Why do people want SF1 characters in this game?

Can’t really relate. Did you all just look at a couple of images from a SF wiki and fall in love?

What SF1 characters are worth putting into this game?

Because, putting a SF1 character in this game is essentially putting a new Street Fighter character in this game.

Everytime a new fighting game comes out, somebody wants their favorite underdog and they make a stink about it.
FYI though: Gen, Adon, Eagle, Sagat, Ryu, Ken, Birdie, and theoretically Boxer are all from SF1. Geki, Joe, and Lee are the only ones, IIRC that haven’t made it into other games, and I think Geki might be the only one from that group that’s worth bringing over.

Everyone likes Geki. He’s Vega but with more moves like Ninja Stars and teleports. Give him some unique normals and supers and its pretty easy.

Also, Retsu was a friend of Gouken’s and Lee was a friend of Gen, and an uncle to Yun and Yang. They could be brought back.

Joe and Geki are the only ones who haven’t been seen or heard from

Oh and Birdie should HELLA be in this game. Alpha version of course. That character is awesome haha.

EAAAAAAAGLE! I dunno about the rest of the SF1 dudes, but Eagle is enough for me.

IIRC, Geki (or what one would perceive to be him) could be seen in Ibuki’s stage in SF3 in the background (don’t know if it was 1 or 3) after she wins… And I always thought that Lee from SF1 was Chun’s dad. Don’t know why…

Oh, and Mike from SF1 is not M.Bison/Balrog (Boxer) though they are very similar in appearance and concept.

AFAIK, people have been curious about playing with the rest of the SF1 cast for a long time. Over the years, we’ve got most of them. Now they’re clamoring for the rest.

Of the 4 remaining though, I’d only want to see Geki, and there’s a whole list of characters I’d rather see in before him.

Different strokes, though.

They also share the same name. M.Bison in Japan, is the Boxer, and his name is Mike Bison… The reason they changed it for America is so they don’t get sued by Mike Tyson, as it sounds the same. There was a time, early on when Boxer was called “Mike” in Japan, according to some sources… I’ve heard of this, though it’s never, AFAIK, been confirmed.

And it never will be. Capcom’s official stance on it is that they aren’t the same person.

Even though the connection is obvious, it would kind of defeat the purpose of changing his name in the first place if they outright stated that they were the same guy.

Did I say Capcom needs to confirm it? I said I heard rumours that Boxer was called Mike when the game was released in Japan by the Japanese… Not Capcom itself. Honestly, when it comes to SF canon, I could give two shits and a piece of corn about what Capcom has to say on the matter. They’ve butchered the story so much that it really makes no difference as to what the “official” storyline is. The entire canon these days has been altered via fanbase, and that’s all you can go by. All that’s official is that Guile wins SF2, Chun kills Bison, Alex wins SF3, and SF4 is somewhere between 2 and 3… Alpha is before SF2, but after SF1, I think… It’s a fucking mess. Capcom’s stance on SF4 is that it’s a good fighting game too… doesn’t mean it’s true.

Because SF1 don’t have female characters, so any character chosen from SF1 will be male.

People would like to see a sfI character come back because it would essentially be a new character. Yes, those characters existed before but they were never playable until they got remade in different games. It’s also cool to see a modern twist on an old character. I honestly would not be surprised if they bring back another old face due to the 25th anniversary coming up.

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You were correct, storyline order:

SFA series
SFII series
SFIV series
SFIII series

The rediculous part is that in these “storylines” there is often a year or so between the different versions of the games. So Ibuki and Makoto should be 12 or something SFIV.

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If Capcom would have just made a SF1 Champion Edition and made all the CPU characters playable, then we wouldn’t care.

Personally, I prefer the entire cast of SF1 to most of the Alpha roster.

Just imagine how old the characters in the KOF timeline should be. At least that series has a clear continuity.

I’d like to see some of the remaining SF 1charcters simply because in totally unfamiliar with them.

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True, the cool thing about KOF is the games that are “dream matches” so they can bring back dead characters or different versionns of them so it doesn’t fuck up everything and the fan boys can just have fun with the games.

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There was a street fighter before street fighter 2, whaaat. I thought it was like the game goonies 2.

What’s wrong with SF1 characters? Retsu and Geki should have been in SFA. Joe pretty much got replaced for Cody, and Eagle came back for CVS2 even though Dudley was inspired by him.

SF3 is supposed to be 7+ years after SF2. And SFA is (supposedly) 2-3 years after SF1 and 1 year before SF2. At least, that was the info running at the arcades back when I used to run at the arcades… (god I’m old!!).

SF4 is supposed to be 4-5 years after SF2? The timeline would make sense then because Ken’s son isn’t born yet (except at the end) and he’s 7 in SF3… So that would make Ibuki close to 16 and Sakura should be around 20-ish in SFIV…

I don’t see how most of that is official either. Chun never killed Bison. She was responsible for bringing down Shadaloo after Bison was killed, but about the only thing canon about SF2 was that Bison was killed by Akuma. (Where did you get that Guile won?) And I’ve never seen any official anything that stated who won SF3, though the speculation is that Alex beat Gill in the end (because Oro quit after he beat Ryu).

Good is purely a matter of opinion and perspective, so it’s impossible something being ‘good’ to ever be fact.

And I never said Capcom needed to confirm anything. It just makes sense why they won’t, just like it makes sense why they’ll never confirm what gender Poison is. What’s the pop-off for?