

My choise of character usually follows the same patterns: Pretty fast character with combos and usually no fireball. I happen to love custom combos too so Yun was a pretty natural selection for me that I made in 5 minutes when I was first testing the characters for the first time.

The more I’ve been playing and the more I learn the more I love the character. Such a cool design.

necro because he is freak …XD

Elena. Most players don’t know how to play against her, and she has no matchups that are too strongly out of her favor. I’m a decent player, but that element of surprise really helps me out in some situations. I believe it is the only reason I placed in the only tournament I’ve played in :stuck_out_tongue:

Makoto cause…

“She’s the best guy.”

Guess where thats from. :wink:

slayer cause hes awsome as am i

Ken because well, he’s the most familiar to me. Oh and because the Daigo vs. JWong
full parry is what drew me into 3rd Strike.

Uh wrong thread.

I play as “low tier” characters (Twelve and Sean). I guess its the same reason Rikc said, alot of people don’t know how to play against Twelve, and then I use Sean if the opponent tries to counter pick with Ken. I also like to be the underdog in a fight. I guess I could just play as Ken or Chun instead and win a few more matches, but I prefer to squeek out a win against somebody with Twelve or Sean than blow them away with a character that’s considered the best. Also I think playing as “low tier” characters make you think a lot more. You need to outsmart your opponent to win, you can’t out muscle them.

I just play around with characters until I find one that feels comfortable. In 2I, it was Ibuki, but now it’s definitely Elena. I don’t know how to explain it; even if a character is better, it doesn’t mean they’re easier for me to use. I definitely feel like I’m more likely to win with Elena than say, Chun-Li, cos what she does and what she has is more intuitive to me.

First I played with Ken, and didn’t realize he was so powerful, but I’ve always played with Ken in SF2 soit was logical. And on top of that I saw the Daigo parry, so I was suckered in.

Then I moved on to Urien. Man that guy is cool. After about a year of playing him, I have most of my stuff down cold, and it’s cool when you make a comeback with him.

But now, it’s Oro. At first I thought he was stupid. Boy was I wrong. Yagyou has some decently challenging unblockables, and if you land one, and your execution is good, you can kiss the other guy goodbye, because of how much meter you get back.
But for me it’s all about EX Tengu juggles. There’s nothing like parrying something, then close mp(2 hits) into EX Tengu, and taking 50+% of their life easily. Not to mention if you’ve done it to someone alot, and frusterated them, it’s hilarious to hear them every time you land a close mp.

Oh, and ending a fight with close mp(2 hits) xx Yagyou Odama(ex version) is so awesome.

I can play everyone except Twelve, Sean, and Ibuki well, but those three are my favs.

It’s good to know that someone out there feels that way.

I can use almost every character but my main 5 are Ryu, Alex, Ken, Dudley, and recently Urien. My game is based pretty heavily on parrying, more so than most other players and the characters I use generally have a lot of options after a parry and they’re a good balance of speed and damage. I can’t imagine using a character like Remy in tournaments because I just couldn’t play that way. Without meter I don’t know what he could do after parrying, and playing keepaway isn’t my thing.

One of my biggest problems is that I can never decide on which of the 5 characters to use in tournaments. Usually I consider this:

Ken - best character out of the 5, possibly my best character, he’s going to be the most common character in the tourney (bad thing)
Ryu - possibly my best character, underdog shoto
Alex - not many people know how to play against Alex, I know I’ll be the only Alex in the tourney (which I like), he sucks against the top tier
Dudley - possibly my best character, usually not many other Dudleys
Urien - he wears a thong, he can be the most impressive if you can execute

So the main thing is that I just don’t know who I’ll do the best with so I flipflop around.

fine then I chose who im comfortable with…but in street fighter I stay loyal to ryu as he’s been my character for over a decade…play akuma too…

Denjin Ryu is so beefy, also one of my fav’s.

Oh, and Sol owns all:wgrin:
…well, maybe only Diago’s Sol

Who I played as in Third Strike:

Ken- Played SFII with him and liked him in Third Strike (I used Shoryuepaa btw)
Hugo- Loved Gief in SFII and went with Hugo.
Urien- I wanted to learn a Third Strike character and I liked Aegis shield in Final Fantasy III so I went with Urien, it worked for a bit but he didnt stick.
Ken- Back to ken but with Shippu. Like most of you guys I saw Daigo full parry…that was ebough
Chun- From the Evo DVDs I learned how to utilize Chun.
Akuma- I was trying to be original with who I picked but wanted to know a bit about them. Akuma is a shoto so I knew his moves and not a ton of people used him so I felt cool with him.
Twelve- I picked up the goo man when I started to get seriously into Third Strike. My cousin showed me him one day and I fell in love.
Yang- I liked his slashes and mixup game…enough said.
Twelve- Got sick of Yang
Ken- Got tired of getting my ass kicked with Twelve.
Twelve- Decided to dedicate myself to Twelve…havn’t looked back.
Ryu- My cousin plays a mean Denjin Ryu so I XCOPIED his style.
Ken- (sigh) Ken again. I know how to actually play Third Strike at this time and went back to him.
Twelve- Fuck Ken, his gay.
Sean- Got tried of Ken, too many people use him and nobody gives Sean a chance.

So I’ve gone thru alot of transformations and love where I am right now.

My guys:

Twelve (SAI)

Makoto because she is furious.

I like this guy

I used to be a huge Akuma scrub, but then my bro got me Evo '02 and took a liking to Twelve. He was like no character before. Very different and the fact he was bottom tier made it more desirable, a challenge and somethin new & different. Plus I like speed, mobility, poking. Not a big combo guy, only for punishment ya know. And I love air dashing, in games where there are air-dhasing, I wont use the characters who can’t

Necro - different, just like 12
Remy - not so basic boring as Guile
Chun-Li - I love landing cr. MK, SA2, mp reset, cr. MK, SA2 on my friends and opponents lol. I was using SA1 for a while, alot of ppl would fall for the f + MK (Block) to super lol

Lol Mert is awesome, anyways…

Chun-Li-I usted to play a scrubby Ken and Ryu. Then I read that Chun was top-tier in Third Strike. So I figured I’d learn her since everybody I was playing used Ken.
Urien-I like charge characters and seeing the all the cool things Urien could do made me wanna use him.
Twelve-12 was the most unsual character I’d ever seen in an SF game. Nobody used him so I felt like giving him a try.
Q- He’s cool and diffrent like Twelve.

I’m a turtle, so I play Chun and Q.

'Nuff said.

I think everybody went through the phases to find the character they liked the most to stick with.

Twelve Started with this guy back when 3S was relatively new and kept being told how cheap he was with his air diving, dashing and weird attacks. Dropped him (which I don’t know whether was a good or bad thing, but nonetheless there are better characters to play anyways).

Yun Ah Mr Yun, to this day I still can’t play him since my execution sucked, but like all Yun players (or well… most) I started off with SA1 before experimenting with SA3. Fun character, but too execution intensive so I dropped him too.

Oro Played him exclusively for about a year starting from SA1 and alternating from SA2 and SA3 afterwards. Still suck with using SA2 to setup unblockables, but my SA1 and SA3 usage were at a good enough intermediate level to compete with people around me. Stopped playing 3S for awhile though after the 3S scene kind of died.

Makoto About a year later after coming back I began to strictly play as just Makoto for relatively the same reason I played Oro and that was there was a serious lack of variation in what people played. It was either Ken, Ryu or Akuma? Saw more Urien players then there were Oro and Makoto players combined. Was never fond of her SA1, but had good times perfecting everybody with SA2. Dropped her after about a year as well due to losing interest in winning with her just because at times it just felt too easy and stopped being fun.

Honourable mentions go to Ibuki, Sean, Ryu and Hugo as I’ve messed around with them and won me a couple of matches at local arcades, but haven’t felt serious enough with them to go steady in the relationship :confused:

My current favour while playing all those characters would have to be the king and arguably one of the uniquely made charge characters to be introduced to the SF Universe:

Urien Just because he’s a lot of fun to play with and it feels like you’re actually working for your win unless you’re playing against a total noob, but even then you can practise other things as well like:
Charge Buffering/Partitioning
Aegis Unblockables
Attention to Corner Distances
Aegis Traps

Other stuff as well, but theres always something to do as Urien. Unlike playing as Makoto, I don’t feel like after I knockdown my opponent I’m just standing there waiting for him to pick himself up so I can knock him back down. Urien always has to be doing something because it’s more or less a game of how many Aegises you can fire off per round. Short bars and easy to charge them if you aren’t on your back for the majority of the round. Pretty much if I drop Urien, 3S will be dead to me because I won’t have much else to really want to learn to play with.

“I’m suprised I never see this bull shit more often.”