Why do people hate Gill?

I don’t really dislike Gill, he’s not that hard, because his AI isn’t all too good. (He’ll like walk into aegis, eat denjin, etc) and resurrection, while cheap in theory, tends to put him into situations where you can both stop the health regain, and take a good chunk back out of his life.

As far as cool factor, the design is kinda…uninspired in my mind. It’s not bad by any stretch, but making a large blond Michaelangelo statue style is not so intimidating.

No wonder they aint making SF4…think about it guys I just laid out all those Biblical references, if he is Jesus then how do you top that??? Whats next is Capcom gonna make GOD as a boss for SF4??? :confused:

Yeah he didnt glow till 3s but what I meant was about him being red and blue Capcom did that to show off the CPS3’s power.

But seriously though check NG the Last Level is the Mediterranean Sea and in the music tracks its titled Judgment Day.

I’m thinking that too! :lol:

He owned gill on the easiest difficulty and then came here to tell us about it…:looney:

Guile: “I’m impressed…ok, not really”

Because he’s Gill, why else?

Especially after he throughly kicks your ass. Sometimes I won’t even bother fighting gill, and just reset the game when he comes up.

Gill is probably the only Snk-type boss in a Capcom game. He should have been in MvC2, his crazy cheapness would have fit right in there.

Unless Capcom pulled a “thanos”, toning down the once mighty Gill to glorified low-tier status.

Gill, i thought, was easy… just frustrating, THANK you resurrection and that fucking explosion shit every time you jump… but parry + good blocking are your friends…

as True Grave said… he’s very SNK in style, since he’s so fucking cheesy like that…

But seriously, the people that complain about him, are the same ones that typically suck at fighitng the second form of abyss in marvel without cable or storm… OMG I CANT TRI JUMP NOESZ!!!

I’ve only beaten Gill once…with Ibuki. And I dont even USE Ibuki.

that made me fall off the bed :rofl:

chun li…

d.hk, spinning bird kick… occasionally c.mk xx sa2, and gill literally never comes out of block stun. chun vs. gill = super uber easy… only hard time i had was with twelve… i had no idea how to deal damage to him… lol… nor to anybody else for that matter, but resurrection proved to be a needle in my dick.

Fuck Chun Li lol. I use Dudley, and I can’t really touch him :frowning:

Gill’s fresh. One of the only bosses worth playing in a fighting game.


Oh and one more thing.

Being able to hit him out of ressurection.

I play on the dreamcast version so maybe it works a bit differently. But that is actually hard as hell since it PUSHES YOU AWAY from him :confused:

I’ve managed to do it a few times and only after he has got back quite a bit of health back.

:encore: :encore:

I saw a video that had a still frame of Seraphic Wing being parried. I suspect that it’s shopped, but the rest of the stuff in the video was legit, so…

that too

Fuck red and blue. Gill’s 2P color (in the console versions) owns that shit.


because he’s fucking evil.

and i’m going to agree with woof on this one. he’s red and blue and shit…

that’s cuz he’s racist.

The philosophical approach of “righting the wrongs of humanity,” in an anti-hero fashion, juxtaposition to Alex - a terrible main character to begin with - made little sense in a fighting game. The character’s (dis)position may have served better in a game that required a deeper storyline. Also, his overall design is terrible, lackluster, and unoriginal. He looks like a faggot Geegus (no offense to homosexuals who should in fact be insulted by being compared to Gill.) Not to mention, the side-dependent actions are pretty gay.


Yeah, and he’s red and blue and shit.

I thought he was cool. To the bets of my knowledge, he remains the only asymmetrical guy in a fighter to have different sprite sets for when he’s on the left or the right.