Why do people still insist on another HD game?

Didnt we learn from ST remix that redrawing 15+ year old sprites wont improve the aesthetics of a game. ST still looks a lot better than HD remix.

wouldnt it have been easier to draw new frames of animation on the repeat frames instead?

Does anyone really care about Capcom or any other company reviving an old game with HD graphics like ST HD remix?

I think its a matter of opinion plus they still give you the option of using the old graphics if you like, its the rebalancing that I like, that and giving these old games net play like mvc2.

The rebalancing and netplay should’ve been the only thing that matterd. The game was well overdue for release because they didnt have enough artists to even work on the sprites.

For the HD makeover just cuz HDR turned out kind of ugly depending on who you talk to (I think it looks fine. Could be better but it’s not ugly) doesn’t mean getting a different art team together couldn’t yield better results so that’s probably why people still ask for it.

capcom if youre reading this then you need to hire david sirlin. hire david sirlin.

It’s all subjective.

actually not it isnt

KoF XIII looks great, but it’s been in development for something like 5 years if not longer. 2D takes time, and high-res 2D takes 15 minutes shy of forever. I’m not an Udon fan (except for a couple artists), and I can think of a couple ways to make HDR look better, but they did a good enough job with the time provided.

hdr remix graphics are beautiful if the third strike come out online with no kind of retouching its going to wind up melty blood status.

hdr graphics look terrible and like a child drew them

The only thing I got pissed off from HDR was that Sagat wasn’t smiling anymore in his stance!

You can’t change Smiley Sagat, you just can’t!

"why do people still insist on another HD game? "

It may be hard to believe but some people do like the way it looks. Im not into ST or HDR but I would prefer to look at HDR over ST. Im no artist but I think hdr is bright and vibrant and st just looks old and crappy.

HDRemix’s graphics were sloppy, partially because it was a rush job, and partially because UDON DOES NOT DO ANIMATION. They can do some pretty good still, but they’re fucking garbage at animation and drawing individual frames in a sequence.

Also, if they did it, it should look like this. Just hire this guy. Amazing Ryu/Chun li HD custom sprite work | Video Game Online Forums & Community | Game Platform Discussions for Video Games - GameTrailers.com

OMG. the HD visuals sucked because they still used the SAME animations from SSF2 (pretty much it was just an old game re-skinned). they even said thats what was gonna happen before it even came out. so what you got was 2008 visuals, with 1994 animation. it was bound to fail aesthetically.

Some Guilty Gear characters had minimal animation and not many people complained about them. Udon just doesn’t know how to do animation. See: things like Balrog blocking and shrinking, T.Hawk’s fucked up muscles, everything about Bison, etc. Their proportions are ridiculously, amateurishly, undeniably bad, on top of being a rush job.

OT: Im wondering. Ime seeing some of you say this game is crappy lookin cause it was rushed. But then Ive seen other people say the game took so long to release because of the hd stuff. So what is it?

welcome to street fighter?

its neither. the game was just meant to be SSF2 X with Udon graphics. thats all it was ever gonna be. and while i thought to myself how cool it was gonna be to see 2D street fighter with hi res art when it was first show in screenshots. in motion…1994 animation is 1994 animation.

It suffered delays, but how long was the wait from announcement to release? 1 year? 2? (I forget but it wasn’t that long)

Miyomie, I dont understand the Guilty Gear comparison, surely Guilty Gear has more frames of animation than ST.